An exciting month for home life and homeware


July saw me welcome a new person into the world, as my friends had a beautiful little baby boy. There is nothing quite like the sight of a newborn to make me go a bit soft inside. I do love babies!

Seeing that the new arrival has an older sister of 3 – who is a little confused as to what all the fuss is about and not understanding why she can no longer have her mother’s uninterrupted attention 24/7 (I’m still wondering that aged 46! Lol) – I decided that a little excursion to the City Farm and the park was in order.

We fed the ducks and the goats, and then she and I endlessly went up and down a very fast slide before I almost yanked my own arms out of their sockets pushing her on the swings as she squealed ‘Higher! Higher!’ and giggled until I worried she might actually be sick. She wasn’t, she was just worn out by the time we got her home. It was a lovely day.

Children really are a great reminder of the potential of life and how much more fun and carefree everything is when we are young and innocent. They are also a great salve for easing away everyday worries we all have. I’m not a parent, but I do love the joy you get from just running around like a loon with kids as they squeal in (what I assume is) delight!

I had a hilarious encounter at the hairdressers the other week as well, when I went to get my haircut. The guy who cuts my hair wasn’t there, but his colleague (and his cousin) offered to cut my hair.

I am a nervous haircut client. Basically, because of the job we do, I am often worried that if they don’t do a good job, I may have to be off work for a while until it grows back. I genuinely get really tense when I am at the hairdressers, even at the best of times.

So, as I stood chatting to my hairdresser’s colleague/cousin trying to figure out if he could fit me in, I felt something warm and wet on my heel and then all down my foot (I was wearing flip flops).

‘What on earth is that?’ I thought, and looked down to see the sweetest dog that belonged to the hairdresser, Florian, which he had taken to work with him for the day.

I just spent the whole appointment talking to the dog and she wouldn’t leave my side! I wondered if she sensed my nervousness at having someone new cut my hair? They are so intuitive, I think she stayed with me to reassure me, and she did! She was a beauty.

This month has also seen work with the lovely Amanda Holden (that was the reason I was getting the haircut! I couldn’t look ungroomed and unkempt next to super sleek and stylish Amanda, she does always look great doesn’t she?).

We had a lot of fun and, as per the first show together, we did end up on the floor again. I’m not quite sure how that keeps happening?

This time it was because I couldn’t read the product details and tweets that were being shown on the monitors on the studio floor, so I tried to discretely creep over to them to read them.

As I got closer, I got lower to the ground and ended up on my hands and needs. Just as I did this, I looked around to find that Amanda had joined me, also on her hands and knees to read the tweets too. All of this was not in vision, but of course as soon as the director saw us he decided he wanted everyone else to see as well. We did laugh a lot! If you missed the show and haven’t seen Amanda’s BundleBerry range here at QVC, it is definitely worth checking out!

I seem to have been quite focused on interior design and décor this month, as I had a show with Alison Cork the other day.

Alison and I also really enjoy working together and it had been ages since we’d seen eachother, so you can imagine there was a lot of chatting during her show too!

She did introduce me to a new member of her design family. His name is Granville, a hound of stately and noble proportions!

Every home should have a Granville I think. As I don’t yet have a dog – but am desperate for one – I may even order him for myself!

Something else Alison and I realised we had in common, was a penchant for collecting boxes! I have them in all shapes and sizes all over my home and she brought us the most exquisitely designed jewel-like glass boxes with mirrored bases in two sizes. They were stunning. Check them out if you get a chance.

Later this week, I am to the House of Lords to watch an ‘Enoblement Ceremony’ were a friend of a friend that I have met on a number of occasions is to be made a Lord. I have been fortunate enough to be invited, but really I’m only going so I can have a good old nosey.

I’ve been to the House of Commons several times for different reasons but never the House of Lords, and I think this may be my only ever opportunity to get in there and see some of the pomp and pageantry. I’ll try and take some pics for my next blog, so you can have a look (assuming you’re as nosey as I am! Lol).

Right I’m off to see if I can get myself an ermine-lined red robe and a wig, not for the House of Lords ceremony you understand, they’re for going out this Saturday night, you know, just for fun!

Until next time,

Miceal x

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  1. Liberty July 19, 2017 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    >>Right I’m off to see if I can get myself an ermine-lined red robe and a wig, not for the House of Lords ceremony you understand, they’re for going out this Saturday night, you know, just for fun!>>

    I must be going to the wrong clubs!

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