Still flat-out!


It’s been so lovely reading your replies on my last blog (if you missed it and have been wondering where on earth I am… catch up here). Honestly it appears I am not alone with this ankle injury of mine  and I have winced, ouched, commiserated and, (sorry Mary), laughed at the stories of your unfortunate mishaps… toilets and U bends… enough said!

Suffice to say my days have tootled slowly along and what have I learnt about myself? I am not a great patient in fact I am im…patient!

However, a quick update. It’s improving daily, the bruising is dissipating and I am getting more mobile though its unbearable being stuck here at home, it will make me more aware when anyone I know is incapacitated that even a friendly face for the quickest of visits can make a difference. I realise that all of us have super busy schedules and always so much to fit in but I will try and make more time myself for others.

SUNSHINE! Yayyyy let’s discuss! Not for everyone I realise but the feeling of a happy sunny day these few weeks has lifted my spirits and I feel very lucky that the weather picked up whilst I’ve been at home, and resting up in this spot below.


Ultrasun face tinted and the Ultrasun eye has been added 10 minutes after my Elemis Superfood Oil and the Glimmer has meant safe and sparkly colour on the body. I had a lovely visit from Ali Keenan, who came armed with her gorgeous caring nature AND  then proceeded to unload, Mary Poppins style, a collection of  Lock & Locks filled with all the ingredients for a beautiful Salad Nicoise, complete with a chilled bottle of Rose. We sat in our bikinis in the sun with my leg propped up and relived our birth stories! That morning Ali and Colin had become grandparents again to beautiful Cala Lily. Ali and I are as soppy as each other and we were remembering watching One Born Every Minute and sobbing together (though in our separate houses!) through the stories… I love that show. Recalling births made me remember just how amazing I had found Maddie’s and I spent that night being quite a needy Mummy and just wanting to cuddle her. A somewhat trickier manoeuvre to tuck her all into my lap now she has coltish long legs!

School’s out for summer tomorrow and I’m hoping to organise a recuperation visit to the sea side… selfishly so I can have a change of scenery and also in a vain attempt to hold my children near… for a few days at least. Honestly I spend my days telling them all the lovely things they could do with their friends, helping to organise them and then feeling bereft when I’m alone… I recall someone saying our children are a loan that we are very lucky to have… but that they are just that. Alone…a loan. Mmmmm I love a little homophone… words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings… not sure this is a real one though as a cheeky ‘A’ was added!

Looks like my holiday packing this year will not be containing my wedges…!!!! But my Vionics, Birkenstocks and little flip flops instead. Which does then mean different clothes. Do you find it hard to pack? My trouble is I have too much to choose from… sssssshhhhh I did NOT say that out loud  you must have misheard me. I’m not good at cleansing the wardrobe so I have lots of things from years ago with memories tied up in them and all the “ooh I can’t resist” new things. My Join Clothes trousers and silk look top, and my Onjenu come under that title. I tend to lay it all out, co-ordinate and then REMOVE from the bed until I think its about right.Dan on the other hand swipes his wardrobe and ALWAYS over estimates on flipping jeans… I mean surely one pair is enough… when you consider on a hot holiday you live in a bikini or swimmers all day why oh why do we take all the extra stuff. Trouble is when I pare down I regret it!!!

I just cannot pare down re hair however. I’m going to be ordering Philip Kingsley’s Swim Cap for protection when we fly to the sun and, let’s face it, against sun and pools the Elasticiser will be used constantly. I’m always glad to have the smaller travel sizes of my skin care, but that said I do like to have a choice, even on holiday, so a big chunk of my case will be all that. Most of my clothes are little silky things so roll into a whisper… unlike Dan’s! I am also paranoid about losing a case so I write a list of what’s in the case and spread it around so every case has a little of everybody’s things in…though I have to do it discretely as Tom is sooo territorial about his red Kipling case and it will be packed at least a week before any trip we take.

Joe work

Tom had  Work Week at school and went in each day in work appropriate dress. How smart he looked, how proud I was. End of term also meant he brought home his Art (Jackson Pollock style).


I was thrilled and he has already been asked to do another canvas for a friend of ours! That said  when he showed me his painted T-shirt (whatever floats your boat Tom ) I had to recognise HE loved it and was very proud, but you can just hear me saying: “Ermm Tom, not appropriate, please change!!!”


