WOW, what a show!


Hiya, I've just had the last few days off work and they flew by! 

We had a wonderful family night out on Friday. We went and saw 'Thriller Live.' It was amazing from start to finish but I have to say the last 30 minutes or so were out of this world. The night was a real celebration of MJ's music. And so much music to celebrate!

The production value was really high with some great dance sequences inspired by Michael… including the moon walk, of course! On the way home we were trying to pick our favourite Michael Jackson track of all time… I'll be honest, I can't pick one. I love 'Black or White', 'Dirty Diana', 'Ben' and I love nothing louder than 'Smooth Criminal' blasting away. Then there's 'Heal the World', 'Thriller' and 'Bad'… too many to choose from. 

I recall years ago when I worked at Isle of Wight radio hearing 'Black or White' for the first time. I remember us all looking at each other as it started, slightly bewildered… that familiar sound of what sounds like a car starting, catching us by surprise. Genius! And the video of course – ground breaking!

So that was Friday night. Saturday morning came along and tennis was rained off so we took off to the Isle of Wight to visit Mum and Dad (to enjoy his legendary fruit salad waiting for us – delicious!) We headed to the park with the kids and Dad took it upon himself to have a go on my son's scooter (not a good idea, he has a bad leg)

He ended up in a hedge!  Why wasn't my camera running? We were crying with laughter, then we thought we'd better check to see if he was ok, just his legs were sticking out… he was fine, and I'm glad to say was laughing too!

So, do you have a favourite MJ track? Perhaps you can help me decide!

My Gem Day favourites!

Sea Bamboo Beaded Necklace Oh – just thought you'd like a little look at a few pieces I have lined up for you this Monday on Gem Day. These are my personal choices from my three shows. Firstly there's Sea Bamboo at 1pm. Such an elegant necklace and the gold beads add a real touch of luxury.


Tahitian Pearl Endless Necklace Then I bring you South Sea Pearls (staying with the sea theme) at 2pm. In all the years I've been with QVC I don't recall a pearl necklace from South Seas of this length – divine.


African Rubellite & Diamond 5 Stone Ring I then have an hour off to prepare for a premier show – African Rubellite at 4pm. The colour is delicious, simply out of this world and the five stone ring features the stones framed beautifully with diamonds… hope you can join me.  Have a good weekend!


Take care and see you Monday
Charlie  x


  1. Marian Bolton May 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Charlie. That Thriller show sounds amazing, Is it touring do you know? MJ never made a bad record. I also love Smooth Criminal but my favourite is actually a ballad – ‘She’s out of my life’ -it’s pure genius.

  2. charlie brook May 17, 2011 at 9:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian, I believe the ‘Thriller Live’ is on tour right now. You’re right, She’s out of my mind is rather special. I was listening to ‘leave me alone’ today. What an amazing video that has!
    take care

  3. Babs Dyson June 2, 2011 at 4:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Charlie, I have loved MJ for years and have loads of records which I have converted to mp3s with the Ion vinyl converter and cassette machine. Really great- there are sooooooooooh many MJ songs, here are just a few favs of mine off MJ’s Vision dvds-Another Part of Me, Speed Demon,Come Together,Ghosts,One More Chance,Say,Say,Say with Paul McCartney and off Ultimate Collection Sunset Driver, Working Day and Night and much much more.
    I have sent your Birthday Card and hope you receive it soon and have a great day.
    Take Care
    Babs Dyson. Litherland

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