This week – In a ‘50’s style size 12 at the vintage fair – yay! Plus the Trim & Tone Challenge begins


This week – In a ‘50’s style size 12 at the vintage fair – yay! Plus the Trim & Tone Challenge begins.

– Plus tweet me @debbieflint
– Hocus Pocus countdown to Hallowe’en freebie
– Hilarious Charlie Brook blooper in a Christmas hat!
– And sneaky peeks of Honora, Kitchen Aid, Prices’ Candles and Wen bargains coming soon!

Frilly Chantilly

How lovely was our visit to the 50’s Vintage fair in Guildford Cathedral last Saturday! ‘Lou-Lou’s Vintage Fair’ has won awards, and definitely lived up to high expectations with a strong turn-out of locals, scouring through the fabulous 1920’s to 1960’s memorabilia, clothing stands, ornaments, nick-nacks, and a lovely afternoon tea.  So my Lauren and my niece Becky decided it’d be rude not to!

Tea at vintage fair
The tea rooms served their tea and cake on old fashioned china cups and pots, even old fashioned cutlery. Lots of people came dressed up, or had their hair done on a special stand.

Plus I bought Lolly a Xmas pressie – a vintage suitcase – one of those big hard brown luggage cases with ribbing and stickers. She’s even more into vintage than I am. We also got some old fashioned postcards and prints. There was even a band! Here’s a little look around.

I want one of those book-handbags!

I was dead chuffed to get into a size 12 Vintage 50’s style dress on Frilly Chantilly’s stand – see top pic. It is an extremely beautiful forest green with velvet embellishment that’s a bit like a jacquard, and I even bought the petticoat to go with it!

frilly chantilly 50s dress

Now I just need an event to go to in it – such a lovely neckline too. Yes of course I need different boots!

But I came out, having got into a small size, feeling over the moon! We’ll definitely go again next year, and if they have one near you, do go along. I loved it so much – yes, I think I must have been around in the 50’s and the ‘20’s.
If you could have been born in another decade, which one would it be? Do leave me a message to let me know – comment at the bottom of this blog (especially if you haven’t for a long time – or ever)!



Debbie Does Decorating- #4!

Debbie decoratingThis week I was joined by Bradley and Kari (in the background), to help with the wall painting job! OK so I haven’t been there as much as I’d like, but Lauren and Nick seem to be doing a grand job of it all. He’s now at fitted kitchen stage. The only thing is, the loo still isn’t plumbed in to flush, just to drain! But they’re getting there! Another few weeks…! And then I get my house back… er I mean, and then my lovely daughter and her man, move in to their lovely new house! I will miss Baloo the Spaniel though…




Twitter Treats

Spot the Spaniel on the Slanket!

Spot the spanielI  tweeted this pic this week – as Gary, The Slanket guest was back on with his fab Christmas gift idea.

I was very pleased also to give you advance warning about some of the One Time Only bargains about to go on air – my goodness did those Laura Geller and Decleor ones fly!

Plus one woman’s amazing pics of using prolagene gel, an early look at the Skechers TSV colours – they’d mostly gone by 9am after our midnight launch. If you want tho see  more sneaky peeks, feel free to follow me on Twitter – I’m @debbieflint.




Back To You – The Trim and Tone Challenge Begins

If you want something you've never had So as promised we’ve launched the new Trim and Tone 3 Month Supersix Challenge! Would you like to join in?

Bruce from Bodyblade revealed all on Monday’s weekly webchat on our well-being group on Facebook (that’s attached to my regular QVC show – the ‘Back to You QVC’ Facebook group – join here).

Basically you just email me with your info, to let me know you want to be included – all this info is on Monday’s Back to You blog on Find out all about the Trim and Tone challenge, and what Bruce had to say about stretching. Plus,Patrick Hoy the Quacker  Factory guest joined us for his Q&A webchat 8-9pm too and the transcript of his chat is also there.

Join in time for this Monday’s chat (27th) as it’s the turn of Leighton Denny and Nina.

(More on my website – plus, 5 surprising causes of cravings, and whether fast or slow weight loss programmes are best. Go here to read the full info.)


Till the Fat Lady carries on slimming…

I received another one of those fab stories this week, just look at Nicki Crane’s and Lynne Sneddon’s posts.

TTFLS test2

TTFLS testimonial


Five star reviews on the new version of my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, have now reached ten!

