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Hello to you all, hope all is well with you and all yours! We are all doing okay this end. In fact I had a stupendous treatment called Amatsu this week, and I think its going to fix me! WHOO HOO! Okay, so not only do I have a dodgy ankle currently but, in compensating I’ve thrown my gait out so have been struggling with the old hips. My jokes about booking in for a hip replacement have not been seeming very funny.

To add to the current problems, three years ago I fell over the dog who was casually loitering at the bottom of the stairs as dogs do so well, I landed on the big old slabs on the hall floor with a tremendous and ground shaking wallop. I lay, I breathed ,I realised… yes, I could still move! So I carefully got up, cried a lot and then carried on careering around getting ready for Dan’s 40th party which was later that day. Over the next two and a half years I managed the pain and got on with things trying a variety of exercise and treatments to help from Pilates, and then latterly my netball, tap and ballet classes. About six months ago I realised the pain from the hip seemed improved only to then rather royally mess up my ankle! Anyway I digress, as per usual!!

Lovely Jamie who was carrying out my treatment said rather wryly: “hmmm there’s a lot going on, you’ve been compensating  for a lot of years. The treatments may trigger your old injury to flare up a little but, we can get you sorted.” I can’t tell you how excited I felt driving home. It was weird as all my insides were fluttering, not because of Jamie (though he was rather lovely!) but because my energies had shifted along with my body. So, I will keep you posted as to the results.

My first proper dog walk today pleased me hugely, though the field had just been ploughed and our usual field margin was considerably thinner. I wonder if the farmer is trying to tell us something? Still, Gus loved being out with his pal Buzby and the world looked rather spectacular in the September sunshine. So, the positives are: I can now stand during my shows in HEELS but not yet walk in them AND I have walked my dog.

I had a visit from my wonderful friend Amanda who I call my soul sister, although we are so different we are also essentially one and the same! We chatted non-stop, discussed everything, laughed lots and made plans. After she had left I found this she had bought for me…

Claire Sutton

How lovely… unlike the slugs we found gorging themselves upon Dan’s tomato plants.


We had instructions to water and pick them but I admit once we spotted the feeding frenzy and counted how many there were we abandoned our task and poured another glass of wine instead!

Richard Jackson’s Slug & Snail Control Advanced Formula sounds just the ticket, with the bonus of them disappearing underground to die and its okay to use around Twinkle and Gus.

Slugs are obviously not partial to cucumbers though just look at this corker. And especially grown to put a smile on one’s face!!!

Claire Sutton

The garden is being tidied for the autumn, Gypsy’s wild meadow been cut back ready to sow a new one for next year. The apples are a constant clear up and it’s a race to get them before they rot. Tom made such a fabulous crumble at school, I’m stewing and freezing apples ready for his next piece de resistance!

Finally Dan’s tree house is done, though re-named tree deck!!!

It took him some time to find the time to complete this little project,  so it was agreed by all to leave it as a deck which has a lot of space and possibilities… not least for Dan and I as a G&T pad! We have a beautiful view from it and once the ladder and trapdoor have been negotiated it’s a perfect spot. There’s a  sail as a canopy to keep the rain off, bean bags for the necessary slouch and a cargo net to manoeuvre down. I wonder if a fridge for the wine could live up there! If only we didn’t have the wet weather meaning constant ins and outs with cushions and things, I would have tonnes of faux fur throws  and reindeer pelts and have it all tarted up like a ski chalet, not that I’ve ever been skiing but I’ve seen the pictures!

Skiing makes me think of the cold and the cold makes me think of the winter and although I placed my order for these beauties on one of those heat wave days we had last week, I actually am sooo looking forward to wearing them. There is such an elegance about these long Peter Kaiser boots and once my ankle is stronger I’m praying it will bend enough to let me get these babies on. The Reiker boots are just super cool and with slouchy sweaters I think will be simply lovely. Most unusual for me to be looking forward to the colder weather!

Talking of looking forward, Gatineau have a super Today’s Special Value on Sunday, as you know there’s a lot of serums out there in the Beauty arena. Gatineau have, unsurprisingly, something really different and special about their Age Benefit serums. I have hugely appreciated the chance to be trying them ahead of the shows and have seen a softness and clarity to my skin which is so pleasing. It was so lovely catching up with Michaela to prep this week, yes having a facial is prep I promise you!!! Her baby daughter Margot is just the prettiest little thing, made me a broody old hen I tell you peeking at pictures of her.

So as I write it is midweek and I’ve lots of things to achieve on my to do list, as always. The days fly so quickly and it will soon be the weekend where I shall be joining you at QVC . It will be fabulous fun with Christmas shows at 9am and 10am on Saturday 24th and then on Sunday 25th, I have Fashion at 1 and 4 pm and  Gatineau at 2pm with the  Today’s Special Value offer I was just telling you about.

Somewhere somehow Dan and I will find some time to “be together” as our 17th Wedding Anniversary is on the 25th. I shall make sure we play the beautiful edited video of our wedding that I sorted out for his surprise last year, so expect to “see me” so to speak, with starry loved up eyes on your TVs!

My love to you all and as ever I shall look forward to chatting back with you….




  1. Christine September 23, 2016 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire never heard of that treatment before. Sounds good. Just got over scatica is a relief. I have pliates machine just started to on it now. Back a week on holiday. Now decorating living . It never ends. I thing you are a bit like me. Once years ago taking dog out for a walk took short cut, ended up with broken leg. Have had tripped few times. Ha! Ha!
    Take Christine x

  2. Patricia September 24, 2016 at 12:28 am -  Reply

    Glad to hear you are on the mend it will be very interesting to see how you get on with your treatment. Happy anniversary

  3. PATRICIA MELLOR September 25, 2016 at 5:36 pm -  Reply

    Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a lovely day. Perhaps a glass of wine under the stars on your ”tree deck” later when you get home!!

  4. Claire Sutton September 26, 2016 at 9:19 am -  Reply

    Oh Christine…it’s all go isn’t it?!!! Hope the decorating is going well , you need our brush and roller covers to keep you ready for action !
    Take care,
    Let’s hope the Sciatica stays away . Love Claire x

  5. Claire Sutton September 26, 2016 at 11:17 am -  Reply

    Thankyou Patricia,
    It was a lovely day tho mostly at qvc but grabbed the moments when they came to celebrate !! Xx

  6. Claire Sutton September 26, 2016 at 11:18 am -  Reply

    I know Patricia, I am super looking forward to this week .. I’ve got some Epsom Salts to draw out the toxins from the muscles etc…so hot baths a go for me leading up to my next treatment …xxx

  7. martin forbes October 8, 2016 at 5:22 pm -  Reply

    hi claire hope you are well iam not bad

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