2015 Review of the year – a year of TiFFT’s!



Hope you had a lovely Christmas? I had a lovely time, mine was crazy and full of family as usual – in the best possible way – and I know others were the same. Some people enjoyed the special event page we set up on Facebook for solo-surfers on Christmas Day and I’m sure yet more escaped the throng and found their own kind of sanctity. The turkey was stuffed, the halls were decked and Downton was well and truly over. Boo hoo.

And now the New Year is upon us!

My highlight of yuletide was Christmas Eve with my lovely kids and their partners at mine. As you may recall that’s when we had our own little family get-together and I was very pleased to say that Christmas at my cottage went down well with the offspring – Lauren in particular was chuffed at how I’d decorated, tidied and prepared the house for their visit.Including the Christmas dinner table complete with table decorations and crackers. It may sound minor but it’s never been my forte, this kind of thing. Not for years anyway. So this year I pulled out the stops and made it all nice and everyfink! (Full info and more pics on my Christmas website newsletter – go here (and subscribe for future updates including about my new book coming out end January!)

Also had a fab lunch with lovely Ingrid – including meeting her menagerie to which she recently added Philippa the adopted cat from the Philippines and Suki the Saluki who turned up on her door.

Ingrid, Debbie and Suki the cat

Plus had a great trip up London for a theatre night out – Lauren and I saw the spectacular Jim Broadbent in A Christmas Carol – well worth watching, it’s on till end January – BUT it’s pretty booked up! One of my faux pas happened on the way up there tho’ – check out my latest website newsletter for a stoopid blooper!

Debbie and her daughter at the theatre

Anyway it’s become a tradition for me to bring you my yearly highlights so read below for my 2015 Review of the Year!

I’m back on-air on New Year’s Eve and again on New Year’s Day so I hope you’re ready for some super events and challenges as QVC brings us a month of fitness and wellbeing! We want to help you with your health and fitness resolutions, and think that no matter what you do, a small change can make a big difference! Find out more about our month-long #QVCWellbeing challenge on QGossip.

But before I present my Review of the Year, here’s a little look ahead!

Highlights this week on QVC

– New Year’s Eve – one of my favourite shows of the year, partly because of the party atmosphere in the studio and partly because I’m not a ‘going out out’ bird, I’m more of a stay in chick. If you- are too, join me 10pm-midnight for QVC’s best bits!

Meanwhile here’s a blooper that’s been going out on-air!



– New Year’s day – we kick off with a fab first Today’s Special Value from Imedeen – lovely Emma brings an unbeatable way of getting your anti-ageing collagen supplements loved by so many of us presenters, in a new super bundle.

Imedeen TSV

– Plus 3pm on 1st January – Back to You returns! (then Mondays 8pm weekly) don’t forget to join me for this New Year’s Day special show, getting you in the right mood to make 2016 the year everything changed, plus…

– Bodyblade is back! Bruce returns with our spectacular fitness device 1st-3rd incl 4pm shows with me. AND look out for Fiona and Legmaster, also back on air and online now. For tighter bum and hips, get legmaster as well as bodyblade. Click here to find out more about theLeg Master, and the Bodyblade.


Alpha H have a Liquid Gold supersize collection offer this Sunday, and tons of other bargains of course.

210011 df

Next week – my New Year’s Resolutions blog – renamed ‘the 2016 Challenge’ for a very good reason! And a super competition to win a wellbeing type of prize! See you ‘next year’!

Have a good one – flick down to see my Review of the Year and do leave me a comment saying what is your own highlight of 2016.


Ps *TiFFT = try it for the first time club

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website, www.debbieflint.com

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!




great wall

As far as momentous memories are concerned, my trip to China and the Great Wall has to be the most outstanding of the last twelve months, on so many levels – being part of a completely different culture with different rules, like a parallel universe, yet so much the same. I went to help train shopping channel presenters at QVC China (CNR Mall) and had some great times, met some great people including Marina from Italy, and saw some amazing sights – including from the top of the Great Wall of China. Hope to go back again some day and glad to have made it that far East – first time ever. Here’s my little summary of my time there. Enjoy.


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]


Publishing Deal for my books; seeing it in in bookshops incl WHSmiths and Harrods!

TACOM in Harrods
Well the achievement of a lifetime was accomplished this year via my very first publishing deal. UK Independent ‘Choc Lit’ helped bring ‘Take a Chance on Me’ to eBook online in March but more importantly for my first time ever, to bookstores in December, including WHSmith Travel and also Harrods! What an amazing feeling to walk into a proper bookshop and see my book in the charts – eg in the No.79 slot in Victoria station and on an end cap in Harrods just before Xmas. Very proud. Next year my second novel with them should be out – ‘Try it For the First Time Club’ is being finalised now. It’s a version of ‘Hawaiian Retreat’ with a bit of ‘Hawaiian Escape’ thrown in, plus a brand new twist at the end. Go here to keep in touch with my book news!


