My House of Commons visit and book launch!


This week I had a couple of major tiffs,*try it for the first time club events! And very varied they are too.

Can I just say thanks to everyone who entered last week’s big comp, it was actually Jo Bryan who won the goody bag – well done!

Speech in Speaker’s House


First I went to Speaker’s House, within the House of Commons, to support the Medical Detection Dogs team at a big event where over 150 dignitaries and fundraisers and supporters watched another display featuring these clever canines. Here is Dr Claire’s introduction:

We also had the usual display of genius including wonderful Midas – something you’ll rarely see inside the House of Commons – a display of detection dogs sniffing out the right urine samples! And Dr Claire Guest gives her explanation of how it all began.

archie and domino

The thing that made this so special is that little seven year old Archie was also there with his new best friend domino, the medical alert dog who now keeps him safe and saves his life. What must it like being his mum? Jane told us the story. This is an incredible video, because he actually alerts arch Archie halfway through. Here’s a little of his mum Jane’s speech – click here

They are in desperate need of fundraising to fund another cancer detection dog so in the week we had World Cancer Day if you can spare some donation please click here.

Book Launch Party

Secondly, this week I had my book launch party at the Chiswick bookshop. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! Anyway over 60 people turned up so I was very pleased. Lots of the book Take a Chance on Me was sold and signed, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to some of my lovely friends from QVC for turning up, lots more QVC faces to spot in these pictures. We had nibbles and wine and a super chat with almost everyone, most for longer than just ‘hello’ but none for much longer than five blinkin minutes! Lol. And I had to do my ‘speech.’

launch collage

I must say I was very nervous about this. When I spoke to people about it nearly everybody said oh you’ll be okay people love you, loads of people will go etc. Which is a fair enough point some would say. But the trouble with that sentiment is that’s what everybody thinks, so people don’t turn up. I did rally round lots of troops however including my lovely publisher Lynn. I was very chuffed with what she had to say about me.

If you’d like to see more, plus the link for the main video which includes a reading from the book which I did during my little speech, it’s an exclusive on my new blog for my homepage newsletter here. If you are a subscriber you would already have seen my exclusive video from the night. Just sign up on the website and you can be one of the people who always gets my news first in their inbox without having to go looking for it!

Contrary to popular belief I am actually quite shy. So whilst I enjoyed this event, I am much happier not being in the spotlight. Talking of which do you see this week’s film with you below, it’s a belter!

Anyway that’s it for the time being as far as my book launch party goes. Next stop, TTFLS 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, will be out.

Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 is available online to pre-order

ttfls 3

Actually you can pre-order it now in the usual places online. Click here to find out how. This is the companion to book 2.0. I actually managed to get a couple of the hardback of version 2.0, the one that sold out last year with the Aqua cover, but that was limited in number and signed. The warehouse had a few left. And what didn’t sell on Thursday at my book launch, I am going to do a competition this month, so watch out for it. Meanwhile the one with the purple cover, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the When Diet, is still a good starting point if you want to join in on our support group on Facebook. Full info on my webpage. And what a load of lovely comments we have had this week. Like this one from one of our regulars Jill D who was featured in book 2.0:

“Had a hospital appointment … Was able to share a little of TTFLS and when she weighed me, it seems that since I last saw her at the end of June 2015, 7 months ago, my weight has gone down 10kg exactly! (That is about 1 stone, 8 and a bit pounds). Thank you Debbie Flint! Freedom eating! Not shackled by food prison! x x x”

I am very very proud of my girls!

Come to Crufts!


This Friday 12th I will be attending Crufts with Medical Detection Dogs – from around midday till 6pm-ish. Do come find us – you never know, Derek the dog might be there too! Find out more about their amazing work alerting owners with life-threatening diseases, and also for early cancer detection. Let me know if you are going by emailing me You can also donate if you would like to by visiting my page on my website

Back to You Update

btu update

Well the series is now over for another year, as are my web chats on QVC page. But you don’t have to miss out on the well-being support system, just go to my website every week where I write a blog on a different topic. This week it was the new film called Sugar Shock, which took Ireland by storm. Apparently everyone is talking about it. Did you see it if you live there, or have you watched Sugar Shock on YouTube? Read all about it, including the link to see it, on my blog.

Exclusive Subscribers to my newsletter this week got the following exclusives… links to tons of pics and clips from my book launch, PLUS a video of me reading an extract! More insider peeks at the Medical Detection Dogs event at Speaker’s House… And more. Go here to see my newsletter, but if you kindly opt to subscribe, and you’ll get it all by email, first!

