Merchant of Venice

Stopping to smell the roses


I have loved finding out about The Merchant of Venice, an exquisite brand of perfume that I shall be presenting on QVC this Saturday at 6pm. It isn’t a range I have come across before and I have been taken aback by the stunning fragrance Rose Moceniga that I casually squished on this morning as I threw beans on toast at Joe, poached eggs at Tom and skilfully made a chicken and spinach wrap for Joe to take for lunch… I say threw, not literally you understand! And re the details, they’re unimportant you may say, and who on earth cares! But it is all about the detail for me… which is why I want to quickly write this blog so you can understand, as I have today, that it’s ALL about the detail for The Merchant of Venice too!

Merchant of Venice

The bottles are just beautiful (to be kept forever), they capture the very essence of the fragrance. The Rose Moceniga has what looks like etchings that are reminiscent of the petals and are superbly applied within the glass. This special rose blooms and changes throughout the day, and as it does the scent changes too. There’s a lovely story about the rose, no longer found in China where it originated and only now found in a particular garden in Venice , so please do try and join us at 6pm on Saturday as you will hear such gorgeous stories that I am sure you will love.

Merchant of Venice

Talking of the fragrance of the rose changing in the garden, so too does the perfume. I am massively impressed by the staying power. As I said I ‘casually squished it on’ as I headed out to pilates first thing, not knowing what to expect yet knowing I love a floral fragrance. Well there was a little fruity uplift, then the blackcurrant leaves, and then the rose at its heart with a sensual base and now some nine hours later I am even more enamoured, as it has deepened and as my day has developed, so too has the fragrance. There are other rose perfumes out there I know but this has a softness in its depth, a familiarity somehow yet it seems to have opened up and given so much more (if you know what I mean).

Goodness isn’t it tricky explaining a fragrance… and aren’t we all so different in what we like and dislike?! Luckily for us the thrill and allure of Venice, and the romance of Verona and all the cities the merchants traveled through are suspended in celebration within the fine Murano bottles, infusing the exotic spices with the rare essences.

The amber candle had me on the fence… I’m not an amber girl, I thought. Oh how wrong I am! Its warmth and sweet sophistication spread deliciously and Maddie’s first comment on arrival home was “Mmm smells lovely in here”. It does, I wish you could smell it! And I’m no longer on the fence… it’s a ‘yes’ from me.

Tommorow it’s patchouli’s turn… all I can say is it’s gotta go some as rose moceniga has my heart, but reading about the top notes of bergamot, juniper and lemon blossom, with freesia, cardamon and rose oud, with patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood musk and amber at its base, I’m actually excited.

Claire Sutton

As I’ve researched and learnt more about perfume today I have relived my magical birthday trip where Dan took me on the Orient Express to Verona and then onto Venice. I’ve loved looking back at the photos and marvelled at the detail on board that amazing train… you see it’s ALL about the detail! I cannot wait to see Murder on the Orient Express at the cinema with Dan. It’s tempting to dress up a là the dress code of the train to watch it, though I suspect our fellow cinema-goers may raise a brow or two!

The diary is filling up and already with Maddie’s pantomime rehearsals the Christmas Spirit is starting to envelop us. Gift giving is a joy, yet can be a pressure and much conversation is occurring in our house about expectation. This and that technology, the latest ‘need’ for something only to be discarded too rapidly… I’m sure I’m not alone in handling teenagers wishlists! Others on my list seem soooo much easier to buy for and various parcels from QVC are starting to arrive here.

Laura Geller

This weekend we shall see the special six-piece The Jewel Make-up Box Today’s Special Value from Laura Geller and the one and only Laura will be with us on Saturday. She’s an absolutely lovely lady and it will be a great pleasure to spend my hour at 4pm with her and with you I hope. You can order early by clicking here… and yes it’s at the same great TSV price (under £40 excluding P&P plus 4 Easy Pay instalments). Looks like more parcels will be arriving at mine as it’s a lovely collection. Oh and here’s the shade chart for the Balance and Glow to give you a helping hand, I love the eyeshadow personally and the collection can be as glam or casual as you fancy.

Shade chart

Talking of glam, the Lulu Guinness show at 6pm on Monday 20th will deliver that for sure and I’m looking forward to a full hour dedicated to the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer with Abbie Horne; a perfect time to really suss it out, to try and answer anyone’s questions and decide to use those Easy Pay instalments and of course the extension to our money back guarantee (January 25th if it’s a Christmas present!). I’ve seen so so many fantastic reviews, which can be a great help with decision making, can’t they.

Right, it’s bath time with my lovely Elemis exotic blooms I think tonight, after a tough pilates class this morning and a two hour and 15 minute dog walk yesterday I am aching loads and I feel an early night coming on! Along with that I’m rather ‘living on my nerves’ as Tom is travel training and doing some solo bus journeys into college. There’s still work to be done on road-crossing (crikey that’s frightening to actually write). It’s a massive step, a scary but great step forward and I’m immensely proud of him. It takes a lot out of him to be able to focus and keep focused for such a length of time and it’s proving exhausting for him.

Sending you all lots of fragrant love and I hope to see you at the weekend!

Claire xxx


  1. Christine November 17, 2017 at 3:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire you both look lovely on the Orient Express. Going to see the film next week just love to see the clothes etc. I am sure Tom will be fine, just get used it.

    Take Care X

  2. Steven November 17, 2017 at 6:32 pm -  Reply

    Wow you look amazing in that dress Claire. Have a fab weekend. You and Abbie Horne on the same show – oh my I think I will enjoy that one.

    Take care gorgeous lady xx

  3. Patricia November 17, 2017 at 11:16 pm -  Reply

    Thinking of you and Tom. you must be very proud of him but at the same time it can be exhausting worrying about everything he has to deal with. Xx

  4. Deirdre Allsopp November 18, 2017 at 9:29 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire. Thank you so much for your presentation of the Merchant of Venice hour. As you say, it is difficult to convey scent in words, but you were pitch-perfect, discovering these fragrances for us, the customers. Your rapport with Florian was lovely, respectful but warm. I learned a lot. Your presentation was all relevant and really suited the fragrances. I ordered the rose edp, and am really looking forward to experiencing it. Thanks also to Florian, for his knowledge and professionalism.Deirdre.

  5. Josephine Jennings November 19, 2017 at 11:35 am -  Reply

    Hello Claire the Merchant of Venice sounds wonderful. I,m sure you worry about Tom every time he’s not with you. BUT congratulations on giving the gift of independence and trust.

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