Watching TV is Acer!

New Acer TV As far as I was aware, Acer, a brand well known to many of you on QVC, design computers and especially laptops. So, it was a surprise to me when I heard our electronics buyers at QVC chatting about an Acer TV.

I asked them what they were talking about as I was sure I must have heard them wrong, but no I hadn't. Acer, who have invested so much time and effort into building computers and laptops that are not only functional but also practical and have great screen resolution too, have taken their know-how and put it into televisions.
Intrigued by the possibilities of this I asked if I could take one home for a while and try it out to see what the quality was like, and if you will excuse the pun, it was Acer!

Now, when I get a new piece of technical equipment home I always dread the set-up part, always having lots of nagging doubts - is it going to take a long time, will I have to connect lots of small parts together, do I need a tool kit and a degree in astro-physics to get it to work, will it work at all and if it does work will it be any good?!

Let me put your mind at rest.

The set-up, for me, took literally a few minutes. I popped the base stand on to the bottom of the TV, I connected the power lead and the aerial, and then I switched it on and chose the Auto-Tune option from the menu. Job done. I was watching my favourite TV shows in minutes.

The Acer 20" HD Ready LCD TV with LED backlight and Freeview tuner has everything that you could want from a TV. For me it's the perfect size as I live in a small apartment and need to have a TV that's compact in size but doesn't compromise on features.

It has great HD resolution and superb dynamic contrast ratio for well-defined colours and vivid images. Plus, it has two HDMI ports to make it easy to connect a couple of HD sources at once, such as a games console and a media player too (perfect if you have kids at home). What that all means is that it gives great picture quality and it packs a lot in for its size.

Also, having a Freeview tuner built in was so convenient. It meant that not only did I not need a Freeview tuner box but that I could literally pop my aerial lead into the back of the TV and I had access to all of the Freeview channels in moments. I didn't even have to tune them in, I simply had to click on the Auto-Tune facility and it did it all for me. Thats what I call technology for the non-technical - I love it!

Also, because the Acer 20" is so light and easy to set up, it meant that I could move it to different rooms and try it out in the bedroom and the kitchen with very little hassle. 

If you are in the market for a new TV, a second TV or maybe a television for the children, this is going to more than do the job for you, and, because it is HD Ready, there won't be any need to replace it anytime soon either.

Sound as Sharp as you like it!

As I was being bold enough to ask to try a TV at home, I thought I might as well 'chance my arm' (is that an Irish expression?) and see if I could also try the Sharp Sound Bar System as well. 

You see I have thought about getting one of those surround sound systems in the past because with the new thinner, slimline TVs that are on the market now, the manufacturers simply can't fit in the size of speakers we would need to give us really deep rich sound. However, the idea of setting speakers all around my room to give me better quality sound just filled me with dread. All those cables and having to position everything in the right place was too much for me.

With the Sharp Sound Bar though, you don't have to do any of that. Again, just like the Acer TV, it was technology for the non-technical. I simply connected the power lead, and then I connected the colour coded cables from the speaker to the back of the TV and that was it; I had rich, deep quality sound coming from my TV instantly.

With four optional presets for Sports, Cinema, News and Standard, you can alter the sound depth and quality (not to mention volume) according to the type of TV you are watching. As it's freestanding or wall mountable, you can choose where and how you would like to position it (If you have your TV on the wall, then you can place this on the wall too which makes it so versatile).

As good as the sound quality is on the Acer, the use of the Sharp Sound Bar really added a richness to the experience. As I have a small living room, it wasn't volume that I was looking for (though you can really increase the volume output from your TV with this), it was quality of sound, and it really made all the difference between watching a movie (you know how I love my movies) and experiencing a movie in a more cinematic way.

It isn't just for watching movies either, it makes a real difference when watching sports as well, particularly the big football matches, and as a fan of athletics I can't imagine what it would be like watching the Olympics with this for sound enhancement.

But don't just take my word for it. You can read the reviews yourself or try it at home and see what you think. I would be interested to know if any of you have the same experience as me.

Regards, Miceal

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