Eilidh Nairn

A trip to the Margaret Dabbs salon plus yoga adventures


Hello to you all! How have you all been doing with the zero temperatures and now we are into the second month of 2018 – have you started any new projects or hobbies? In my January blog I mentioned getting creative and starting new projects. With that in mind I have started doing yoga!

Before I get to that let me share with you my Margaret Dabbs experience! So in my last blog I let you in on my pampering ideas and what skin care steps I was taking. That same week I was very lucky to be invited in to Margaret Dabbs’s Notting Hill salon. Woweeee! What a gorgeous place with such lovely people. The beautician who gave me my treatment was called Danniella and she is from Italy.

Eilidh Nairn
Danniella first offered me tea and then brought me into the calming treatment room which had soft lighting and music playing. She then began the treatment which started with the leg scrub (mentioned in my last blog) which gives the legs a deep exfoliation leaving them as smooth as a seal! Then she applied the black leg mask which has cooling properties to help reduce swelling and hot, tired legs. I am always running around and our job involves standing sometimes for a couple of hours so to have the cool relaxing mask was a real treat. It goes on black in colour and when it’s ready to be removed it turns a light grey on your legs, then you wash it off. The cooling sensation lasts for a few hours later which is great. Finally she applied the leg serum which can be used every day – I learnt – and really helps keep the elasticity and youthful glow stay with your skin. The whole treatment took about an hour, which flew by as we chatted non-stop! I left the salon as fresh and springy as Bambi!

Margaret Dabbs
I would like to say a huge thank you to Margaret and QVC for treating me to this experience. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful place of work.

Let’s talk yoga. Have you any of you reading this blog done any yoga or Pilates before? If so I’d love to hear which type you do and what your experiences has been like.

I did my first class on Sunday. It was called Yin and focused mainly on gentle poses and holding them for up to five minutes. Now I must be very honest with you, I haven’t done very much exercise for several and then several again months. Yes I cycle to the train station but I’m talking about proper exercise. So I was little bit stiff in my old limbs. I loved the class though and felt very positive afterwards. The next day however was a real surprise as I got a full on sinus headache and cold?! On further research I found out that this was my body getting rid of toxins!! Yikeroonie! After a couple of days I started to feel brighter and again more energized. I’m making sure that I’m eating lots of greens and fish which is all good brain and body food. My goal is to get strong enough to start doing trapeze again which I absolutely love and it makes me very happy.

On a completely different note I have been trying to do some new hairstyles and really struggle with seeing what I’m doing in the mirror. Then I met Lorna (our gadget girl at QVC) and she showed me this little wonder.


Gosh what a difference, no more twisting my neck to see if that kirby grip is sticking out and no more heavy arms trying to juggle mirrors and hair brushes and clips!

The next pic is not one of my new up-do’s, but it is myself and Elliot on my birthday having fun with some props from the show we went to see. It was such a fun night and dear Elliot really spoilt me. We went to see Five Guys Named Mo. There is lots of singing and dancing and a great atmosphere. Later we went and had delicious cocktails in a secret little hidden treasure of a place in London.

Eilidh Nairn

And to round the week off I have been spending some lovely time with Iain, who is one of my little brothers, and his fiance Tesh. Here we are eating pizza (oh yeah, that’s no part of the healthy diet – oops!). Oh well if you can’t be good all the time then some of the time is just fine too I say!

Eilidh Nairn

That all for now folks. Have a great week and look forward to hearing about your yoga experiences…


P.S For all the shoe-lovers out there, take a little look here at these gorgeous slip-ons from Bronx, which are one of my favourite shoe brands here. And if you’re like me and love a clean house, then you’ll love this Shark vacuum cleaner.


  1. Josephine Jennings February 19, 2018 at 2:40 pm -  Reply

    Love Margaret Dabbs foot cream.

    • eilidh nairn February 20, 2018 at 4:57 pm -  Reply

      Hello Josephine, arent her treatments lovely? I really like that my skin feels so smooth and bathroom smells like a Spa afterwards!Have you tried the leg scrub.?Thats a real treat.Let me know if you do.X

  2. Jacs February 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm -  Reply

    Hi Eilidh, what a lovely experience you had with Margaret… I thought all foot potions and lotions were very similar until I used Margaret Dabbs foot cream…wow, what a difference!! Very much looking forward to trying out her other products…love the up do!?x

    • Eilidh March 1, 2018 at 7:42 pm -  Reply

      Hey Jacs,great to hear from you. Yeah that updo could be tricky to sleep in I reckon! Haha I’m totally with you on the foot cream though.i found the same with her leg scrub. Hope you’re keeping warm lovely X

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