Well groomed!


Craig grooming George the horse Hi there,

Hope you're all well and having a good week. Just a quick blog to share with you – in fact, it's a Craig first. That is, the first time I've groomed a horse – and what a weird and wonderful experience it was!

I went over to visit my friend Jules, who lives in the countryside and works as a groom. I've visited the stables he looks after many times before, and I'm always slightly wary of the horses – there are six of them and they're HUGE!

George the horse in his stable I do love horses and enjoy watching their grace and beauty, but I always keep my distance. However on this visit, after a little persuasion, I was talked into grooming one of Jules charges.

I was assured that George the horse was a calm and placid character, and I must admit I quite enjoyed myself, though I did get a little jumpy when I had to brush his legs – a horse that size has to have a heck of a kick! As you can see from the photo (above), I had a slightly nervous grin! But George was very well behaved indeed. Who knows, maybe next time I'll even have the courage to saddle up and have a canter!

Have a great Bonfire Night tonight, hope you enjoy the fireworks and fingers crossed it doesn't rain! I'll see you all on Friday 6th at 3pm with our very first Snuggle Up for Winter show, and then again at 4pm with Northern Nights Winter Warmth – it promises to be a cosy couple of hours!

Lots of love,
Craig. x.

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