Fun at Alton Towers before term starts


Jilly on a rollercoaster with her son

Wow, I can't believe the kids are back at school and we are back to what can only be described as a manic routine.

I've never really been a morning person, since my days in the theatre probably, although I was always told that, as a child, I never wanted to go to bed. What I can't understand is how everyone else on the school run manages to look so lovely at that time of the morning!

Thank you to Tina and Valerie for reminiscing about Watford. I quite often go shopping there too in the Harlequin Centre. They have a great music shop where I bought my son's saxophone. He has been learning 'When The Saints Go Marching In' all summer so I'm sure that the neighbours will be pleased he's back at school so that at very least he can blast them with a whole new song!

We managed to fit a last minute couple of days at Alton Towers before school resumed and it was absolutely fantastic. It's the first time that Taylor has been tall enough to ride the big rides there and he loved it. I however was terrified.

I love rollercoasters but those big rides they have now are just amazing. The most incredible of them all was 'Air'. You really do feel like you are flying and then it flips you over and you are flying upside-down on your back. It's quite exhilarating in a really scary way.

I've posted a photograph that Taylor had made as a T-shirt (top left). I'm not sure who looks more in shock. My husband thought it was so funny that I was so frightened and yet desperately trying to smile for the camera!

We had such a great time and the kids loved the water park too. I'd love to go back but I guess our wings are clipped until half term. Still it won't be long - roll on October and then it will soon be Christmas.

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas already! How soon do you get organised for Christmas?

Take care,


  1. Karen Hoggarth October 9, 2009 at 7:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi, Jilly
    had a day at Alton Towers last week. 6yrs since i’ve been, the queues were so long last tme we had a good excuse to miss some of the bigger rides. No such excuses this time as much less busy and another 6 years older and more “devil may care”, so, OBLIVION it was. WOWEEEEEEEE, we were buzzing for hours. Couldn’t do AIR as was too scared to sit in the “try out for comfort” (otherwise known as “if you can’t fit in here comfortably, you’re too fat for the ride) seat, for fear of showing myself up in public. Will just have to keep up the healthy eating and go back in another 6 yrs….. Karen

  2. Kristina Moore October 15, 2009 at 9:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly, I’ve never been in the Harlequin Centre in Watford! I think it was built when I was at College and work happened after that. Well done to Taylor regarding the saxophone. I always wanted to learn to play the sax. They put me on to the clarinet but as I remember it never told me that you had to learn that before you learned how to play the saxophone. It took ages to stop squeaking when going between the minor and major keys and then I stopped. I was no good at the practical exams at all. So go for it Taylor!!!!
    I can’t do rollercoasters now – I’m too large! Have a great time at half term all of you.

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