Looking after Tom, organising the house and baking


Well I'd have loved to have chatted about all the wonderful, exciting things I've been up to this week but a poorly boy has been my priority. So, a week at home with Tom who has acute tonsillitis has been it!

Its funny as all I've been wanting to do is clean, tidy and sort. No I'm NOT pregnant, even though this week I dreamt I was….

It's because we are almost at the exchange stage with our house move, so I just want to crack on and get organised – most unlike me as it's always a mad rush to the end. At least being at home has allowed a few cupboards to be sorted!

You know how I always joke about Dan being the chef at home; it goes without saying I CAN and DO cook, just to set the record straight!

This week the tea has been on the table at six o'clock! I don't think Dan can believe it, neither can I for that matter. I'm not convinced I can maintain this level of domesticity though! Or that he can continue arriving home at six for that matter…

I got a great wheat-free cook book at Christmas and decided we should try the chocolate cake.

SUCCESS… Joe and Maddie loved Tom's special cakes and seeing them enjoying it was so lovely. I've decided though that recipes and instruction booklets are the same thing. I seem to subliminally refuse to follow them and jump around doing the bits I fancy in the order I fancy.

Gosh, what would a psychologist make of me? Better not to know. Still the cakes worked and I think it must've been the start of my cooking extravaganza.

I've just been chatting to the buyer about a lovely fashion range – Dolce Cabo. The range is sophisticated, beautifully made with some stunning designer details. Its clothes you can buy now and will have for such a long time.

I shall be introducing it to you Monday at 10am, and shall be spoilt for choice in what to wear.

Oh and of course I'll be presenting The Morning Show at 9am with my new partner in crime Debbie Greenwood! We've got ideas and plans for our Monday morning shows, so stay with us as we persuade QVC to let us loose with them!!

Now I must dash and try and tempt my little invalid with some of my delicious homemade soup.

See you on Monday,

Love Claire XX

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