Where in the world was I? All is revealed!


Craig and a frozen Parisian fountainHello, hope you're all well,

The guessing is over! Sorry that this 'reveal' of where I've been is a little later than promised, but I've been away again – this time helping my friend work on his house in France.

Well done to Kath who correctly spotted that I was indeed at Le Moulin de Galette in Paris. I'm suitably impressed – not only did you spot the city but you named the building too!

It was a wonderful weekend, it had been snowing and I've never seen Paris in the winter, so it was a truly magical experience. As you can see from this photo (above left), even the fountains froze over!

Not only is Paris one of my favourite places to visit, it's also where I have my favourite breakfast in theBreakfast - Parisian style! world! You know how much of a sweet tooth I have and whenever I'm in France I treat myself to a big brekkie (right) of lots of fresh crusty bread, croissants and lashings of my absolute top treat – MILK JAM!

Yes, that's right, milk jam! I know it doesn't sound very appetising but it really is. It has a creamy vanilla taste and is very sweet. I recommend it with lots of butter too to add a bit of saltiness… perfect!

Craig and his favourite milk jam

As you can see from this pic (left), my milk jam makes me VERY happy! Here I am enjoying it at a lovely cafe and soaking up all the Parisian atmosphere. I know you can buy milk jam in the UK now but I like to save it as a special French treat, especially as it's not so good on the old waistline!

Have you been to Paris, and if so, do you have a favourite part? I love Montparnasse Tower as it has the best views over the city, and I also enjoy Parc Monceau in the north and Isle St Louis – two real hidden treasures. Let me know if you've discovered any gems off the beaten track.

See you soon,
Craig. xx.

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