What a small world!


Holiday in Crete

Hi everyone,
Well the summer is truly over and the dreaded school run is again upon us. I must admit it takes me a good couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. We had an amazing couple of weeks in Crete. The weather was fabulous, hot but with a cool comfortable breeze which was lovely.

Fantastic hotel – The Sensatori, had so much going on for the kids. It was superb and the best food we have had in a long time on holiday, especially the desserts which were to die for. I must admit we didn't do a lot, or see much of the island, but sometimes you just need to flake out and that's exactly what we did for two whole weeks.

Then one day a little voice shouted across the swimming pool, 'Jilly! Jilly!' and lo and behold there was Fiona Brackenbury from Decleor standing by the side of the pool in the very same hotel in Crete! How incredible is that? And such a small world!

It was lovely to see her, luckily for her we were leaving the next day as I think my husband wanted to hijack her and have one of her amazing facials. I think given half a chance he would have raided her room as he kept saying 'I bet her room is packed with lovely products'.

I felt very virtuous as I'd chosen to take Decleor sun-care products with me on holiday so I must have scored massive brownie points from Fiona there, but what a coincidence.

Still that's it, no more sunshine 'til next year. I wonder who I'll bump into next time?
Have you ever seen anyone unexpected on holiday? Let me know.

'til next time,

Take care 
Jilly xx


  1. Susan October 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly,
    It seems ages since I’ve seen you on the TV…maybe that’s partly because you’ve been sunning yourself!! How lovely for you all to get away for a last break before the kids are back into their schools. Hope all has settled down for you now. It is a really pretty picture that you’ve posted of yourself & your gorgeous little ones! They really are so cute. I’m glad you had a fab time & that is hilarious about Fiona turning up in the same hotel as you!!! What a small world indeed!
    Take care,
    Susan x

  2. Una October 8, 2010 at 10:34 am -  Reply

    Hi Jilly
    I havent spoken to you before, but have been an avid QVCer since the beginning.
    What a lovely photo of you and your lovely children. Its hard to believe they are so big. I rememeber when you got married and were pregnant, and it seems like yesterday!
    It is such a small world. Its so funny Fiona being in the same hotel.
    My husband and I were in Crete 5 years ago, and decided to take one of the many boat trips. We got on the boat and got settled, and about an hour in, I decided to go get some refreshments. I was standing in the queue, and the lady in front turned round, and it turned out to be a girl I had been at school with.
    My daughter and I went to New York 6 years ago. We had planned to go to the Empire State building, but changed our plans at the last minute. We ended up going the next day. We had to queue (as you do) and they were taking groups up and down constantly in the lifts. We had just stepped out of the lift, when I glanced up and saw one of my patients getting in the lift next to ours. We both said Hi, then did a double take as we both realised exactly how small a world it actually is!!! Very funny.
    Anyway Jilly. Nice to see you back on screen.
    Love Una x

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