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Hands-up if, like me, you’re a big fan of MarlaWynne’s clothing line?  I love her tops and dresses but I’ve never ever tried on a pair of her trousers (or ‘pants’ as they’re called in America) until now! And this Wednesday will be the best time for you to try a pair of Marla’s trousers. I’m launching a Today’s Special Value that day, and we’ve five different colours to choose from.

MW Collage

MW Collage 2

They’re called Flatter Fit Pull On trousers and they’re cropped which means they’re gorgeous for summer so you can show off your ankle bracelets, tattoos and lovely summery sandals or sneaks to full effect.

Debbie and I wore a pair last night on our shows and we both agreed on the comfiness of them. Gotta admit I was a little worried about whether they’d suit me and I tried on a 16 and an 18. But –  who was I kidding, the 18 fit me, of course (I was daydreaming to think I’d get into a 16!) so it’s fair to say the trousers are ‘true to size’ – I’d advise you order your high street size. They’re cool to the touch with some stretch to them, the great look of a pair of jeans but without all the bulk of a zip, pockets and studs, they STAY up around the waist AND their crop didn’t cut into my calves. Super comfortable. And the price is going to be pretty amazing too – a one day only offer, so order that day as soon as you can or risk missing out!  And we haven’t seen Marla over from the US for a while, so it’ll be fabulous to spend the midnight hour with her, to show you the trousers close up, as well as some other lovely brand new pieces from the range  getting their first airing. Who’s gonna be with me midnight Wednesday? Let me know!

In other news, we’ve been cracking on with the house. Well I say WE but Austen is the expert painter and decorator in our family. It’s a skill handed down to him by his dad, John, who was schooled in the ways of the trade by HIS father! What a fabulous skill to have, whereas I’ve not a clue. I’m sure I’ll be a dab hand with that heat gun in the coming weeks. Check out our latest video update

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We babysat this little beauty over Easter, Coco the Burmese cat. She belongs to Austen’s bezzie mate, Carl and his fiancé Ella. We had her for three nights but before she arrived, I wandered around the house and collected most of the stray screws and nails. And what better method to keep them out of her way, than to drop them into a Lock & Lock? They are so handy to have around.

L Collage

We’ve got a brilliant Today’s Special Value of a 20 piece set on Tuesday 12th April, but you’d better stand in line because I think I might need at least two orders, the amount of things I want to store in them. A choice of colours, with the collection comprising of different shapes and sizes. Wonderful that they’re air and water tight – so they’re perfect to use for storing food too! It’s going to be a busy old day next Tuesday, so I hope you can join us to see that Today’s Special Value.

With Coco being a very nosey cat, she loved to jump onto my bedside table in the middle of the night and poke around. So I packed away my night-time essentials, including my This Works Pillow Spray and my coloured Honora studs, so she wouldn’t end up knocking everything over and waking us up! You can see them here next to my fab J Pillow.

L Collage 2

To be in with the chance to win your very own Lock & Lock set, check out our QGossip blog explaining a fun competition you should all try entering.

Until then I hope you can keep me company on shows I’ve got coming up, remember I’m only on QVC two days a week – blink and you might miss me! Lol : )

Tuesday 5th 

8pm – HiTech Toys and Electronics

Wednesday midnight- MarlaWynne TSV

Friday 8th

3pm Birkenstock

4pm H by Halston

6pm Fashion By Diane Gilman

Tuesday 12th

2pm Quacker Dream Time

4pm Practical Ideas with Lock and Lock

Until next time, stay in touch. Come and say HELLO on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – @TVMarv!


  1. Heather Blaber April 5, 2016 at 6:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marve, busy as usual! Absolutely love my lock and lock, I have a stock of them in my kitchen cupboard. I use them to store my fruit and vegetables, especially my Chinese stir fry veg, which I keep in the fridge, and cereals, etc. So looking forward to seeing the TSV. Nice to see that you will be on air for the Diane Gilman show. Hope she is bringing back the superstretch jeggings. I bought them in indigo sometime ago, and have been waiting for them to come back into stock so that I can buy the grey and black. I just love them, they’re so comfortable. I also hope that there are more new skinny jeans coming, especially in some lovely summery colours, but not crops. I don’t have the ankles for crops, I have cankles!
    So Marve if you could give me the heads up before this show comes to air, I will be your friend for life. I don’t do social media, so miss out on news.
    Take care
    Heather xx

  2. Pat McMahon April 5, 2016 at 7:58 pm -  Reply

    Hoping to be with you Marv. Hopefully !!!

  3. cheryl hanks April 6, 2016 at 6:56 am -  Reply

    Hi Marverine, could you put my mind to rest are you in the Virgin TV ad that is running at the moment, im sure its you, could you please let me know, fab Marla Wynn TSV. Kind Regards.

  4. Loraine Plumb April 8, 2016 at 2:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marv you look nice in the lilac top you have on for the Birkenstock show you make me smile when you make comments like the one about horse tablets and always seem to feel under par when your looking forward to something it does happen to me sometimes so your not alone probably overdoing a bit you need a holiday I have one in a month to Italy roll on hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Anne Marie Mason April 9, 2016 at 12:17 am -  Reply

    Coco is gorgeous! Ha ha, it’s not just because they’re nosey though, they know they’re doing it and do it for attention. Every single morning when my cat wants me up she knocks everything off my locker, including my phone (it’s a good job it’s in a rubber case). She does it while looking me flat in the face too, cheeky mare! x

  6. Marverine Cole April 27, 2016 at 11:25 am -  Reply

    thanks for all your lovely comments.
    Hi Heather – I usually list the timings of my show at the bottom of the blog because only doing 2 days a week, that way you know where to find me! hope you caught the show xx

    Pat, thanks darling xx

    Cheryl – I must have a twin because I’m not in the Virgin TV ad – must look out for it!

    Lorraine – that lovely lilac top was a colour I didn’t think would suit me but it worked out just fine, so glad you liked it. And look at you, you lucky thing going off to Italy, how fabulous is THAT? Hope you have a wonderful time #jealous

    Anne-Marie – well you’re going to love the video I’ve just put on my latest blog – more of cheeky little Coco

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