For those who asked, the Book 1 is actually included, slightly abbreviated, within Book 2.0, so you don’t necessarily need to buy both. Book two also has lots about how to use the ‘When’ Diet part alongside other traditional methods, whatever they may be. Go here to find out more eg where to buy the books, and links to the Facebook group and page.




blenderwitches My freebie eBook is nearly here! The promotion goes live 28th Oct – 1st November, for Hocus Pocus ’14, the anthology of spooky short stories. If you can’t wait, it’s just 99p and is now available to download on eBook or buy as a paperback! Full info and links to get it are here, plus details of how to join our Facebook Hallowe’en Party on the big day itself!






Book of the Week – the new John Grisham

Book of the week(continued on my website) – go to my RiWiSi page on for info about:

– The new John Grisham book which is my Book of the Week – can’t wait for it to be in audiobook.
– Also – meet the final authors in Hocus Pocus Focus part 4.
-And – Bridget Jones 3 film, is it in doubt? – Go here to read it all and get links to all my books!






QVC MASH UP – a smattering of highlights

Sneaky Peek –Here’s a little sneaky of the big Wen bargain of the day from next Friday (31st) one of the most economical ways to buy your innovative one-wash hair cleanser/conditioner.

WEN collection

Shhh! Doris Dalton back on Sunday week (2nd) with me at 11pm with one of those, you know, one show only type bargains! Hehe! Meanwhile, there’s another one from Penhaligons fragrances this Monday – 27th – 11pm! You have been warned!



Julien Macdonald coming to QVC OMG really? Yes it’s true – read this press release. How exciting – coming to a QVC channel near you soon!


Pug called QueenieA Promo Pug called Queenie Our ‘I’m a QVC UK Queen’ group were cock a hoop this week to discover that the Pug on the Xmas promotions is a cutie called Queenie! Funny! She’s won lots of hearts over. PS If you have any comments whatsoever about that or the music playing during shows, do email your thoughts to – it’s worth it. And if you’re like me and love it, the team would be glad to hear! x




BLOOPER Charlie, Dale and Jackie! Charlie made so many people laugh out loud this week when he sold this animated Xmas hat – including me – it made me buy three as Xmas pressies! Hahahahaaaa!

Plus Dale brought my attention to this one, whoops!

And Jackie mentions on her blog that she also had a little funny on air – see it here!


This week on QVC –

– Liz Earle’s big Xmas Today’s Special Value is this Saturday (25th) Here’s Will’s interview with Caroline. STOP PRESS – Next week here on my blog, news of my October competition and the prize is a Liz Earle bundle!
Liz Earle Share the Beauty Secret Collection v3

BabylissBabyliss Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush TSV Sunday 26th. The ‘Big Hair’ brush goes all grown up for gifting! I’ll be here Sunday night with it, if it lasts!







615540Honora Pearls mini series Plus Ralph from Honora will be back this weekend – nightly at 8pm from Sunday 26th (with Jackie), then he’s with me on the Monday, when we’ll have ‘Bargain Hunter’ earrings and again everything on Easy Pay installments. Then Ali K has Tuesday’s final two hour special. Meanwhile, go here to see some of the Honora online deals including this leather cuff for about half price! (it’s 615540)!



802998Great QVC Bake On! I’m looking forward to my 10pm show on Tuesday (28th) with the value packed brand new Kitchen Aid K45 mixer, bowl and 5 pc accs kit Today’s Special Value  bargain – hope there are some left by 10pm show! When Lauren and Nick move back out I’m definitely going to get mine out of storage again for some baking sessions.






Prices-Prices’ Christmas Gifts Then at midnight Tues, join me for Prices’ Candles big Christmas Today’s Special Value  launch – great for gifting and don’t forget everything’s got the extended money back guarantee – till 25th January if it’s a Christmas gift!




– And here as requested by a couple of you who don’t understand how to find the TV guide (which goes ahead three weeks or so) here is my coming schedule! Hope it’s useful!

Debbie's schedule



 Lovely Laura 10th Anni shows

Snipper Laura Andie and Johnny

Wow what amazing shows we had – here’s lovely Laura Geller herself, with make up whizz Johnny and visitor and birthday girl Andie Stephany who runs the ‘Get Geller Gorgeous’ Facebook group.

Johnny was complimenting me on my Hawaiian Affair book which he and Laura had both read – how nice to have pals say they like it. (Info about my novels on my website

Moon Walk Booked!

Moonwalk LondonJackie Kabler, fellow presenter, plus Ali K and a QVC gang will be walking next May’s charity Moonwalk on 16th, through the streets of London at night wearing a bra and t shirt! I’ve registered for the full walk, under TeamQVC, finishing after 6-7 hours, well that’s the plan! Think I’ll have my Skechers trainers at the ready for that amount of walking! More here.


happy diwaliHappy Diwali! – for everyone for whom this is relevant, hope it was a good one for you this week!






