Women have a long wait before they’re given jewellery…


Collection of gemset jewellery When was the last time you received jewellery as a gift? If you’re struggling to remember then fear not as according to our latest QVC survey you're not alone!

Our survey, celebrating our Gem Day on Sunday 11th September, found British women wait an average of 32 months in their relationship before their partner buys them a piece of jewellery, despite one in five women (22%) naming jewellery as the best gift they could be given.

So far this year 65 % of British women haven't received a jewellery gift and only a small proportion of women (11%) opt to buy it for themselves.

Even more shockingly, a fifth of British men (20%) admitted they'd never bought jewellery for a partner, leaving around 2.2 million women in the UK who have never, ever, been treated to jewellery from their other half!

So what excuses do the men have? British men revealed that the main reason they shy away from buying their partner jewellery is because of the varied tastes of women and the fear of making the wrong choice and buying something they wouldn’t like (36%). Men are also wary of buying jewellery due to the cost (16%) whilst a further one in 10 men (13%) worries that a jewellery gift will be seen as a sign of wanting a bigger relationship commitment. 

The top 10 regions where women have not received jewellery from their men in 2011 are:

1)    Northern Ireland (92 per cent)

2)     Midlands (81 per cent)

3)     East (78 per cent)

4)     Wales (77 per cent)

5)     London (77 per cent)

6)     West (76 per cent)

7)     North East (74 per cent)

8)     South East (74 per cent)

9)     Yorkshire (72 per cent)

10)    Scotland (65 per cent)

Are you still waiting for jewellery from your partner? Is jewellery one of your favourite gifts to receive? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Louise September 9, 2011 at 12:19 pm -  Reply

    I was engaged for 13 years before we went our separate ways, during which time I only bought myself a couple of pieces, the rest was from him. Now I am single, I am quite reluctant to buy it for myself as – and many gals may not agree with this – I somehow feel that expensive jewellery is something a man ought to buy for a woman. I am going to try to change my opinion on this, or I may never get another piece of jewellery!

  2. Mary September 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm -  Reply

    The last time I received jewellery as a gift from my husband was last Christmas but……………I had to take him to chose it!!
    He’s simply afraid of getting it wrong, and that’s fine as he almost definately would! I would much prefer to buy it myself, give it to him, he wraps it and hands it to me so that our boys think they have made the right choice and everyone is happy.

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