Happy Halloween from the Flints


When my kids were 13 and 11, we started really getting into the spirit of Halloween. I'd just been doing a lot of business in San Diego and some of the US traditions rubbed off on me. I began collecting ornaments and we started our annual tradition of inviting most of their dozen or so cousins over for a cool Halloween party!

Every year, little scary creatures and animated witches, model ghosts, skull candles and pumpkin lights, decorated our house and my kids' cousins all turned up dressed up to kill! We'd serve up a nightmarish array of edible spiders, fabulous 'finger' sandwiches made with red food colouring to look like cut off fingers, green and orange fairy cakes and anything else we could find that was orange – full of E numbers (bad mummy!).

The band of cousins then went touring round the neighbourhood collecting 'booty' in their little black plastic cauldrons. Then they'd come back and watch a horror film on the telly together and share out their collection of sweets.

The worst tricker in the family was the kids' dad, my ex, Tony, who took delight in putting on a REALLY scary rubber zombie mask and answering the door wearing it when the trick or treater's came knocking. When they rang the bell, shouting 'trick or treat' I don't think that's quite what they expected to happen!

I even made a pumpkin pie once, but I did use ready made pastry. The kids loved making scary faces out of pumpkins too, which we put candles in and left them on the porch. One year we took so long making one, and the kids were so pleased with it, we kept it on display for much longer than usual – until I realised what the funny smell was and why there was dodgy looking juice leaking into the tray beneath it! Yuk!

All in all, Halloween holds fond memories for me and the children. Maybe they'll carry on the tradition when they have their own kids – and I've got a suitcase full of decorations in a suitcase in the loft which they're welcome to!

Happy Halloween from me, Brad and Lauren!


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  1. Margaret Bissland November 2, 2009 at 11:20 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Just wanted to say Welcome Back to qvc. You have been missed and I have seen you on various other things but really great to have you back.

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