A dog, a pig and a cat, plus special offer sneak peeks


Like Grandfather Like Grandson! Well check out the likeness! I managed to find a very similar pic of my 31 year old son Brad, to the one my mum posted of my dad Derek when he was in his early 20s. And don’t they look alike?!  This is my mum and dad when they were young, and their 27 descendants were just a twinkle in their eye! Yes, five kids, sixteen grandchildren and now those grandchildren are having babies, six of them to be exact. Total – 27! It’ll be 28 when my Lauren has her first in September too!

Goodness me this pic of Brad and my dad is such an uncanny likeness – it’s properly an inherited look isn’t it?! Some of my brothers really look like my dad too. So no wonder my son does.

And what will his own baby look like when she’s older? Well the latest pic of her has just gone on the grandbaby update on my website since Brad’s forbidden me from making her a social media baby. And that’s fair enough! But next week I’ll show a nice pic of me and her – it’s my new screen saver!

This Weekend:-

Today’s (Thursday 21st) #tsv – Click here to see and to buy Today’s Special Value offer for under £25 – to brighten up any bald walls or unsightly fences, get the living wall with berries and greenery from Garden Reflections

Tonight at midnight, do join me for the Garmin sat nav and built-in dash cam combined, with loads of extras including hands-free calling. It really is a superb deal, and a brilliant two in one. It’s Friday’s TSV!

And here is an early bird order a link for you – the Kipling basic medium shoulder bag, click here to see it and to buy it right now! It’s Saturday’s big daily deal we call a TSV!

Sunday sees the return of Gatineau, one of my favourite specialist skincare brands, this time with a five piece Perfection Ultime beauty collection and it’s superb value so be prepared to stock up!

Plus join me Sunday night at midnight for the most perfect purchase for purifying pollen in your home – the Dyson Pure Link Quiet purifier and fan. It’s not just a fan – brilliant for these warmer days – but a purifier too – it’s brilliant according to some fabulous reviews. On offer through Monday (but look out for an early bird link here from this Friday 22nd) or whilst stocks last. Get it and see what you think within your 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

For next week’s deals, see below.

And here is a final reminder of the Big Deals on our sister channels only on offer until Sunday at midnight: Mr Max cropped trousers, a Smart 4K Ultra HD TV from LG and the Emjoi micro pedi tool with replacement rollers.


Ingrid and Paprika

Saw lovely Yong Kim fashion brand guest, Ingrid Tarrant again for a catch up on Saturday. We were talking about Asperger’s, since a guy I had lunch with recently was telling me about it, and we were comparing notes about how we are all on the spectrum somewhere! Anyway then Ingrid and I went out and petted the piggies! The one with Ingrid is Paprika – she’s huge! And inside the house, lives George, he’s smaller. But still big enough to roll himself inside his ‘sleeping bag carpet’ when he wants a sleep! Here’s Ingrid showing me his little piggy tail! Funny!

Dish of the Week

Had the most amazing pud this week, and all five of my guests down in Devon loved it! I got a chocolate almond milk and added some pudding rice then soaked it and baked it slowly. Then made some gluten free choc brownies – to die for! Also served it with blueberries and clotted cream from Cornwall for those who wanted it! What a triumph – and so easy! The vegan guest was well impressed! By the way this got a mention in one of my Facebook Vlogs this week over on my QVC Facebook official page – links are below – do follow me!

Morph the Cat

Thought I’d complete the pet focus this week with a first pic of Morph the cat who lives with my brother’s family, where I stay when I’m in Surrey for work at QVC. He’s sooo cute – and affectionate – even if he does keep running round and round the landing just outside my bedroom at 3am! They lost their 15 year old Cassie cat last week, but she had a good innings. Hopefully Morph will too – he’s adorable!

Gracie Swims

Oh my goodness the Torridge was low this week – definitely the lowest I’ve ever seen it. And Gracie loved it! No current or deep water – she was only shoulder high in more or less the deepest bit. This part of the river near my Devon home in Sheepwash is sometimes about eight feet deep! Great way to cool off too.

Book of the Week

Omg it’s a smashing one! I don’t know about you but I loved – LOVED – Big Little Lies. Well it’s based on a book by Lianne Moriarty. She also wrote this week’s Book of the Week – called ‘The Husband’s Secret.’ And if you loved BLL, you’ll love this! Based in an Australian domestic setting, covering secrets and lies within several families, it’s got a similar format to Big Little Lies, which was such an amazing success and an award winner. The best thing is Lianne pulls you in almost immediately into the tale – or tales in this case – and I love the way it all intertwines as you see behind the smiles and the social lives of the characters she brings to life so well. Both books are highly recommended, and the audiobook is brilliantly narrated as well.


