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We do a huge range of cookware and kitchenware at QVC, and I’m the main cook at home, so I’m used to my culinary working triangle, but if I’m honest, I rarely use my microwave!

A little bit of defrosting and perhaps some par-cooking of baked potatoes, but apart from that it’s not a frequent visitor in my kitchen. So when I was asked to have a go with the Micro Chef Grill, I really did wonder if it would be any use to me.

The Micro Chef Grill does come with a little recipe book, but if I’m honest I found loads of recipes, tips and ideas on Youtube – and I found they more than met my needs.

The kids had always asked for a sandwich maker but I resisted as our kitchen isn’t the biggest places and we don’t have enough storage for all the gadgets and devices.

They found a recipe for cheese and ham toasties in the book, and that was originally put into practice. To be frank I wasn’t terribly hopeful, after all a microwave can’t do crispy bread- can it?

However we followed the recipe and in less than four minutes we, with eager anticipation, lifted the lid to find there was indeed a very crispy and rather delicious toasted cheese and ham sandwich. The Micro Chef can easily be stored in the microwave when not in use, so it doesn’t take up any more space then I was already using… yay!

The recipes are based on a 1100w powered microwave, but there is a convenient section in the recipe book which gives you the formula to increase/decrease the timings depending on the power of your microwave. Ours was a little bit lower (800w) power than the recipe book so we just increased the times accordingly.

You really don’t need any of the lovely stuff that people like Joseph Joseph make to knock up a great snack for the kids on a return run from school…. just the Micro Chef and a microwave. Drat! I have to find another excuse to go shopping!

Okay, after the toasted sandwich I was surprised but then I started to see recipes on Youtube for baking cakes in the microwave. Now, I have seen this done in our studios before and it does seem a bit of a party trick but I don’t really eat cakes much so I’ve never really been able to test whether they are any good.

My daughter on the other hand loves baking cakes, and eating them! So with her tried and tested blueberry muffin mix we set to work with the grill. There are a few attachments including the steamer tray and the silicon cake mould which you use when baking muffins so we followed the recipe and off we went. They went into the microwave for just 10 minutes, and then rested after coming out for the same amount of time.

There was a bit of a TA-DAH! moment when we opened the lid to find that there were indeed beautiful brown and cakes that had risen and when we tore into them they were light fluffy and rather gorgeous.

I’m not saying that any of our baking efforts would rival the delights of our specialty creators at the Q and especially not that of the secret recipe Gower Cottage chocolate brownies,  but we were all rather impressed.

The best thing about baking cakes in the Micro Chef Grill is that you only need to make a small quantity. This means that each one is freshly made and you won’t be tempted to scoff a dozen of them just because that’s the quantity the recipe used. Mind you, it only takes 10 mins to make another batch of four! Mmmmm.

Join us all on Thursday 10th May for cooking like you have never seen before!

Simon x








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