What a fundraiser!


Garden Re-Leaf showAmazing! Thanks to the fantastic support of QVC, our gardening suppliers and, most of all, our customers, we raised a staggering £17,800 for the Greenfingers Charity during last weekend's Garden Re-Leaf shows.

We had some amazing plants and products on the shows and it’s no wonder that many of them sold out so quickly. They were really fast moving shows with some much to talk about, particularly the wonderful work Greenfingers do in creating the gardens for children’s hospices.

One of the highlights was showing the hospice gardens that had been created using the money we raised last year. Simon Biagi did a magnificent job presenting such complex shows and the production department pulled out all the stops to make the shows as informative and interesting as possible. It really was an incredible team effort and even Alan Titchmarsh kindly made an appearance (on tape!) with some warm words of support for Greenfingers.

Every penny raised during our Garden Re-Leaf shows will be given to Greenfingers to help them build more of their magical gardens for children's hospices. To find out more about Greenfingers, or to make a donation, visit www.greenfingerscharity.org.uk.

Back home, it's turned really cold and my hellebores, which were in full bloom, have bowed their heads to the ground in the bitter winds. They'll soon pick up once it warms up but the cool start to the spring really is slowing growth, I read today that some daffodils are four weeks later than last year. When spring finally arrives, it'll be a riot of colour with everything catching up at the same time!

On Saturday, I'm looking forward to launching my final new product for the season, my very special slug and snail pellets. Based on naturally occurring ferric phosphate, I think these are a much better way of controlling slugs and snails. Mine are approved for organic gardening, are safer for birds, hedgehogs and pets, as well as being extra rain fast and long lasting. I'm pleased to read that Gardening Which and the Royal Horticultural Society say that they prefer ferric phosphate pellets to the traditional metaldehyde pellets. I had great results testing them in my garden last year and I'm delighted to make them more widely available.

Happy gardening

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  1. Lyndsey March 18, 2013 at 7:27 am -  Reply

    Gutted to see that your compost contains peat!

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