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Tingly skincare and colourful plants


So, what makes you tingle? Crikey now that’s perhaps NOT a question to open a blog with, but heh… it’s done now! And I have many an answer.

When hearing a story which is so poignant and emotional, I tingle and get goosebumps. When my darling children say or do something which catches me off guard, I’m so proud of them I could burst and my whole self tingles and sort of bubbles up inside. When there’s a near-miss situation in my car my armpits tingle (anyone else’s, or is it just me?!), adrenalin I guess.

Space Dust

Who remembers Space Dust? Now that was a whole heap of tingle and crackle, when you opened your mouth and tried to speak with the crackling!! Dalek style, resulting in a huge outpouring of laughter. Oh that does makes me smile with the memory, buying it from the shop run by the lovely Tony and his wife at the bottom of my road… and now my head is swimming with nostalgia. Oh how I love that.

Anyway, back to my point! The elusive tingle…

Have you ever felt it on your skin, the kind of tingle that just makes you feel awake, alive and fresh, the kind that shows you your skin has a job to do and it is jolly well stepping up to the plate and “reporting for duty, Sir”.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to stop being a lazy, repetitive, doing-it-cos-I-always-do-it kinda person and give things a little shake up.

So I give you a shake up for your skin… it may have been a-coasting, you’ve done a MARVELLOUS job feeding it and nurturing it, with all the green things you have eaten and drunk and applied YES YOU HAVE (praise where praise is due)… BUT, now it’s proper shake up, wake up and let your skin take its glorious moment and DO IT FOR ITSELF!

All you have to do is a 30 second (if that) swipe with a cotton wool pad at bedtime and that is it… I know! Crazy isn’t it? Who said doing good things had to be tedious and hard!

Fancy an easy option but one that gives you a payout a million times more than the effort put in? (It’s okay we can all admit to wanting the easy route sometimes).

Alpha H

Here it is. It’s called Alpha H. A super popular range at QVC, in fact celebrating 13 years with us in March, renowned for the Iconic and Award Winning Liquid Gold (which is what you apply to the aforementioned cotton wool pad, and what may well give you the all important tingle). It is part of the three-piece Complexion Renewal Trilogy, the Today’s Special Value coming to QVC on Saturday 10th February. I’m on at 3pm with it.

It took me some years (wasted years I must add) to experience it. I was of the “but I have sensitive skin, how can this watery liquid DO anything and oh no but I LOVE and NEED my serum, oil and night treatment, how can this possibly be ALL I use” camp.

It is quite amazing, it’s the fruit acids resurfacing, refining and renewing the appearance of the skin, it chucks it out of balance basically forcing the skin nicely to step up and do the job it was designed to do, hence the tingle!!!! Which in layman’s terms is the gentle breakdown of the dirt, and glue which holds the dead skin cells on to the skin…YUK. Et voila, science lesson complete.

So skin before is… greyish, lacklustre, possibly bumpy, and in the morning you awake to smoother, softer, velvety, fresher-looking skin.

I’ve been back on it this last week or two and loving the reward of a 30 second swipe! A great cleanser and fantabulous new firming eye product are also in the Today’s Special Value set, so go on, don’t waste those years! With our 30 day money back guarantee  it’s so worth giving it a little go.

Talking of a reward for about a 30 second input, with a 30 second tap of the app on Sunday 11th February you will get spectacular colours, happiness in a pot (or four!) and the joy of summer flowers with our Plants2Gardens Today’s Special Value. I’m loving this offer, think it’s got to be my favourite.

All you need is compost, see I’m keeping with the minimum effort theme here!

Now you’ll know Dan is the man in charge in our garden  landscaper and designer and general all-round brilliant outdoor boy) however those of us more challenged/ uncertain/ non green fingered can do it too.

All the special care and loving nurturing has taken place in Holland (had I known I would have nipped over and peeked when I was in Amsterdam last week). All that’s left to do is choose whether you want pink or green planters and simply plant up these young plants. Ken Evans from Plants2Gardens will of course be on hand on-air all day on Sunday 11th to show us how and we will ensure Root Booster and Flower Power are available too so you can continue to care for them brilliantly.

I can’t show you them in situ in my garden as the ones we will have in our studio are being specially brought on but I’ve been given all the photos so you can see how magnificent they will be…

Roll on summer I say!

Oh, even saying it makes me feel more hopeful… cold, grey (snowy!!!!) and bleurgh do not do it for me I can tell you… I think next year an escape to the sunshine in these early months should be a plan. Though with impending GCSE exams, we shall see. One can dream.

Lots of “tingly, summery“ love

Claire xxx

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