Naming a puppy and being a charity ambassador – total at year end so far is £19000 for Medical Detection Dogs


Regulars will be well aware of my fundraising activities this year. Patrick Quacker, Gill Gauntlett and Marie from Kipling all joined me at the HQ in Milton Keynes and were amazed at the work these incredible animals do. Was beyond chuffed to be asked to be one of their four ambassadors. There’s a recap of the whole story in my aug 21st blog post.


Table top sale and mega draws! – we kicked the fundraisers off with the results of the massive clear out from my house move – gosh such hard work to declutter my house but raised tons of money – enough to name a little puppy after my dad – so MDD now have a trainee diabetes detection dog called Derek! Lol!

Craigy and co attended and it was an amazing event. Thanks to all my pals for supporting and being ‘ambassadets’ – including Charlie and Will whose Charlie Bear called Bones has raised £2,000 for MDD. I also want to thank the lovely fashion guest who matched my Christmas Mega Draw funds with a single donation of an incredible £5,000! We’ve done well this year don’t you think?! I couldn’t have done it all without lovely mate Sharon who helps me make everything work smoothly! Thanks pal!



Moving house – so obviously I moved home. After 9 years that was a massive thing for me. Out of the blue – suddenly in the middle of the summer I found out that I had to move house cos the landlord’s new game keeper needed it. It was long overdue since my kids moved out. But the shift from a bigger clutter-filled three-bed to a smaller neater cosier cottage round the corner has been a godsend. I’m now completely settled in, loving having neighbours and enjoying how much easier it is to run. I’m very, very lucky and happy. And yes, there could be space for a man to come visit… maybe that should be a challenge for me for 2016. Or maybe I’ll just write some more novels… haha!


Singing with Lulu –

Lulu featured in two of my highlights this year – one was this little ‘I sang on TV with Lulu’ clip (OK so it nearly doesn’t count, but technically I did, so here it is again! Lol) Plus more importantly, when we all went to see her gig in London, my mum came as my plus one and was delighted to have her pic taken with the lovely Lu. For weeks afterwards mum was telling her friends about it! My pleasure.



Me and mum and Bacharach
Another lovely day with mum was spent at the superb Bacharach Hampton Court Festival in June with my ma – loved the music, the setting and the afternoon picnic in the sunshine beforehand – definitely going to do it again this year!



Author of the year – Diana Gabaldon – book 8 of her Outlander series was amazing, and my writing pal Litty and I were like silly schoolgirls meeting her at a workshop in Oxford this year. And the Amazon Prime TV drama series provided my ‘watch’ of the year – it’s not a film, rather this incredible series based on a time traveling doctor. Best scene? Well it’s the dungeon scenes in series one – Jamie Frazer… *sigh*… be still my beating heart. Can’t wait for the next series set in 1700s France.


Also meeting mega author Lee Child again was another fab highlight, at my first trip to Crimefest in Bristol in May. Am going again next year.



Horse riding with Fiona – I’m loving having a local mate to go horse-riding with! Yes me on a horse – more than once! I’m hoping to keep at it and by the end of 2016 be able to trot (without peeing my pants! Haha!) It’s a real challenge for me, and I’m so glad she is gracious enough to want me to keep doing it with her lovely hoss Jack!


Stand out product – latest –Dimplex Gosford Log Effect Stove Fan Heater w/Opti-myst Flame –OMG my fave product (that’s not a must-have beauty item!) has to be this recently acquired faux-burner – the ‘smoke’ effect that’s made from steam and clever lights. Get it here when it’s back in stock and watch this when it first got turned on in my lounge!



Best blooper – Dale losing a necklace down Jackie’s top – it HAD to be this one didn’t it! If I recall, this also made the Christmas ‘It’ll be Alright on the Night’ too! Lol.

Memorable Movie – Suffragette, of course, since it’s the period I’m studying for my next brand new book ‘French or Dutch’ (coming early summer 2016). And also Eddie Redmayne being a genius in ‘The Theory of Everything’ – a really impactful movie which leaves you feeling full of gratitude.



On air highlight – Davina – my fitness show with the lovely Davina McCall. It was an honour and a pleasure to help sell out so much of the stock of her new fitness DVD set and I loved doing the whole hour show and discussing healthy eating. Also enjoyed presenting the Jason Vale show and juice for the same reason – used it today in actual fact!



Super TiFFT (try it for the first time club) – flying a helicopter for the first time – OMG it was amazing. I used to dream about doing such things but now I’ve got real memories to fall back on – literally in the case of Airkix, my other fab experience with real ‘flying’ in a super powered wind tunnel. My boy Brad bought me a voucher for the helicopter flight – another big first in 2015.


Fab Social Media Leaps and Bounds Had a super year for making strides in social media – topped 15,000 twitter followers, over 4,000 personal newsletter subscribers on my website, and over 18,000 memberships or friends on Facebook including over 4,000 members on my Back to You Facebook group which became closed in October – more here on my Christmas blog on my website. I also helped with the revamp of our own QVC Facebook page too – including some super web chats with fab guests. More through January!

