A ‘Glamour’ous meeting


Alessandra Steinherr and Julia RobertsWell, I'm certainly back in the swing of things after my holiday having worked the last eight days out of nine. I've also been on a slightly earlier shift pattern than usual for a couple of reasons.

Some of you may have caught the Pilates show I did with Caroline Sandry yesterday – I thought she was really informative and I loved having Delia on air with us, who had never been on a Pilates machine before so was able to demonstrate from the point of view of a complete beginner. Watch this space as I am trying to organise having a Pilates machine competition prize at some point during the next couple of months.

Then today I was asked to come in early to meet Alessandra Steinherr, the Beauty Director at Glamour Magazine. She was here to see behind the scenes and also to have a go at being a guest presenter. It was lovely to meet her as she is a big QVC fan and knows a lot of our beauty brands through writing about them.

Upcoming Time Bomb collectionShe asked me for a few tips on being a guest presenter and I told her the main thing was to know the product you are selling really well, to be honest about what it will (and won't) do, and to be yourself – let your personality shine through. I think Alessandra was quite surprised to learn that most of the time we presenters do our own hair, make-up and nails, and she asked what foundation I was using as it gave a lovely glow to the skin. I told her it was Balance 'n' Brighten by Laura Gellar and when she said she hadn't tried it a note was made to send her some … I hope she likes it!

I asked which of our beauty ranges she was particularly fond of and she immediately said 'Lulu's Time Bomb'. If you are too, watch out for the TSV next Saturday the 19th (a sneak peek, left). Talking of TSV's, Richard Jackson has one the previous day, Good Friday, and is also celebrating his 16th anniversary with us.

Plants outside the doorI love working with Richard and during a show we did together on Tuesday I said I was going to put his Gardening Product of the Month, Flower Power, to the test with a couple of pots of cyclamen I have either side of my front door.

They are not looking too good at the moment but I' m hoping the one I feed with Flower Power will come on in leaps and bounds … I'll keep you posted.


PoppyI realise I've been putting a lot of pictures of Wilfie on my blog lately so I thought I would treat you to this cute picture of my beautiful Poppy this week. She will be nineteen in June, approximately ninety five in cat years, so she is an old lady but is still amazingly agile.

On Monday she has a trip to the vet for her annual booster … I hope he will like her as much as our old vet did.




Julia and her orYANY shopperWell I must finish and paint my toe nails in honour of the Birkenstock TSV at 3pm (yes Alessandra, we paint our own toenails too) and then I have the premiere of orYANY handbags as this week's Fashion on Friday … this is the shopper I brought to work with me today (pictured, left). If you like it join me at 5pm.

Have a lovely weekend (including the Elemis TSV, which sadly I am missing)

Much love, Julia xx

P.S. I forgot to mention last week that my latest bcr/abl results were good … not quite the percentage drop I had on the last few tests and no remission yet, so I have to stay on the same level of medication, but still moving in the right direction!


  1. Alana April 11, 2014 at 9:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Great to hear that your recent results are good! Can’t believe it’s been two years since your first 360 health check!
    I’m thinking of purchasing some of the Eva flip flops can you help with what size to get? I am a size 5 but get a 4 in standard Birkenstocks, are they the same size as the other styles?
    Many thanks.
    Ps – Poppy looks lovely!

  2. Sue April 11, 2014 at 10:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Great blog as usual!!
    Thanks for your reply. Yes we need a few (9 or 10) more players like Johnnie Williams!! We’re not so involved now we’re living out here. We can’t even listen to the games on the local UK radio station. But our two Sons still go to the matches & support Ipswich…and the two Grandsons go as well now!!
    Love the photo of Poppy. What a dignified lady she looks with her white whiskers. I can’t imagine that the new vet will not treat her with the respect that she deserves at her age!!
    I’m looking forward to the Pilates competition. I’m still doing my Yogalates & will have to miss classes when we drive back to the UK for a visit soon. So it would be great to win the machine & bring it back with us in the car!!
    Also I’m hoping to be able to get some Spray & Grow. I found some that I’d had in the UK & used it last year. It still worked brilliantly!! It’s hard work keeping all my pots & baskets going in the Summer over here in 30degs+ shade temps!!!!
    I was so surprised to hear that you have to do your own hair & nails!!..just a few more jobs to fit into your already hectic life!!
    Well done with your bcr/abl results!! Keep going because your doing something right!
    The medication that I’d been taking for several years for my RA suddenly became inefficient & after several trial & errors with different infusions etc. I’ve now started on fortnightly injections, which seem to be working. But if I push myself too much my joints soon let me know!! Being stubborn & not giving in to it sometimes is a disadvantage.
    Lovely photo of you leaving for work & not looking any different from ‘the good old days!!’
    Take Care & Keep Well Julia,
    Love, Sue xx

