Just got my hands on the brand new Vax lithium life cordless vacuum cleaner and… wow! This has to be one of the biggest advances in floor cleaning since the vacuum was invented.

VaxIt's a proper full-sized cyclonic vacuum cleaner (with all the attachments and functionality you would expect from a corded one), but this one is battery powered.

Now I thought it would be wimpy and a bit of a gimmick, but it is a serious cleaner with real power and performance. It definitely has the easiest to manoeuvre swivel head I have ever used (it's called Air Motion technology) and as you can see from the picture, it really loves getting up pet hair!

I was amazed how much dog and cat hair it sucked and brushed off the carpet as I had only vacuumed the day before!

I couldn't really test how long the batteries lasted as it did the whole place in about half an hour and I had plenty of power left (they tell me it lasts up to 50 minutes and you have two batteries).

The best part was that you never reach the end of your tether! There's a bit by the front door of our house that doesn't get vacuumed so often as you always reach the end of the cable about there and it's such a pain to unplug and plug in again just for that little bit….. So you just go "argh, I'll get it next time!" But when you are cordless there's no problem.

This is not a toy or a gimmick ……this is a serious weapon in your battle against housework.

Find out all about it as it is the TSV (Today's Special Value) all through Sunday 29th June. See you then.

Simon x

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