Got my eye on Ocean’s 8 – well a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?! Sandra Bullock – one of my favourites – gets together for a heist with Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson (one of my faves) and co. And they live up to the Clooney legacy with the drama and comedy rolled into another enjoyable romp! Seeing it next week – hope it’s fab!

This week’s highlights on QVC

Monday is the superb Dyson purifier fan, as above

TuesdayWomen with Control return with the denim cropped trousers with super hidden tummy support – including in petite length.

Wednesday Earth Spirit are back with the Cheyenne, a new adjustable strap sandal for a great price!

The Rio Sonicleanse Glo is here on Thursday for cleaner, more radiant skin

And look out at the end of the week for the early bird order link for the new Tarte deal coming up – if you love amazing make-up!

I can’t believe it’s nearly July!

On next week’s blog

Join me for my monthly update and photograph of new grandbaby Blake, I love her so much! And another family get together. Squeeee!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. Liz Holmes June 21, 2018 at 3:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Great blog as always, and I always enjoy reading them. I loved the animal pics, especially the cat. I’m an animal lover, but cats are my favourite followed by dogs. I grew up with always having cats for pets and have never been without one throughout my life. I saw the pic of your gorgeous little Blake Catherine on your website which is emailed to me. She is a little poppet and you must be so proud of her and your wonderful family. I was absolutely amazed when I saw the uncanny resemblance between your lovely Brad and your late dad. We have the same in our family. The incredible likeness between my then 11year old grandson (he’s now 14) and his grandad at the same age is amazing in the same way too. It’s great to see the family resemblance through the generations. I look forward to next weeks blog. Liz x

  2. martin forbes June 21, 2018 at 3:39 pm -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and your family are well your son and daughter and granddaugher.iam well

  3. Eileen Davies June 22, 2018 at 4:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie the photo of your late father and son are so alike what a lovely photo you must be so proud of him his little girl looks like you .Our children make us mums real proud as they grow up and have families of their own. I’ve to grandchildren one of each was with them at the weekend in Kent wish they lived nearer to us we are in the north of England any way must go you take care and cherish your little one. Eileen xx

  4. SheMag June 22, 2018 at 6:51 pm -  Reply

    The husband’s secret…I couldn’t put it down. You’re absolutely spot on…I’d recommend it to anyone who loves to devour a book in one sitting. If you haven’t got the time right now…don’t start the book, would be my advice! Lovely cat picture but the “good innings” comment doesn’t reflect your usual empathic approach, Debs…wouldn’t have mattered if it was 30 years, the loss is still devastating. As I suspect you know, really. Best wishes and kudos on the pud!

  5. Susan Wood June 25, 2018 at 2:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie always love your blogs. Just wondered if you could pass on a big thank you to the lovely lady (small light hair) who was working in the shop across from your place in Sheepwash. On Friday the 22nd it was our 44th wed Ann we were on hol in Padstow and decided to travel to Sheepwash as you always make it sound so lovely. It was so pretty and everyone we spoke to were so helpful. I had asked the lady in the shop if there was a tea room as we were wanting a cream tea she did inform us that you sometimes do a pop-up one but was not around at the moment and there wasn’t a tea room. At this point we went across to the pub to just have a quick drink when the barman asked if I was the lady who had inquired about the cream tea in the shop. She had telephoned across to tell them I may call. I thought this was so so lovely and thoughtful of her and they said could do a cream tea for us. It was absolutely delicious. We were sat outside looking across at your Retreat which looks beautiful. I can see why you love living there.keep up the wonderful blogs and enjoy the fabulous best job in the world being a grandparent.

  6. Eileen ORourke June 25, 2018 at 7:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, thank you for your book picks. Big Little Lies is my next read, a change from crime thriller which I tend to go for. The book I’m on at the mo Mike Gayle ‘The Man I Think I Know’ good read. Thanks again Debbie, xx?

  7. Susan wood June 26, 2018 at 1:38 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie as usual. Went to Sheepwash last Friday lovely place and lady in the shop really lovely unbeknown to me and hubby she had rung the pub to organise cream tea for us as no tea room in village. Everybody so friendly….can see why you love it. Please thank them for me next time you there..thankyou

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