Maddie and Joe”s end of term school results have been good. Always room for growth of course but it was great to be able to say “Well done, that work you put in really showed so more of the same and you will continue to grow.”

Maddie was presented with an award for Best Dancer in her Performing Arts group and Joe was given special mention for his development and improvement. I loved his singing solo in the end of year showcase and was smiling at his new deeper voice and what was lovely to see was his confidence growing. I was very pleased he has put his name down for the school production once again, I do think it’s important to have something “extra” about you and to learn to show commitment to things so it’s a drama course and piano practise throughout the holidays for Joe just to break up the endless “screen moments”.

Talking of screen moments… I am really missing mine! QVC are being so kind and I’m hopeful my specialist will confirm all is going well and I can be back soon… it just has meant my being off is now blending into my time I had taken for the children. But soon I shall be smiling away with you and this is in the meantime a lovely way to keep in touch.PLEASE DO! Else my smile may start to slip!

Lots of love ,



  1. Jill July 22, 2016 at 7:10 pm -  Reply

    Loved Tom’s canvas artwork – it would well as a printed scarf.

  2. Patricia July 22, 2016 at 11:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire so glad to hear you are on the mend. I think we all imagine that we would be good patients if we were laid up for some time but it’s not the always the case. We sit there thinking of all the things we could be doing but can’t . I hope everything goes well and we see you back on QVC soon. Patricia

  3. Mary Morphy July 23, 2016 at 6:07 am -  Reply

    Morning Claire..first day of school holidays for me as our school seemed to be then last one on the planet to break up and thankfully NO ankle injury this year..oh and you are forgiven for laughing at my very unfortunate toilet incident!! I do however seem to have woken up with a stinking cold, typical but wont stop me decorating!! My 16 year old daughter has used her red headed charm on her soon to be 19 year old brother and concinved him to swap his big room for her small room..I think she has cast a spell on him or he has a grand master plan but the deal has been done so two rooms need complete makeovers!! Chloe went away after her GCSE exams so the swap was done then but after spending 2 days clearing and cleaning my sons room ( i am ashamed of the state it was in but his choice to not let me clean it!) I started decoraring but work and being a carer for my mum meant not a lot got done. The house is in chaos, my daughter’s furniture is im my room and boxes of stuff are everywhere. I have resigned myself to accepting that chaos will prevail until both rooms are done..hopefully by 22nd Aug as the hall, stairs and landing is being decorated..not by me though..too bigger job! I really dont know how others seem to decorate whole rooms and not be in a mess..with no spare rooms its impossible to be tidy..or is it just me!
    A good thing about the hols is that i walk on the beach everymorning early with my twin sister and her two English Bull Terriers, Phoebe who is 12 and Erik, a big cuddly 2 year old. We walk early because of the dog beach ban between 10am and 6pm but i love the smell of the sea and its a few minutes of ‘me’ time although i hate the sand but brave being barefoot as the sand is a great exfoliator!
    I am glad your recovery is going well but you must be patient..difficult i know..i was climbing walls but then decided to get my xmas crackers made last year while i was incapacitated!!
    Well it nearly 6am..yes i did start writing early but the seagulls get very noisy very think it is time for a coffee. Take care and let yourself be looked after, much love Mary x

  4. freddie July 23, 2016 at 1:13 pm -  Reply

    Love Tom’s painting. Where can we buy his art? :-)xxx

  5. Sandra Brown July 23, 2016 at 9:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    wishing you well soon. Miss your cheery smile. hope it wont be too long before you are back on our screens.

