Your August gardening jobs, part 1


Strawberries Hello!

It's high summer (though you wouldn't always know if from the weather forecast!) and with any luck your gardens should be looking fabulous. To keep them that way, here's the first part of my August gardening jobs…

Pot up rooted strawberries
It’s the best time to pot up rooted strawberry runners. Potted now, they’ll establish before winter, ready to produce a bumper crop next summer.
Take geranium and fuchsia cuttingsGeranium display
If you want more geraniums and fuchsias next year, take some cuttings now from your favourite plants. Place them in gritty compost and they’ll root within a month. Then you can grow them on individually in 9cm (3.5") pots.
Top up your pond's water levels
Even in a poor summer, the water level in ponds can drop through evaporation. Top up the water level if needed or your fish and plants may suffer. If blanket weed is a problem, either remove it by hand every few days or control it with Hozelock Blanketweed treatment.

Give patio plants a boost
If you’ve used slow release fertilizer in your patio planters, it will be running out of steam by now. Start using a high potash fertilizer, like Flower Power, twice a week to keep your summer bedding plants at their best.
Sweet pea hanging basket Get the most from your sweet peas
As sweet peas get to the end of their flowering season, let a few pods develop. Pick the pods just as they ripen and start opening. Shake the seeds into paper bags and save them somewhere dry until sowing in October or next spring.

Tidy up Firethorn
To show off these colourful berries better, trim back any long green shoots that may be partially hiding them. This will also help tidy up the plant and make it look much neater.

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  1. george hart July 31, 2011 at 6:37 pm -  Reply

    hello richard
    my question is to richard (gardening)what is the best product on qvc for removing weeds on lawns have tried evergreen complete does’nt work can you advise me what to buy

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