How to survive water torture


Pans on my bed!Recently I have been the victim of water torture from my neighbours! How did this happen I hear you ask. Did they tie me down and drip water on my forehead for days on end until I went slowly insane?

Well… no.

What actually happened was a loose water pipe connection in their newly-fitted kitchen directly above my bedroom, which resulted in a massive amount of water leaking through my bedroom light fitting and down onto my bed. It happened, of course, when I was out all day and they weren't at home either.


Down the water poured all day long. Through my Northern Nights bedlinen, my Northern Nights down duvet, my (brand new) Northern Nights featherbed mattress topper (it occurs to me that I seem to own a lot of Northern Nights products!). On it poured, right through the mattress, the base of the bed and into the carpet! It was a soggy, sodden mess to say the least!

When I discovered my own version of Waterworld in my bedroom I immediately ran upstairs to the neighbours to get them to turn off their water supply, but no one was home. After a hastily scribbled note pushed under their door asking them to call me immediately as soon as they returned home I ran back downstairs to see what I could do.

With no access to their stopcock I literally had to just stand there and watch the water pour in.
Not being someone to admit defeat easily I grabbed pots and pans and sat them under the pouring water with plastic bin bags underneath to try and stem the saturation of everything in the room. This was all I could do at that point.

PansonbedadjAs it was getting late I had to just grab a few things and make the living room floor as comfortable as possible for the night! Lying there on the floor listening to the sound of water pouring into pots in my bedroom wasn't exactly the most soothing of lullabyes but I did eventually get some sleep.

Next morning the neighbours still hadn't returned and the water was still pouring, so my landlord and the management agency were next on the list to call.


Eventually, after a lot of phone calls, the water was switched off and the pipe work was fixed.

What surprised me most was how calm and stress free I was about it all. I spent a week sleeping on the floor but it honestly didn't bother me. There are so many people with real life-changing problems that a little water wasn't really the torture I jokingly called it – more like a bit of an inconvenience really.

Maybe it's just me getting older or more mature, but I like the more zen me. Long may it last!

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