A happy and organised New Year


I hope all’s well and that you all very much enjoyed your Christmas!

As you may have noticed, in the run up to Christmas I was clearly trying in vain to battle off the “lurgy” and surprise, surprise it took hold with a vengeance on Christmas Eve – but I was determined that it wouldn’t spoil both my own or the rest of my families Christmas, not to mention my birthday!

My wife Tracey cooked a magnificent Christmas dinner that “apparently” was delicious 😉 …unfortunately I couldn’t taste a thing!! The comedy sneezes etc. have now moved onto the wheezing chesty cough. I’m sure many of you are suffering the same, as it seems to have gotten to many folks this year, both at the Q and elsewhere.

I’m certainly not looking for sympathy as I know many have had to deal with far worse this Christmas and on that note, I sincerely hope everyone managed to enjoy the festivities as best they could.

So, have the turkey soup and curries finally been eaten up?

It’s after the Big Day but before New Year’s Day that we often turn our thoughts to “bargains”. Well at The Q, our Winter Sale offers genuine clearance price reductions and there are definitely some fantastic savings to be found, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed!

Did you know? We’re running a Winter Sale voucher promotion – where if you purchase three “sale” or “clearance” price items before January the 6th, you qualify for a £10 voucher code to use at The Q between the 9th and 31st of January 2019. There is a minimum £30 spend and other terms and conditions apply. Details on these can be found at qvcuk.com.

The sale covers all our departments, and don’t worry there’s still a daily Today’s Special Value (TSV) each day. One that’s caught my eye is our Lock & Lock 18-Piece Container Set TSV on the 2nd of January. Perhaps it’s not the most glamorous TSV of the year, but it ranks right up there as one of the most useful.

We’ve had Lock & Lock at “Chez Franklin” for donkey’s years and many of our original containers are still very much in use. I found this picture of Toby who had become quite possessive over his doggie biscuits!

We also use them for DIY bits and bobs, gardening items, obviously in the fridge and freezer etc. I know that on the day, guest Gail Samways will be giving many examples of how you can take advantage of these ingenious containers. We’ve run this set very successfully as a TSV before and this year we’ve added an exciting new colour – Emerald green.

The great thing about Lock & Lock is that they are dishwasher and freezer safe, and most importantly watertight and airtight (once locked) too!!

This reminds me of a very funny moment whilst broadcasting from out Chelsea Bridge Studios, I would guess about 12 years ago? I was working on-air with a lovely man named Malcolm Harradine, who once famously demonstrated his faith in Lock & Lock by placing both his wallet and mobile phone in a Lock & Lock container before ceremoniously plunging it into a large container of water.

All looked to be going well until I noticed tiny bubbles leaping up to the surface!! Malcolm had, in his excitement, only closed two of the four catches and water started to fill the container with his wallet and phone in! Oops!! He owned up to “user error” and I’m sure he’s never ever done it again – it’s a bit like leaving your car windows open in a car wash and wondering why you’re getting wet!

You see, Lock & Lock has a revolutionary four-way click lock combined with a resilient silicon seal, so food is kept fresh for longer without having to worry about any leakage in or out. This seal also stops odour contamination in either direction!

If you decide to try our TSV, you’ll be able to clear out all your old containers and start your new year with a fresh new 18-piece set. They’ll help you restore order to your cupboards and mean you can throw away stained containers or forget about reusing takeaway boxes.

As I mentioned earlier, we use them for all sorts of things not forgetting dog food, flour, cereals, sugar, pasta, custard powder, nuts, dried fruit… pretty much anything that you need to keep in its original and edible condition! Alternatively, they’re great too for lunchboxes, leftovers, sauces and dips too – the list really is endless!!

So until next time… stay well-organised and well!!


Dale x


  1. Susan December 28, 2018 at 10:04 am -  Reply

    Hi dale,
    Happy Christmas and happy new year. Hope you feel better soon. It made it to us too! Take care x

    • Dale Franklin January 15, 2019 at 4:12 pm -  Reply

      Ohh I’m sorry to hear that Susan – I’m feeling a lot brighter now still got a slight cough but feeeling great – I hope you are too x

  2. Karen January 8, 2019 at 3:22 pm -  Reply

    Many happy returns of the 25th! Hope you are feeling better now! Just love it when you include pics of your Beardies! May 2019 be great for you and yours and all the team at Qc!

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