A journey begins with a great suitcase!


Long before I started work at QVC, I used to do holiday programs for the Sky Travel Guide, TV Travel Shop, and Great Escapes. I’ve travelled around the world many times and I absolutely love it, although one of the things that was a constant bugbear what’s the type of suitcase used. I always in the past advocated the use of a hard shell suitcase, as I felt it protected my belongings so much better through the rigours of airline handling.

But they are much heavier than the soft suitcases and this is now a real problem. So many airlines offer a maximum weight of only 23kg and if your suitcase weighs 5-7 kg it means you have very little room to take much with you. So, when I bumped into one of our buyers and they explained that we had a very special set of suitcases from the one and only travel company Antler I thought I should take a closer look.

There is a trio of suitcases from their Zeolite range and we have three colours, one of which was made especially for us. Of course as you would expect they’re like Russian dolls and therefore nest inside one another and we have three great colour choices including a red, purple and grey option. They all have extendable carry handles, great pockets and a degree of organisation and straps inside.

The first thing you notice is when you pick them up they are outrageously light… I mean incredibly light! It’s only on closer inspection that you realise despite this featherlight approach they are actually very well-made and quite sturdy. I have listed all the volumes of the three different suitcases below ( together with the dimensions of the hand luggage one) and I think they’re really well sized.

  • Small: 49 – 51 litres, 2.3kg
  • Medium: 90 – 95 litres, 2.9kg
  • Large: 119 – 125 litres, 3.1kg

The one that will be used most often is the carry-on one as it’s perfect for hand luggage only trips and for weekend away. I know the big one will be used for those two week summer holidays or if two of you are going away and you need to share a suitcase and it’s perfectly capable of doing that and more.

A lot of people have asked me why you need that mid-size suitcase and I have to say it’s only more recently I realised it’s a fabulous size to have: if one of you were going away for a little bit longer than a weekend and it means that you’re not completely controlled by having a massive suitcase with you that may only be half full.

I love the fact that the Zeolite range have four wheels on all of the suitcases. This means that they can be easily maneuvered even if they’re heavy and filled but also it means they don’t fall over when you’re in the check-in queue and just moving a few inches at a time.

The suitcases have TSA approved locks, which is another essential feature of any luggage you’re buying because as you go into America, if you don’t have this type of lock the authorities can break your locks to inspect the contents of your suitcase and have no obligation to carry out repairs afterwards.

This special lock allows them to gain access as they have the skeleton key and it doesn’t damage your suitcase.

The other main feature of luggage nowadays is quite simply how it looks and the Antler Zeolite range does look very well. They have a neat finish with certainly a good selection of pockets and expansion zips but they have a rather more high end look than the price tag would lead you to expect. They also come with a 10 year warranty, which at this price is quite exceptional. (In actual fact when it comes to price I would be surprised if you could find a trio of suitcases from Antler at anything like this price anywhere else).

If you are thinking about heading away in the near future perhaps for a half term break somewhere sunny, we still have lots of things on our website that might help out like Ultrasun, Pack Mate, sandals, sunglasses and travel pillows.

We have a special price on this fabulous luggage for a limited period of time so if you want the colour of your choice then I’d get your order in fairly quickly.

They should be on air a fair bit as we head towards Christmas and delivered in time for the big Yo Ho Ho! So I look forward to having your company during one of the many shows when we will be talking about it

Simon x

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