A trip to Copenhagen and skincare picks


Hello there. I hope you are all well and keeping warm! With the snow this week I wonder whether we will see a white Christmas…?

In my blog this week I’ve decided to write about three topics.
*And trees

Topic number 1 – Copenhagen

Let’s start with Copenhagen. Last week myself and Elliot booked a weekend away to this wonderful city. We stayed in a lovely little Airbnb about a ten minute cycle from the centre. The place came with bikes so we were really pleased as we love cycling and it really is the best way to get know a new place. It’s such a great city with so many beautiful side streets and enchanting buildings. Plus the Danish know how to do Christmas big style. You only have to stand in front of the Tivoli Gardens to know what I mean.

Tivoli Gardens

Just look at how gorgeous this looks. They have a huge Christmas market there with all sorts of food and Glogg (that’s mulled wine but tastier) stalls. For those of you who also like mulled wine, they do the best I’ve tasted. They add lots of raisins and chopped almonds and clove-infused orange to the delicious fragrant hot wine. We made sure we tasted a few of those!

Eilidh Nairn

On Saturday night we went to a theatre called The Glassalen – which means Glass Hall Theatre – to see their latest Christmas show. It was called Crazy Christmas Cabaret and it was absolutely brilliant. There was fantastic singing and dancing and the show was very funny. Elliot had lots of friends in the cast as he too had performed there many times in years gone by, so afterwards we went backstage and caught up with people. It really was a great night and so much fun. The next day after a nice lie-in we hopped back on the bikes and went on another adventure around the city and even visited the local history museum. So after feeling like we had done our “cultural“ bit we went on a rollercoaster ride in the Tivoli Gardens! You’ve got to balance out the serious stuff with some fun, right? And it certainly was fun. It lasted for one minute but I think I deafened Elliot with my screams which lasted the entire minute haha.

Eilidh Nairn

Topic number 2 – skincare

Here at QVC Beauty we have some of the best beauty and cosmetic companies and experts to talk about them. I find it very useful to learn how to use the different creams, serum, sprays and so much more. I have learnt so much since working on the channel. I just love it! I recently have been using Skinsense and after speaking to Abi Cleaver, the creator of Skinsense, she recommended that I try these creams. As I’ve gotten older I notice my skin isn’t as even in colour or texture plus I have a few lines that I wish would just go! So, since using these creams I’ve noticed a bit improvement in my skin. It feels softer and those pesky lines seemed to be less noticeable.

Something else that we do here is give you tutorials and our very own Ali Young is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to skincare. Take a look at the bottom of my blog to hear what she says about another one of our top rated brands. Not only is this brand top rated but multi award-winning. Of course it’s Elemis and I can now say after trying this collection myself they not only smell delicious but feel wonderful and luxurious on my skin. This time of year my hands can get quite sore from the hot and cold. I think it comes from years of working on farms with horses and having my hands constantly outside and getting wet and chafed – I used to suffer from bad circulation which has got a little better since swapping careers! I’ve always been quite self-conscious about my hands. So the hand and nail cream has really helped keep them soft and smooth.

Topic number 3 – trees

It seems every supermarket and street corner is selling Christmas trees this year and yet I still have not had the time to get one! So this Friday 15th December we will be putting ours up. Is that very late?  I don’t feel like I’ve been deprived of having a Christmas tree though as I see them every day at work. In fact I’m sure I remember seeing one in July…? I’m not sure what the theme of the tree will be this year but at a guess I think it will be lots of colour, sparkle and glitter. I am a true magpie and just love bright shiny things. On that note I shall leave you with these pictures that we took in Copenhagen of some of the most stunning decorations I’ve seen. I’d love to know how you have decided to decorate your trees so feel free to let me know and send a pic too.

Eilidh Nairn with Christmas trees

Oh and don’t forget to check out our other two Big Deals, one of which I get rather competitive with James over! It is of course, the Flashcube. And for and extra bit of glamour and style take a look at the Bibi Bijoux jersey scarf. It’s beautiful and elegant.

Okay that’s all for now. Have a great week and look forward to hearing about your trees. I’m off to find where I put all the decorations…

Bye xx

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