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Hi everyone,

When I was asked what's in my wardrobe, my first thoughts were 'too many clothes, some that don't fit and many that I haven't worn for ages'.

Generally, it's a big mess that needs at least a whole weekend to sort out with nothing else to do (and when did I last have one of those?!!).

The 'What's in my…' mini series

Then they explained. QVC are doing a mini series this Wednesday (25th March) called 'What's in my…' and they're asking different presenters to talk about the QVC products they have in various parts of their home. Would I take the wardrobe show?

Well, that's much better than 'What's in my cupboard under the stairs' (you really don't want to know about that!) so it's a yes. See me at 1pm on Wednesday.

What you can expect from the show

I'm delighted to have alongside me Glen Campbell, our resident fashion and style expert, and we'll be looking at some of my favourites from our brilliant and forward-looking fashion department.

I have my eye on some stylish new outfits from brands like Modern Soul, Attitudes by Renee, Nina Leonard, Naturaliser shoes (I wear them almost every day on air) and Birkenstocks – perfect for the summer.

Do join me if you can.

Take care,



  1. julie March 25, 2009 at 1:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    May i say how fabulous you are looking these days!!!
    I really need to sort out my warddrobe and i keep putting it off as it scares me so much.
    But i have decided i am going to do it before the warm weather comes in.
    I don’t think i could let anyone near my wardrobe until it’s all cleared out.

  2. Susanna March 25, 2009 at 1:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy, Just watched your show (what’s in my wardrobe) love your choices. You always look great and I enjoy watching you. love Susanna

  3. Kathy Tayler March 27, 2009 at 10:13 am -  Reply

    Hi Jules.
    There’s no way I could let Glen or anyone else near my real wardrobe – it’s full of things I rarely wear and all the regulars are hung over the door or on the handle – I must admit to a sizeable pile of clothes on the floor, too. (All folded, naturally!) Of course, the main problem is that my wardrobe is too small. But like you, I really need to get to grips with it, it’s just that there always seems to be something else that takes priority on my time.
    I really enjoyed doing the show with Glen – isn’t he great!? And we have a great spring and summer of fashion to look forward to on QVC.
    Take care, and thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

  4. Kathy Tayler March 27, 2009 at 10:26 am -  Reply

    Hi Susanna
    I’m really glad you liked my choice of fashion – thanks for letting me know. I couldn’t bring you some of my favourite pieces from QVC as they aren’t in stock so no one could have bought them, but I was pleased with what we did have for you.
    I should have bought the patent black Birkinstocks that I wore all day and on the show as they sold out – I have that style in one of the other colours but not the black and I fell in love with them!
    I did buy the two new Casual and Co tops (143264 and 141467) – not really for work but for the summer and my hols when the weather warms up. Can’t wait!
    Take care
    Kathy x

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