Back to You highlight – selling out of my own book on air – Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the When Diet sold out in a QVC exclusive hardback early this year – only 3,000 copies were made and now it’s fetching silly money online! (Still the new one is going to be out end of January 2016, ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire‘ – more here – and book 2.0 still selling well online in paperback or book for kindle.)


Dawn’s ten stone loss 

OMG how proud am I? Talking of TTFLS, This is one of the best achievements ever and I’m so proud of Dawn. She’s becoming one of my ‘cover girls’ on my new TTFLS 3.0 book now. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Dawn in the new year to interview her for my book. She’s an inspiration! She says:

“ It’s amazing, I have to pinch myself constantly, I went shopping for a dress for Christmas Day, and picking up size 14 just felt unreal, and they aren’t a struggle to get on either. One of them was a size 12, just awesome. It’s all thanks to you and your book. I do feel amazing, even though I still think of myself as fat at times, but when you have been so big, for so long, it just takes a bit of adjusting I suppose, I have a lot, a really big lot to thank you for.”

Do join us on the Facebook group to keep in touch with the support system. News of all my Facebook groups is here.


Back to You show returns in January – on 1st at 3pm – see this week’s QVC highlights, above,  for more.

And join me for a new Back to You Challenge – ‘20lb in 2016’ event – more here.

Garden tips from Richard – R-Jax came to play in my new cottage garden in October! And what a lot I learned – like I’ve got a twisted witch hazel. Need ointment for that! Lol. Great fun it was too though – click the link for a reminder. Will try to do another vt in Spring – the new garden, planted by the previous tenant who grew prize winning flowers, is going to be so lovely!

CBBC is 30 – Well what a momentous occasion THIS one was! I was very chuffed to still be invited after 30 years since the launch – it’s 29 for me, since as regulars will know, I was the first girl in the CBBC broom cupboard, standing in for Phillip Schofield in 1986. The reunion part was fab fun and it was great to be part of the live CBBC show.


Fave holiday – had to be the wonderful writing retreat Chez Castillon in Southern France – including weather in the late twenties centigrade and a super crowd of fellow author ladies and fabulous hosts Janie and Mike – I hope to go back again in 2016.


MOONWALK – we made it three-quarters of the way round, so next time I must book to do a half marathon and it should be easier! But what an amazing night and camaraderie was at its height with fellow presenters and pals from QVC on this –through-the-night streets of London ‘walk in your bra’ for charity. Even if I had blankets draped around my middle to keep warm! That was the night I met Christina from MDD too so a very important occasion.



Bruce’s angels 

The lovely fitness guru Bruce Hymanson is changing so many people’s lives and this year Bodyblade really took off in popularity. The ‘Bodyblade QVC’ Facebook group reached nearly 3000 members and thanks to the fabulous Anne Keating for helping to keep everyone going and helping with Bruce’s Monday 8pm web chats too. Bruce returns with this spectacular device on January 1st at 4pm and across the weekend. Do join us!

So that was my year. What was your highlight?

Big hugs



  1. Chris Jopp December 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm -  Reply

    Have really enjoyed being part of your life this year Debbie, the event in Dorking was wonderful and I’m so glad to have met everyone there, we’ve all become great friends.

    Looking forward to 2016. Happy New Year


  2. Jan Belcher December 30, 2015 at 8:46 pm -  Reply

    Well done Debs, see I do read your blog! Happy new year. Xxx

  3. Christine Brooks December 30, 2015 at 9:46 pm -  Reply

    Love everything Debbie Flint does. She is so brilliant xxx

  4. Janie December 31, 2015 at 10:40 am -  Reply

    Being one of Bruces angels was def a highlight xxxxx loads of love darling x

  5. martin forbes December 31, 2015 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    hope you had agood xmas day with family i had a nice quiet one with the family.
    happy 2016 when it comes .i am off work for 5 days at new year doing nothing.happy 2016 when it comes thanks for your xmas card it arrived on tuesday .hope you got my xmas card.

  6. Teresa January 1, 2016 at 11:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie what a fab year you had. It must have been so exciting to visit China and thank you for sharing with us why you where there, you really made me laugh many times with your stories.
    Our year started in the USA with family which was very enjoyable.
    Then when we got back had to settle in at home getting used to be retired.
    Another highlight was meeting you at your sale day for Medical Dogs and what a great day we all had thank you so much.
    Starting this new year we are making the big decision to move which is both exciting but scary at the same time.
    Hoping to see you at the beauty bash, have a very happy New Year much love from Terry and Paul xx

  7. Debbie Flint January 8, 2016 at 1:48 am -  Reply

    Hi lovely people! Teresa, lovely to meet you too! HOpe the move goes well, biker chick! luv to Paul.
    Janie – you’re a star!
    Chris – you too hon – big things this year, right?!
    Martin – hope 2016 brings all you wish for.
    Jan – ahhh now I believe you! lol.
    Christine – thanks sweetie! Means a lot.
    hugs to you all x

  8. Lorraine January 12, 2016 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi deb just wanted to let you know that the highlight of my year was losing eight and a half stone in eighteen months and finally getting to my ideal weight at Christmas. I am now a size 12/14 the first time ever in my life and I feel wonderful.

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