Read it Write it Sell it

garrisons creed

Book of the Week is Garrison’s Creed. Whilst the first book, Girl Sweet Girl, was not much cop, this follow up set 10 years later is actually not bad. I had started it and I am enjoying it much more, if you want a simple straightforward ‘hot boy meets hot girl’ story. Although I am very much enjoying Paula Wilcox with my writing friend, Joanna Cannon’s The Trouble with Goats and Sheep. I have started that too. Plus I have been listening again to the book called GUT. So much to report on! Plus if you have always wanted to be a writer, news of Writers Workshop Harry Bingham one-day event in March, and my super summary of beginner’s resources if you want to be a writer. Go here for all the lowdown.


Sarah’s Perfect Posse

Such a lovely bevy of QVC beauties came in for training with our guest development-trainer Sarah Wilson Ward this week, look at Sarah’s posse all posing perfectly – great pic!


New from NIOD

niod training

I did some training of my own as well with the new brand NIOD, which is taking many people by storm. Lots are chatting online and loving their formulations. Have you tried it? I am really liking their copper peptide complex and their hyaluronic drops. But the Photo fluid is really illuminating! Have you tried any?

Snowdrops, Narcissi and Daisy



Look at my lovely Daisy dog. I suppose it is February, so it seems as though spring is just around the corner. On days like this it does anyway. Roll on more sunshine.

Fake Tube Signs

tube signs

Someone has made some brilliant fake underground signs – have you spotted any at any time? Genius eh? Shepherd’s Pie station instead of Shepherd’s Bush! Haha! Go here to see them all.

Big Ben

big ben

Talking of sunshine what a fantastic day it was when I went up to the MDD event. This is a view that is not often seen: can you tell why? I am actually inside the compound of the Houses of Parliament, which is not open to the public. And what a brilliant picture it made too. One for the album if my face didn’t look so massive haha.

Facebook funny


I thought this was hilarious! Not even Alison’s recent contouring blog could create this transformation.


Oh how funny! Will and Ali Young – losing it!


I had a film fest this week too! A couple of amazing blockbuster movies for you – firstly The Revenant. Leonardo di Caprio is every bit as awesome as his Oscar nomination implies. Stunning, stunning film. Didn’t hurt that Tom Hardy brought the might of his screen presence too – OMG his scenes lived with me for days afterwards. Everyone has to see it if they are a true film buff of course. I would give it a good 9/10. Absolutely gripping. You’ve probably seen scenes from the film already but here’s the trailer if not, and I have to say that it’s got to be the most-watched trailer I’ve ever featured, with 21m views! Gruesome and gory yes, but surely that’s what it was like in ‘injun’ country in the 1800s. Based on a true tale too.

Spotlight. Another amazing movie. If you love films in the ilk of All the Presidents Men, you will adore this. Just like The Big Short last week, I already want to see it again. Rachel McAdams was great, Mark Ruffalo was absolutely excellent. I am adding him to my list of favourite leading men. Just fabulous. This is the film about the investigation by The Boston Globe into wrongdoing in the Catholic Church, in the early 2000s. Had to be seen to be believed. If I wasn’t writing so many books at the moment and doing so much stuff in my private life, I would definitely go and see this again, along with The Big Short. In fact when I have submitted the final version of Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 next Tuesday, ready for its download date of the 20th, I may well do just that! Although I have my next steamy novel, the follow-up to Take a Chance on Me, called ‘Try It For the First Time Club’ to finish by the end of February though, so maybe not… Anyway do watch this trailer – and be inspired to get down and see justice being done! Love these ‘based on true life’ stories.

This Week on QVC

Saturday, or more accurately tonight, Friday, midnight! The latest no! no! Today’s Special Value!

401175 no no tsv

Sunday, its time for Dyson’s Hot and Cool Quiet Fan Heater with timer. With me for the evening show – if there are any left! This is the one for all ladies who have night time hot flushes. If you get this, when you wake up boiling, throw off the covers, press the little button to turn on the fan on full – on timer – and once its powerful breeze has relieved your anxiety, you’ve cooled down and drifted comfortably back to sleep, guess what? It turns itself back off again! Genius!

804130 dyson tsv



Sunday night midnight I have another fabulous launch, Cozee Home, a four-piece Damask fleece set that is fluffy and soft and no sheet shock!

804654 cozee home tsv

Also this week watch out for SBC a five-piece set with some of your heroes.

212176 sbc tsv

On Wednesday a lovely Yong Kim tunic,  then Thursday is the Peony seasonal bouquet collection, Alison Young loves it.

157698 yong kim tsv


Sneaky Peek – Richard Jackson’s flower power Today’s Special Value on Valentine’s Day.  Spring is on the way!

Richard Jackson Panel 2

Ps Don’t forget we have a new How to Buy guide on our website, helping you choose which computer or tablet to go for, click here to see it if you’re buying a new one, and remember we have had some brilliant bargains from Lee Hohbein. My telly hubby does us proud.

Next Week I am off all next week writing my next book and using up some leave, but there will be some exciting developments I will tell you next week.

Best wishes



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