  6. Denise July 24, 2016 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, lovely to catch up on your blog. I’m pleased the sunny weather arriving means you can enjoy it whilst still at home with your injury. How thoughtful of Ali to come bearing lunch I’m sure her visit cheered you up no end.
    How smart does Tom look in his photo? It’s amazing how they look the part. I have a nephew of the same age who has Autism but goes to mainstream school. He too has been out on work experience. It seems to have given him a lot more confidence. All your children seem to be doing well at school which is always good to know isn’t it.
    I’m so with you on the holiday packing and having too much choice ha ha. In May we went to Spain and having packed for sun I was horrified to find they were having the worst weather for 6 years and not only was it wet but cold too. Consequently I had to go shopping for a few items so see me through aargh!! Luckily the weather improved for the last few days so not all was lost.
    Well I wish you a very happy holiday and hope you’ve decided on what to take and what not to. Where are you going?
    Denise x

  7. linda July 24, 2016 at 9:57 pm -  Reply

    hi claire same here,tripped over on the hoover cable and tore all 3 tendons in my shoulder.had the op 3 weeks ago and like you impatient.Your son looks really smart in his suit and i love his t-shirt.hope your feeling better soon x

  8. Liz July 25, 2016 at 10:59 am -  Reply

    Morning Claire,… Just watched the video of Katy’s adorable children having fun trying out the Christmas in July TSV Turbo Twisters…. so I might get them for our little ones!

    I thought you was on holiday not laid up with a injured ankle! I know how you feel I was in a similar position 7 years ago although it sometimes feels like yesterday!! I will tell you briefly my story….We were on holiday in Florida having a relaxing time when my luck changed and I slip on a metal strip in the doorway coming in from the pool …Next bedlam and panic!!!… 911…Fire/Rescue…Ambulance…I had broken my poor ankle in 3 places a spiral dislocation, damaged my Achilles heel, ligaments muscles and nerves!!! the Medical team told my very upset Husband to follow the Ambulance in our car but although the ambulance could go through the red traffic lights my poor Rick couldn’t but he still got there at the same time as I was being wheeled into the Emergency room!

    There was so many medical team in the room all having a job to do…Doctor said to me we are going to put your ankle back now! I thought OMG I’m still awake but thankfully they put me under sedation afterwards they X-rayed my ankle again and put me in a splint and the next day I had my operation, metal plate and screw!! I was in hospital a week! The Florida Hospital and their teams were amazing we are very grateful for all they did for me.

    Time to go home on a plane in a giant cast it weighed over 10lbs, cabin crew was great so was special needs at Gatwick…arrived home and next day Fracture clinic to have stitches out and new sparkle purple cast fitted … 6 weeks in cast… 4 weeks non weight bearing… wheel chair…walker… crutches…. 9 months with a wonderful rehab nurse…then constant home rehab working my ankle ever since!!!…. so I totally know how you feel… wishing you a quick recovery! Liz x

  9. Liz July 25, 2016 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    Claire I meant to say on my blog…I am also Aries!!!!

    Liz x

  10. jelena July 25, 2016 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, good to hear you’re on the up! Love the artwork and well done Maddy! At the beginning of the year, my friend cracked 2 bones in her ankle doing sport, and was incapacitated for a couple of months. Then yourself, and as of yesterday – me! Twisted my ankle stepping off a wonky kerb onto a wonky road, landed heavily, and ankle pain awful. Went to Urgent Care, and have a torn ligament in my foot! Not allowed to move for 3 days (though I went to the local supermarket!), and then slowly. If I do as I’m told, should be up and about in 3-4 weeks, otherwise, it’s 6-8 weeks. Know which I’m aiming for! Wishing you better. 🙂

  11. Christine July 26, 2016 at 6:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire Love Tom’s art work. He looks so smart. You seem to be getting there. I have scatica going right down leg. It’s painfull. Enjoy your break.
    Take care x

  12. Sue July 27, 2016 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Reading your blog is always a pleasure. Tom is growing into a fine young man. Your comment on children being a loan reminded me of a saying from my own Mum who sadly is no longer with me. That wonderful person told me when I was about to leave home to be married that children are given to us on loan, a Mother nurtures them and shows them right from wrong opens the door and let’s them go knowing that door will always stay open for them. Enjoy your holiday with the family. Time goes so fast and very soon when they go through that door you will wonder where all the time has gone as I do with our son. X

  13. KATHLEEN DONNELLY August 9, 2016 at 8:27 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, Hope you are on the mend soon.. always cheerful and bright on QVC a lovely presenter.. I remember when you first had Chris.. and then the other two children.. All Beautiful children.. Time goes so fast.. Enjoy them when they are young.. not to say they are Lovely when older… They turn into people..ha !… but always your children how ever old.. Take Care. Hugs.. x

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