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Meeting old friends and celebrating bithdays


Thirty years ago, THIRTY years ago… I can’t believe that it was (yes I shall say it again…) THIRTY YEARS AGO that I graduated from Laine Theatre Arts. That vibrant, competitive, feisty young dancer who was determined to make her mark, was unleashed into the competitive world of dance. Funnily enough though it now transpires that I had actually started working and was in a job when the graduation actually happened, so did I in fact graduate at all?!!! When it was realised that we were approaching such a momentous milestone my lovely friend Ali who now lives in Canada decided we must all get together and watch the end of term showcase, she then proceeded to delegate responsibility of this to me! But I am Mrs Unorganised, or so I have always thought, it’s weird how we “pigeonhole” ourselves isn’t it, and then live in that “hole” for as long as we can before bursting out magnificently in a blaze of list making, ticket ordering, messaging and, well,l all other associated tasks one would do when organising!

Claire SuttonThat was me, Mrs Magnificent ( well thats what everyone told me)!! I shimmied the cape of magnificence on my shoulders and allowed Mrs Unorganised to melt into the background! It was brilliant to see everyone and find out how their careers had developed and where they are now as I hadn’t seen so many of them during the last 30 years. We were excited and I felt young again… it was just the best to be transported back albeit just for the day and as we sat in awe watching the talents of the new graduates we all agreed we were grateful we weren’t starting out now! I’m convinced we were not as good then as they are now… but I guess it’s all relative.

Claire SuttonWe certainly had talent in our leavers class of ’86, it was such a treat to catch up with Ruthie Henshall who was always destined for great things and boy has she achieved them. She also happens to be a spectacular person and she has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes! We remembered two of our class who had died so very young. We shared pictures of our families and reminisced. It was good for the soul. I was happy to tell those who now teach that I was taking class again… (my Ballet and Tap classes that I started back at in September) and we laughed at the fact I’m appreciative there are no mirrors, because in my head I am still that feisty young vibrant dancer I was all those years ago… it’s just my body that tells me otherwise!

Claire SuttonI dug out some photos to share. One of the things that seems to be propelling me, rather swiftly into this vortex of “middle age” is a birthday. Not mine, they’re okay, it’s the children’s birthdays that keep giving me accelerated feelings of age.

Claire SuttonSince when did I become the proud owner of a 15 year old, a heading to 14 year old and a 12 year old..? Yes my “baby” is now 12. Maddie celebrated in style with a garden party, though as Dan was away for the week it did cause me just a little stress sorting it alone.

Pic 5Luckily she shared it with a friend and her Mum was with me all the way, it only hammered down near the end and apparently the party was “sick” which I am informed means great. Honestly what is this new language! I drew the line at a mixed sleep over… (as if)…”It’s ok Mummy we can have a boys tent and a girls tent.” That will be a NO Miss Maddie a definite NO. It was quite enough having six extra girls sleeping over believe me.

Claire SuttonThat said, I do really like her new girlies she has connected up with since starting secondary school they seem kind, nice and with the right amount of sassiness (get me using the language of the whipper snappers) I shall look forward to seeing how they all grow through their years together.

Pic 1Now, SURELY the summer is tantalisingly hiding just behind the corner of July and as we turn the page into this coming month it will burst forth (rather like Mrs Magnificent !) and we will bask in its gloriousness. I find simply repeating this as a positive mantra will serve to ensure it happens, so I expect to hear a gentle chant rumbling from all areas of the country… pleeeeeeease, as I for one am a tad flat with this un-summery summer! When it comes, that’s WHEN and not IF, we must be prepared (like every good Brownie and Scout) so just a little heads up that both UVA AND UVB Protection are vital.

Ultrasun, the once-a-day brand adored and trusted by me, my family and so very many of you too will be on QVC with me on the 17th. Skechers, the fabulous and comfy not to mention stylish, shoes will be on the 17th too, and I’m about to order JPE Fitovers for Tom to sit over his prescription glasses. He’s quite sensitive in the sun so I think the clever design will work brilliantly over his new stylish red and black frames. There are loads to choose from and lots of colours too luckily… you know what he’s like with his fashion these days!

I shall see you at 11am, 2pm and 3pm on Monday 4th. 10am and 12pm on Thursday 7th. 10am, 11am and 2pm on Friday 8th. 9am and 1pm on Tuesday 12th. 11am and 1pm and 2pm on Sunday 17th. In and around all those dates I shall be busy with my Mrs Magnificent cloak on as I’ve much to do with the children and Tom especially, along with a few cheeky lovely things, like my brother in law’s 50th party and seeing Stevie Wonder! Dan and I cannot wait… and lets hope there’s sunshine to bathe in.

Lots of love to you all for a happy July,

Claire xxx


  1. Susan July 1, 2016 at 4:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, indeed hard to believe your babies are 12-15! You’re so youthful looking though! What a good year you were in with Ritchie and yourself. Talented girls. Sure it was nice to reconnect. We all lose connections don’t we! Maybe by choice maybe not. Hopefully you’re feeling ok and looking forward to summer. Are you getting away anywhere?x

  2. Claire Sutton July 4, 2016 at 8:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Susan,
    I’m so looking forward to summer…I cannot believe it’s taking so long! We are off to Turkey this year, tho there’s a feeling of trepidation after the news last week…plus everyone is telling me how hot it will be…yippee for me..but not Tom, he’s not a fan , I’m sure we will find shade and cool 🙂 xx

  3. Christine July 6, 2016 at 6:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire where does the time go. You with your curly hair myself had a perm that was the in think.
    Take care x

  4. ann cain July 12, 2016 at 1:01 pm -  Reply

    Clair what have you been doing,just seen a photo of you poor foot.

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