A bit of a bite


Like most of the UK, I awoke this morning to a covering of snow and it’s pretty cold out there, however not as bitingly cold as some parts of America, so I guess we should be grateful for small mercies. I would say we probably only had 2 – 3 inches of snow so I shouldn’t have a problem getting into work later once I have reached the end of our lane and got onto the main roads which will have been gritted. I’m planning on putting a sleeping bag in the boot of my car and I will definitely be wearing my winter trax as I’m very unstable on my feet in snowy or icy conditions. One of the first things we did this morning was to put some Richard Jackson bird food out for the birds which we do most mornings particularly when it’s icy and the ground is hard. I’ll be ringing mine and Chris’s mums later too just to check they are okay – if you have an elderly neighbour it might be worth checking on them.

The bite in the title is not only referring to the bitter temperatures but also to Wilfie’s dental operation earlier in the week. We knew he had to have one tooth extracted on Monday but in the end they took two as the same tooth on the other side of his lower jaw was showing similar symptoms. The nurse who signed him in was very reassuring and kind and it helped to know that she was a ‘cat’ person. I told her Wilfie has a lovely temperament but can occasionally bite if stressed. When I collected him later in the day, she said he had been as good as gold, in fact, she referred to him as an angel which is always nice to hear about your pet or your children for that matter! He was a bit wobbly on his feet when we got him home but otherwise seemed okay until yesterday morning when he was very lethargic. Maybe he knew he was going back to the vet for his post-op check-up! There were signs of mild infection in his wounds so he is now on a course of antibiotics along with his pain killers. Fortunately, he is a very good boy and eats his tablets hidden in his food unlike my lovely Poppy, who used to carefully eat her food and leave any pills we had tried to disguise. It’s ten months to the day since she passed and such a lot seems to have happened in that time – most of it good, thankfully!

Another bite reference is that I have finally treated myself to a new computer and yes, you guessed it, it is one with a bite of fruit missing on the logo. I’ve been asking our tech guest Lee Hobein’s advice for well over a year now as I keep panicking that my ancient Dell (on which I am currently writing this blog) will crash and burn, taking my latest book with it! I finally decided on the updated Macbook Air as it will be nice and portable for me to take away when I’m writing and it’s also very pretty. Earlier in the week, I managed to get the first chapter of the second book in my thriller series written before I knuckled down to attack the second round of structural edits on the first book in the series. Thankfully it didn’t need too much changing and I’m over halfway through already so I’m well ahead of my March 4th deadline.

The thought of spending a lot of time at my writing desk over the coming months prompted me to get myself the Today’s Special Value Fitbit a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it since I got back from holiday. On a ‘normal’ day I am actually quite active but on ‘writing’ days I struggle to reach 3000 steps. Knowing this means I will now try and build thirty-five minutes of treadmill or Aeropilates into those days, although I think I will need to put the Fitbit around my ankle as it didn’t seem to register my forty-five minute Aeropilates workout on Tuesday!

So, it was back into work at QVC with a bang yesterday with three hours on air and I have that for most of next week too apart from Monday when I have to finish early to go for an MRI scan on my left ankle, the one that was affected by polio. The X-Ray I had pre-Christmas revealed an issue but apparently the MRI will give my specialist a more complete picture of what is going on so that he can take action to try and keep me mobile for as long as possible. I’d just like to wish British Polio a happy 80th birthday for earlier this week – I for one am very grateful for what they do for polio survivors and like most charities they are struggling a bit financially in these uncertain times.

Today I will be with you at 3pm, 5pm and 6pm (FOF with Julia on the Style channel) and the same tomorrow but I have an earlier start on Sunday when I will be with Caroline Archer for the Liz Earle Today’s Special Value at both 11am and 2pm. The kit has the original trio of Cleanse and Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser but also has two newer products in the Gel Mask and Cleanse and Polish for the body – Jenny, from Together Fashion, was raving about this on air yesterday. It’s already available on pre-order if you’re not going to be around on Sunday.

We have a Cozee Home Today’s Special Value on Monday, very appropriate for the weather we are having, and I’m also looking forward to sharing the Julep make-up Today’s Special Value with you next Wednesday. It’s not a range I am particularly familiar with and if you’re not either how nice is it to be able to try something new when it’s at a TSV price, knowing that if it doesn’t suit it can always be returned within the 30 day money back guarantee period.

Right, it seems to be snowing again so I’d better head into work but not before I say congratulations to Crystal Palace for progressing to the fifth round of the FA Cup – sorry Spurs fans.

