A dazzling day and great Richard Jackson deal


I hope all’s well…

Having boasted (stupidly) last week that I hadn’t caught any of the numerous viruses flying around this year – I managed to find a nice little bug that wrapped itself around my throat!

I knew it was brewing up on Saturday and was concerned, as on Sunday I was looking forward to a two hour Andi Peters’ Food Fest Special. But with the help of paracetamol, a continual supply of honey and lemon (thank you Jo-Anne our fab Prep Kitchen Manager) and of course as Andi calls it “Dr Showbiz” (adrenalin), all was well until after the show – which was a great success – thanks to you all!

If you missed the show, you can always watch and order any item that’s still available. I’m going to check if Joe & Seph’s Six-Piece Milk & Dark Chocolate Popcorn Bites are still in stock – as they were amazing!

So last week, I mentioned that I would give more details of the Richard Jackson Today’s Special Value (TSV) which launches this coming Saturday the 13th of April – the Double Action Weedkiller Concentrate with Sprayer.

As many of you know, I love my garden, I love seeing my plants, flowers and occasionally fruit grow in it. Over the years I’ve landscaped it, built dry stone walls, laid pathways and regularly clear away tons of leaves, pine cones and pine needles – but one thing I really dislike doing is weeding!!

I have happy childhood memories watching my dear old nan Elsie weeding and adopting the “gardeners stance” or as I call it “The Gardener’s Haka” – you know the one, legs wide apart, bent at the knees, leaning forward, with your elbows resting on your lower thigh, just above your knee! I expect many of you are now nodding and saying “I do that!”

The “Haka” part is when you move onto the next patch of weeds without straightening up! 🙂

It’s quite a sight – especially when you do attempt to straighten up, usually accompanied by strange and sudden groaning sound effects emanating from deep within! It’s a familiar stance (also adopted by cricketers fielding in the slip cordon) as we believe it to lessen the ache in our backs, perhaps it does?

But… what if there was an easier way to remove weeds?

Well that was a question Richard asked himself a few years ago and so came up with his brilliant glyphosate-free weedkiller solution.

In the upcoming TSV pack you’ll get over one litre of concentrate that makes up to six litres of weedkiller (that can treat up to 60 square meters of weeds!), plus you’ll receive the NEW battery operated sprayer head that connects to a two-litre sprayer bottle.

This new and improved Power Sprayer has a faster application and a new, ergonomic design that sits beautifully in the hand.

The double-action advanced formula weedkiller is fast acting (with results seen in as little as 24 hours) and can kill weeds from the start until the end of the growing season (early spring until late autumn). Richard has based his glyphosate-free weedkiller on an extract from geranium leaves and it’s bio-degradable too.

Obviously we’ll have a tremendous price on the day and there are plans to have an Auto Delivery option. This will give customers the chance of getting the TSV (as described), then in 90 days the same 1020ml bottle of the weedkiller concentrate, as well as a further 510ml bottle of the concentrate (in place of the sprayer) at the same TSV offer price!

Top tip: apply this weedkiller on a dry day and you’ll see quicker results if it’s a warm day also.

I’ve not enjoyed a dry day at home since receiving my sample (or should I say my garden hasn’t), but here’s a brilliant time-lapse video that my colleague and pal Simon Biagi recorded a couple of years ago, showing just how quickly you’ll see results on a warm, dry day.

For a truly sparkling day, I hope you’re joining us today for our fabulous Diamonique Celebrations and enjoy what we consider at The Q to be the world’s finest simulated diamonds…

But it’s not just about the stunning look of diamonds, as we are featuring other gorgeous simulated gemstones too – just take a look at a couple I have picked out:

A stunning cocktail ring with a total equivalent weight of 8.46 carats! It features a huge 14mm x 10mm simulated Paraiba tourmaline emerald-cut centre stone, with six simulated diamonds on each shoulder – for under £50!

Anything in pink I hear you ask? Well yes… how about this exquisite simulated peach sapphire ring?

It boasts a total equivalent weight of 6.11 carats, featuring a sumptuous 14mm x 10mm simulated peach sapphire, with five accent simulated diamonds on each shoulder – for under £36!

Both rings are set in sterling silver with a rhodium plate finish (like white gold). These however, are just two examples of what affordable luxury is on offer today, with earrings, bracelets, pendants and more. Tune into our shows and take a look at QVC.com to find out more.

Why not let me know if anything takes your fancy by saying hello! on Instagram and Twitter at @dalefranklinTV?

Until next time… stay weed free, verdant and sparkling!


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  1. martin forbes April 27, 2019 at 1:32 pm -  Reply

    hi dale hope you and your family are well iam not bad.

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