  3. Steven April 13, 2014 at 1:12 pm -  Reply

    Another great result for Palace Julia. Safe now I think. What an atmosphere too. Glad to hear you are improving all the time health wise. Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx
    Steven x

  4. TINA S April 14, 2014 at 5:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Just been catching up with your latest blog.The photo of Poppy looks very much like my cat Chloe. We lost her some years ago but I still miss her so much even even now. I’ve had a few cats when I was growing up but Chloe was something else!!
    Glad to hear your test results are improving even though they are not as you’d hope. It is still a positive in your ongoing “fight”.
    I’ve been a bit “off” for the past week or so with shoulder pain but I’m glad to say I am on the mend after a visit to a Physiotherapist. I’ve seen a number of them over the years but the person a saw last week was really good. She even rang me this morning to see how I was and tell me to keep on with the excercises she’d shown me. I must say its the best treatment I’ve had even if I did have to pay for it. It was money well spent. There’s nothing so miserable as when you’re in pain.
    We managed to go out to our fave seaside place today for our fish and chip treat. It was lovely and sunny but still quite cold as it was quite windy. As it is half – term it was packed and we had a job parking!
    Well I’m off to do my excercises now…
    All the best and hope you have a good Easter.
    From Tina S. (South Wales- where the sun is shining thus proving it’s not always raining in Wales!! LOL) xx

  5. Jean Pugh April 14, 2014 at 9:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Love the photograph of Poppy bless her she is lovely, hope it all went well at the vets for her. Yes I watched the show with the handbags, they looked lovely and soft, and some great designs.
    The Flower Power is brilliant, I have just been feeding my lavender plants, and wow they are looking good.
    Glad your results were okay, and hope they stay good for you.
    You asked me if Heidi my daughter had moved yet, yes they have and are just about settled, still lots of plants and things to collect from our house. They had only moved about three weeks and she fell down the stairs early one morning, has badly damaged her right ankle all the ligaments are torn, having treatment on it as she is still unable to bend it and it is still swollen. Simon her husband has not been back at work long from breaking his leg and ankle in an accident at work.
    Take care.
    Love Jean xx

  6. Julia roberts April 17, 2014 at 9:39 am -  Reply

    Hi Alana
    Yes it’s been a bit of a roller coaster 2 years! I just had my 360 health check this year so waiting for results but all seemed ok …. couldn’t face it last year (bit of a head in sand moment not wanting to know if anything else was wrong!)
    Re the EVA flip flops … the first pair I ever had were a bit on the big side when I ordered my normal size 4 BUT in my opinion they are now coming up true to size so I would order a 5 if you are a 5.
    Poppy was a poppet at the vet and got a clean bill of health
    Julia x

  7. Julia roberts April 17, 2014 at 9:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Sue
    I am writing this hot off the back of Palace winning away at Everton …. I am still in shock! We have always needed to rely on good team spirit and fantastic support but now we have great individual ability added to the mix plus of course Tony Pulis …. rock bottom in December and now up to 11th! Wherever we finish this season really has been a joy for Palace fans … the atmosphere at Selhurst is electrifying. Only 2 more home games … Man City and Liverpool, both on TV but I will be there in person!
    Poppy was good at the vet and the vet was impressed with her condition. She is a small cat, only weighing 2.99kg, but all was good including her claws which the vet said were in purrfect condition.
    I know what you mean about not forcing your body …. it has been a hard lesson for me to learn too but I am now listening to my body more and if I am too fatigued to do an effective workout I don’t do it.
    Will keep you posted re the competition
    Julia x

  8. Julia roberts April 17, 2014 at 9:57 am -  Reply

    Hi Steven
    Yes Villa result was brilliant but last night versus Everton even more impressive! We have reached the magic 40 points now but, as I wrote in my book, we were relegated once on 40 points so not taking anything for granted until it is a mathematical impossibility for us to go down … all very exciting though! At the start of this year I said to my son that we should put a cheeky bet on Palace finishing top half ….. kind of wish we had as it doesn’t look so far-fetched now! It really has been a fabulous season to be a Crystal Palace fan!
    Speak soon
    Julia x

  9. Julia roberts April 17, 2014 at 10:05 am -  Reply

    Hi Tina
    I hope the sun is still shining in Wales? It as been the most beautiful weather here in Berkshire for the past week – a bit of a nip in the wind but really warm sunshine … really lifts the spirits doesn’t it?
    Sorry to hear that your shoulder has been playing up but good that you have an ‘expert’ that you trust – makes all the difference.
    Poppy had a clean bill of health at the vet …. she only needed her flu booster this year a apparently the cat leukaemia and enteritis last for 3 years, so good news all round.
    I just had my 360 health check – everything on the day was good but just waiting for confirmation on the full report.
    Julia x

