We got the Wii fit board!


Ben, Lauren and Chloe Well it's nearly the end of May and if you remember what student holidays are like, you won't be surprised that in university land, this week was moving out time for my lovely girl Lauren and her other half Ben.

So my trip down to Weston to help bring back their endless boxes of rubbish 9I mean possessions!) was a marathon round trip in the car. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

On the way home we took a detour to see their new digs for next year. Right now it's a bit of a building site, but the kids have got a good imagination and a nice new, and rather dishy, landlord! 

Lauren accused me of flirting, but he doesn't need to worry. One of my ambitions used to be to get into property development, so I was interested to see around his conversion. Afterwards, we met up with Lol's cousin Chloe in Bath and had a lovely lunch.
But after such a long time on my bottom in the car, I really needed a bit of exertion. And considering last week was our biggest event for ages -  the launch of QVC on ITV's The Zone – and we were celebrating it with a fabulous Today's Special Value from Nintendo, the timing couldn't have been better!
So, it was time to get our act in gear regarding fitness. Having already got a Wii console, I thought we'd give the fitness 'thing' a go! I have to say it is so much fun. Having created our own little 'Miis' (versions of ourselves) we then embarked upon a fitness test.

I was very pleased that – balance wise anyway – I came out at 34-years-old. A good deal lower than my real age, so I was well happy! Lauren didn't fare so well with the balance, she was about 31 and she's only 20! BUT she beat me soundly when it came to weight and BMI.

The clever little gadget works it all out for you just by standing on the board – I was amused (putting it mildly and politely!) when it added those few extra pounds to my Mii, how funny! But actually, after a day or so, having got a bit fitter and lighter, it was really good to see the chart start coming down – quite satisfying and probably quite motivating. Also I chose the male avatar trainer – of course!! My sat nav voice is a male, so why not my 'virtual trainer'! 

Then it was on to the games. The more minutes you do, the more new games they add. One of them is an advanced version of a balance board game and was very addictive. It makes it easier to spend time off your bottom and on the balance board. Actually tonight, my night off, I've been very impressed with several other new games I've 'earned' – especially the advanced rhythm boxing – great fun and really challenging. What's your fave?
Anyway, it's a good start to the 'shape up for summer' plan. I'll keep you informed how it's going. Any tips for me, let me know.
And thanks to those of you who've commented on the latest darker hair – I think it's the best so far so I'll be keeping it this way for a while I think. Let me know what you think too.
Best wishes and have a great week.


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  1. Yvonne Martin June 11, 2010 at 7:04 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, just wanted to say how i love reading your blogg posts, cos they are sooo funny and entertaining. Glad to have you back on QVC,you was so missed.
    From Yvonne.

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