Keep safe and warm

Much love

Julia xx


  1. Tina S February 1, 2019 at 11:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia, so glad everything went ok with Wilfie’s op. I used to hate taking my cat Chloe to the vets. Its like they have a 6th sense and they know where they are going. I lost my much loved moggy more than 20 years ago now and I still miss her dreadfully. I haven’t had another cat because there are very busy roads where we live. We’ve been very lucky so far with not having had any snow! It always looks so lovely but everything comes to a standstill at the first sign of snow. They’ve been very lax in our area as far as gritting the roads and putting salt on the paths. It has been quite hazardous in some parts. So I went to check on my sister who is quite a bit older than me to see if she needed anything as it was bitterly cold today. On the rugby front I am pleased to say we won our first game tonight against France. It was a very nail biting 80 minutes and did look as if we were not going to win. So that is our 10th win in a row. Just hope Wales keep it up. We play Italy away next. This year we only have 2 home games. I am pleased to say we play England after that at Cardiff! Well keep warm and hope everything goes well with your scans. Best wishes Tina S.( S. Wales) x

    • Julia Roberts February 20, 2019 at 2:30 pm -  Reply

      Hi Tina
      Wilfie is now completely recovered after having his teeth out – sometimes we pet owners suffer more than our pets do because we know what is about to happen! Wilfie is a house cat. despite us living on a quiet private lane the busy A30 is not that far away and I couldn’t bear for anything to happen to him.
      I did notice and make comment on your Wales v France result – certainly was a game of two halves.
      Still waiting for the scan result.
      Speak soon
      Julia x

  2. May February 2, 2019 at 4:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia

    I love reading your blogs. You are looking so well after your holiday, I have to say I felt for poor Wilfie I hope he is recovering well.
    I have not seen Simon from Butler and Wilson recently is he ok? I know he was a bit under the weather in the run up to Christmas. He is such a lovely man if you are in touch with him would you pass on my best wishes please? x

  3. ann cain February 2, 2019 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Hope everything will be good for you.xx

  4. martin forbes February 4, 2019 at 6:53 pm -  Reply

    happy new year to you julia anf family hope they are all well and you have settled in to your new house.i did a message beginning of january but obviously it did not get through 15th february iam taking a 2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing.

  5. Linda Finch February 4, 2019 at 11:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia ,hope you fined yours and Chris’s mums ok in this cold weather, we have only had a sprinkle of snow up here in yorkshire and it has all gone now ,today has been somewhat milder than the last few days ,but we have heavy rain forcast for tomorrow. Hope when you have your mri scan that everything is fine ,I’m sure you will love your mac my son uses them all the time for his work as a freelance graphic designer, I had better go now as it’s getting late ,much love Linda F xx

  6. Tina S February 5, 2019 at 11:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia, Just saw your reply from your blog of a couple of weeks ago. No we didn’t sell our house after everything. We decided to take it off the market for now. It was just as well we did as last summer I was unwell and am still undergoing treatment for a T.I.A. or otherwise known as a mini stroke. To cut a long story short the doctors are treating me for this as they are not 100% sure after tests but I had a slight irregularity with one of the cardiac tests I had . I’m fine now but at the time it was quite un -nerving. The worse part of it though was that I was not allowed to drive for a month! It was horrendous especially after not having caught a bus for years. It was just as well that we’ve both got bus passes! It had to happen of course when we had that heat wave last June. I couldn’t do a thing as it was just sooo.. .. hot. Anyway it could have been worse. I’ve just got to learn not to get so stressed about things as my blood pressure has been through the roof. So its one less thing to get stressed about with the house off the market I guess. Hope you are keeping well. I saw in one of your previous blogs you’ve had I.B.S. problems. I find taking Aloe Vera juice really helps as I’ve had issues with this also.( What are we like?) Just fit for the scrap. ( LOL). Well there’s always the rugby to look forward to. Mind you watching Wales play that first game did nothing for my blood pressure!!! Take care, best wishes, Tina S. X

  7. Elizabeth Keenan February 6, 2019 at 3:30 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Julia, hope you get on ok with the scan, Dec had a fall 3 weeks ago and was in hospital for three weeks had a chest infection as well. This polio back to bite him, getting physio to do and his mobility really bad now. Our granddaughter Sophie is getting married on the 23rd February but we will not manage as Dec not good at the walking just now. Take care. Much love
    Elizabeth ❤️

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