What are these mystery flowers in my garden?


Craig's potted garden Hiya,

Hope you are well and had a good weekend.

With the weather being so good recently I've been enjoying my garden and it has over the last few weeks just burst into colour; it's lovely!

Thought I would share some pictures with you. I have moved most of my plants (oh the joy of gardening in pots!) to be by my window, that way I get to enjoy them from my own bedroom every morning when I open the shutters or if I am doing some work from home.

Here's what you can see in the pics:

Hot Lips plant in Craig's garden In photo 1 (above) – you can see my collection of plants outside my bedroom window, can you spot the strawberries in the brilliant stack of pots?

In photo 2 – you can see the delightful Hot Lips, what a gorgeous red colour they're and looking great against an otherwise boring fence! 

Tree lilies in Craig's garden

In photo 3 – look at my amazing tree lilies in their second year, they are looking so strong and healthy; I did have a bout of lily beetle but that seems to be under control now.

Pretty white flowers in Craig's garden In photo 4 – a lovely white flower plant that I bought from QVC but have no idea what it is.  Any ideas? It has pretty white flowers and spiky leaves.

In photo 5 – my first day lily of the year!

Yellow day lily in Craig's garden
In photo 6 – my mystery flower! Any idea what this pretty pink flower is that has grown amongst my aguilega? Is it a wild flower (ie a weed!)?

In photo 7 – my first beautiful white rose. 
Craig's mystery flower!
In photo 8 – what do you think of my gorgeous Pinks? At the moment I am cutting them and bringing in armfulls, it's amazing and they are so fragrant, I have them all over the house.

White rosde blooming in Craig's garden I do hope you like the pictures, do feel free to send any of yours through to me here at QVC.

And please do leave a comment below!

x Pinks in Craig's garden

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  1. Penelope Scott-Rowley July 12, 2010 at 10:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Craig, love your colourful pots, my tree lilies are taller than me now being nearly 6 feet tall, I also had lily beetle, the only cure is to handpick them off the plant and squash them (non-toxic!). Your pretty pink flower is a british native wildflower, common name is Herb Robert. Keep smiling! Love Penelope.

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