What a shocker!


Simon having an electric shock As you know, if you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the blogs, I have got some chickens. Abigail and the girls are doing well but we wanted to give them a truly free range existence, without letting the foxes get them.

I decided to get an electric fence to keep the fox out and the chickens in. It gives them around 200 square meters of extra space to scratch about in and keeps them safe. I don’t know anything about electric fences but a nice man called Bill, who runs a company specialising in them, guided me through what I needed to buy and over the weekend I installed it all! 

Now, the only way I could think of testing it to see if it works, was to hold onto it to see if I got a shock! (I used to do this as a kid and it’s probably not recommended but not too scary). The thing is the shock was so weak I thought there must be a problem…. 

As I waited there holding on to the fence thinking this wouldn’t scare a flea away, I leant against the metal dustbin that we keep the feed in and – BAM! I thought my heart had been restarted. What a belt… enough to make my hair stand on end (see photo above)! I thought that I must have a bad earth or something until Bill told me that as I was wearing shoes, they were insulating me from the ground but by touching the bin I got pretty well connected!

Let me assure you, unless Mr Fox is wearing wellies… he’s definitely in for a shock!

Simon X

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