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Great results with Richard Jackson’s new Flower Power


Richard Jackson and I have worked together at QVC for many years and I have always respected his knowledge and opinions about all matters gardening. I love working with Richard and all the other expert gardening guests in the studio and absorb as much of their knowledge as I can.

Simon Biagi in studio with Richard Jackson

I remember many years ago when he asked me to try out a product that he had developed called Flower Power. Of course I said yes and was happy to try out something new, but I had not anticipated just how good it would be.

At that particular stage I was growing lots of tomatoes, chillies, strawberries and French beans (basically plants the kids could get involved with) so I had plenty of test subjects to help out. The results were astonishing! More fruit, better growth and longer seasons for all my plants and their results were not only quickly evident but long lasting. My son was particularly impressed with the chilli results, as you can see.


Richard’s Flower Power quickly became the best selling plant food in the country and was helping amateurs and professionals alike grow better plants, win more awards and be more successful in their gardening goals. Over the last 10 years Flower Power has been a must have for anyone who wants the best from their gardening and guess what? Now, it’s better than ever!

Simon Biagi

He’s added some very special bio-stimulants that can help plants use the nutrients in Flower Power even more efficiently, giving flowers, fruits and vegetables the potential to grow even better. These bio-stimulants, humic, fulvic and amino acids are made from totally natural plant extracts. They are increasingly used by leading professional growers and he’s really chuffed to be able to include this major advance in plant nutrition in Flower Power. But that’s not all, He also came across a really special source of extra-fine seaweed which has all the goodness as before, but is easier to dissolve. So it’s even more effective!

At the risk of boring you… but in case you are an avid follower of gardening science, here are the benefits of humic acids:
1) Humic acids join onto particles of mineral fertiliser to create special combination molecules, which are much easier for plants to take up
2) This gets more plant food into the plant, even quicker than usual, so plants get a real quick boost
3) The increased nutrients in the plant improve growth, so yield, number of fruits/flowers, root growth etc. are all boosted

The benefits of fulvic acids:
1) Fulvic acid molecules join onto essential trace elements and take them quickly into the plant (they are natural chelating substances)
2) The increased absorption of trace elements helps plants grow healthy and strong, and resist diseases better

The benefits of amino acids:
1) These are the building blocks of all the essential proteins that plants need to grow, collect energy from the sun, produce new flowers and leaves, etc.

A further benefit of humic and fulvic acids is that they improve soil health, promoting beneficial soil organisms, improve the amount of water soil can hold onto, improve soil structure and allow soils to release more of the nutrients they contain.

One other thing… Flower Power fed plants won 15 gold medals at major RHS Flower Shows last year, and it would be perfect for use with our gardening pick of the month from Thompson & Morgan. Beautiful double flowering fuchsias that are hungry feeders and really enjoy being fed at least twice a week. If they are not for you we have hundreds of plants available with some great prices.

There’s no question, Flower Power has always been good stuff and if I know Richard, he will have been finding it hard to keep quiet about his new formula, but he will have wanted to keep it under wraps until it was tried and tested and he made sure it was better than the original.

Join the gardening gang on Saturday 24th February to hear all about how you can grow the best plants you ever have, but if you want to order even before the big day you can use this sneaky link and order now.

To find out more about what’s on at the Q check out our TV schedule.

Simon x

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