Mat Trim and Abbey HorneAbbey Horne in Bloom Mat Trim pulled a blinder this week with this pic he posted on fFacebook– gosh she looks so beautiful! Only three weeks to go, too. We were chatting about it and she said it’s been an easy pregnancy – lucky her! I said I was about that big with my second one when I was around FIVE months pregnant! The midwife said ‘coming soon are we?’ ‘Yes in sixteen weeks’ time..!’ I cried! Good luck Abbey – and well done Mat for this amazing pic.





Toadstool snippetGetting Ready for Hallowe’en See, even the local toadstools are springing up ready for next weekend’s Hallowe’en celebrations!
Don’t forget from Tuesday the eBook anthology of spooky stories is free!







made up problemsFacebook Funny – someone said to me this week, when I asked how they were, ‘the biggest battle I have is with myself’, so I thought this saying was very pertinent!










On Sky plus this week – the Wolf of Wall Street – suuuuch a good movie. Leonardo di Caprio is absolutely amazing, so is Jonah Hill, and there’s a wonderful cameo from Joanna Lumley. I scored it highly when I saw it at the cinema and though it’s long, I’d see it again – mainly for the scene in the middle where he and Jonah are crawling on the floor – if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean! Catch it on Sky if you can!



Next week – it’s Hallowe’en! Our freebie eBook Hocus Pocus ’14 goes live.
Have a trimming and toning week!
Best wishes


*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Jill D-W October 25, 2014 at 12:40 am -  Reply

    Such a fun blog! Thank you Debbie!

    Love the video clips. However, if this newest challenge involves jumping off a cliff – you’re on your own!

    Appreciate all the sneaky peeks and product info!

    Really looking forward to the Hallowe’en online party! You look tremendous in your vintage dress – all ready for those party invites now!

    Thanks, Jill x x x

  2. jenny stanford October 25, 2014 at 5:39 pm -  Reply

    the Christmas promo is really nice I love the little pug she is really very cute , the music is lovely and makes you think of how Christmas should be. a while ago I did ask if anyone knew what the piano music was that is played between items on your qvc extra channel I know that you said that it was a library tape but I still wonder what it is I have tried to record it for myself but have had no luck with it as I am not fast enough, I have also noticed it on the bbc sometimes too. I think it may be from the film the piano I shall keep trying to find out but thank you for your help. it was most interesting to read about your recent visit to the vintage fair I went with my daughter to one at chester racecourse a while ago and I found It really fascinating to see the amount of stuff that was still in good condition after all this time , the dress you got looked lovely and I hope that you have somewhere good to wear it. I do enjoy reading your blog, jenny Stanford.

  3. Cath Purple October 26, 2014 at 12:30 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs, brilliant blog as usual. Loved the feature on vintage show and the clip – they were singing one of my all time favourites, Runaway! I must try to go to one of those shows!
    Doesn’t Abbey look good in that photo? Mat is very good and Abbey is glowing! I agree with you – I too was that size at 5 months!
    Looking forward to the Hocus Pocus launch! Xx

  4. debs f October 28, 2014 at 5:53 am -  Reply

    jill –
    yes me too! Perhaps i should wear the dress for the hallowe’en online party here at my house – all four of us! haha! Complete with a witches hat and green makeup , wht do you think?! lol x

  5. debs f October 28, 2014 at 5:55 am -  Reply

    Hi Jen!
    lovely to hear from you hon. Glad you enjoy vintae too – they do lots. Next time i will defo get my hair done too! Record the music and play it into one of those apps that tells you what music it is? otherwise describe exactly what you see when it plays, and email
    keep me informed!

  6. debs f October 28, 2014 at 5:58 am -  Reply

    Cath –
    yes such an amazing pic – he’s so talented and abbey is so lucky!
    see you on Friday ! contact me to arrange time etc x
    ps for anyone else who wonders what i’m talking about – it’s the online facebook event called ‘Hocus Pocus ’14 – just search that and the event comes up, so does the page. ‘like’ the page and ‘join’ the event Then log on on friday to take part in the hallowe’en fun! x ps ebook freebie goes live today (tuesday) till sat 1st! #amazon

  7. Tanya October 28, 2014 at 11:29 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I don’t normally leave comments on blogs but just wanted to mention that you look a million dollars in that vintage dress and also in your earlier blog in the dress you wore to a wedding. I know it’s not easy to change habits and lose weight, but you look amzing so well done you!

  8. debs f October 31, 2014 at 9:03 am -  Reply

    Tanya –
    how kind of you! You’ve made my day hon! Thanks for taking the time to post – it means a lot. #chuffed. x

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