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Will Gowing

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fab weekend!

Tomorrow is of course Diamonique Day, a seventeen hour live showcase of simulated diamonds set in precious metals.

I know lots of you already love our Diamonique range but for those of you who are new to QVC, Diamonique is our exclusive range of simulated diamond jewellery. It gives you the opportunity to own so many different styles and designs at a fraction of the cost of the real thing!

If you love the bold, extravagant look, tune in at 3pm tomorrow for 'Diamonique – Get Your Rocks On'. We'll be presenting some fantastic big designs and let's face it, if they were real diamonds we'd probably have no chance of even seeing them let alone owning them!

You may love classic solitaire pieces and if you do you won't be disappointed with the Diamonique Classics Collection at 8pm. As always you'll find the full line-up on our seven day tv guide.

Replica necklace from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

A recent survey has revealed the top ten most iconic jewellery pieces from films. When you think about it, jewellery has always had a big association with film, ever since the early days of Hollywood.

Jewellery was always aspirational and exclusive, especially glitzy design-led pieces. Of course now, no matter what your budget, it's still possible to 'get the look'.

In at number five on our list of most iconic film jewellery is this yellow diamond necklace from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'.

Replica necklace from Pretty Woman 
Taking fourth position on the list is this ruby and diamond necklace from the hit movie 'Pretty Woman'.

Do you remember Julia Roberts getting her fingers snapped by the box that contained this necklace?

At number three was Marilyn’s diamond necklace in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.

Replica necklace from Titanic

The second position was taken by the Pearl necklace featured in that stunning classic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

And at number one… it's the Heart of the Ocean from the blockbuster 'Titanic'!!

Ok I've got a confession now, all the pieces pictured aren't actually the real deal… they're all Diamonique replicas! The Heart of the Ocean (left) would cost just £320 in Diamonique compared to £2,200,000 using precious stones.

Tomorrow afternoon QVC will be at London’s Hatton Garden with our Diamonique pop-up store! Where better to show off our range of simulated diamonds than in one of the most famous diamond shopping areas?! We'll even be showing off our iconic film necklaces on live models!

The store will be open from midday until 7pm and you'll find it at 23-27 Hatton Wall. I'll be heading over tomorrow afternoon at around 2pm. If you can't go yourself, I'll be Skyping into the 3pm show which is 'Diamonique – Get Your Rocks On', so you'll be able to see the store on camera.

Our Diamonique buyer reveals more about the day…

Now I've been speaking to the people in the know to get even more gossip on tomorrow's Diamonique spectacular. See what Diamonique Buyer Emily had to say when I caught up with her last week…


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In a recent survey 80 per cent of British women revealed that imitation gems were more desirable than real ones, when considering they cost a fraction of the price but still look very similar.

It also seems that people really do struggle to tell the difference, just take a look at our Diamonique Challenge page. Miceal took to the streets of London to test the masses with some interesting reactions! 

Why not get warmed up ahead of tomorrow by visiting our fresh new Diamonique page? You can even leave your Diamonique Moment stories, you'll find the link at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the rest of your day, I'll see you on the Diamonique Day Morning Show tomorrow!

Will x

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