  10. Julia roberts April 17, 2014 at 10:11 am -  Reply

    Hello Jean
    All was good with Poppy at the vet so one less thing to worry about.
    Sorry to hear about Heidi’s fall – I know she will need all the expert care but has she been applying arnica too? – it might help reduce the swelling.
    I’ve started my Flower Power challenge with the pots by the front door so will keep you posted. I also used it to water in some more new shrubs and a tree that we have moved …. tree looks a little sad at the moment but hoping RJ’S Flower Power might rescue it!
    Speak soon
    Julia x

  11. Beth April 17, 2014 at 1:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Good to hear that your test results are heading in the right direction – long may this continue.
    Can I say Poppy looks a lovely lady – to have got to nearly 19 years shows how well you have all looked after her. No doubt the new vet will give her the time and kindness she deserves! Thank you for your comments about our rescued cat, you have hit the nail on the head. My last cats were rescued and it was completely a success story – it was a bit of a shock to find things aren’t always so straightforward and I did have to consider Ian’s feelings as I had railroaded him into getting a cat. We’re taking some time and we’ll see what the future holds but I will always love cats and it’s nice to see photos of yours.
    It may sound silly but I love your front door! The style is great and the shade of green is one I’ve admired whenever I’ve seen it on any woodwork. We have a “newbuild” so the colour wouldn’t look as nice on our house but on your cottage with the lovely brickwork, it’s fab!
    As always, I do hope you will get a chance to rest after all your shifts! You take care and I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter,
    Beth XXX.

  12. Janet Gilliard April 18, 2014 at 7:01 am -  Reply

    Glad to hear about your results. Have you seen innthevnews today that they’ve developed a new drug which will treat CLL? I

  13. Steven April 19, 2014 at 10:03 pm -  Reply

    Staying up now Julia 😀 Very pleased for you… Better result for Rangers today we beat Stenhousemuir 0-4. Championship for us next season. Not quite premier league like Palace. Hiopefully in a years time Palace will be – at the very least! – surviving in the premiership and rangers will be heading back there.
    Hope you have and are having a lovley weekend. Weather is gorgeous – even in Scotland 😀 xxxxxxx

  14. Steven April 19, 2014 at 10:06 pm -  Reply

    PS dont know who looks better you or Alessandra. I think you just shade it though xx

  15. Pauline Johnson April 20, 2014 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Glad your results were ok bought the Bamix (going on your presentation at midnight )looking forward to receiving ,told you in my tweet MU not doing too well David is not a happy bunny glad your team are doing well .
    Love Pauline xx

  16. Julia roberts April 25, 2014 at 1:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Beth
    I can’t take the credit for the colour of the front door as it was already done when we bought the house – I really like it too and the little conservatory on the back of the house is done in a similar colour.
    I think you will enjoy my latest blog, particularly the bit about Milo going for a walk …. he is such a gentle cat. He is ginger and I think maybe that makes a difference to temperament.
    I haven’t been feeling too clever this week – a bit of a sicky migraine – but I think it is just a bug doing the rounds as Kathy Taylor had something similar a couple of weeks ago …. that’s the trouble with a mild winter!
    I am looking forward to this weekend off I must admit as I could do with a rest …. busy last few days.
    I hope one day you will get another cat – maybe a rescue kitten?
    Julia x

  17. Julia roberts April 25, 2014 at 1:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Janet
    Yes still moving in the right direction! Charities like Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are raising so much money which goes to fund the research and development of new drugs to treat all types of blood cancer – that’s why I’m supporting them.
    Julia x

  18. Julia roberts April 25, 2014 at 1:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Steven
    Thrilled Palace are now officially safe – target now is to finish above Newcastle and Stoke … a possibility! So sad to hear about the death of Sandy Jardine to cancer … I’m sure you guys will give him a fantastic ovation.
    We have Man City on Sunday – it’s on Sky so you can be an honorary Palace fan for the day!
    Thanks for the compliment in your second post by the way
    Speak soon
    Julia x

  19. Julia roberts April 25, 2014 at 2:01 pm -  Reply

    Hello Pauline
    I hope you love the Bamix – genuinely I was really impressed and some pretty good recipes in the booklet too.
    I wonder what David thinks about Moyes being sacked? I think it was always going to be an almost impossible job for whoever took over from Sir Alex. I think you will see some spirited performances for the rest of the season with Giggs in charge.
    Very very very proud of my team and what they have achieved under Tony Pulis.
    Julia x

  20. Steven April 25, 2014 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Julia
    Really sad about Sandy Jardine. It’s our Title presentation game tomorrow but think it will now be turned into a tribute to Sandy. The word legend is used far too much nowadays but he would certainly fall into that category.
    Good luck for Sunday. I’ll be supporting! Mon the Eagles.
    Have a good weekend

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