Vegetable plots and autumn jobs…


Raymond Blanc's vegetable plot I've seen some impressive vegetable plots in my time but Raymond Blanc's plot is pretty amazing. It supplies all the fresh veg and herbs for his restaurant near Oxford and it's gardening on a huge scale – 1.5 acres and totally organic.

Back home, I've begun drying out my begonias before storing the corms to over-winter them. The dahlias are still looking superb and we're still picking lots of flowers from them thanks to the recent spell of fine weather. But it won't be long before the first frosts and once their leaves turn black, it'll be time to lift them too.

This weekend I'll be placing my seasonal bulb order – it's a fun job deciding which varieties to buy. I've not grown Turks Cap lilies before, so I think I'm going to get some of those and some Fritillarias as well as traditional favourites like February Gold daffs which I'm planning to naturalise. I prefer to plant all of my bulbs at the same time, rather than staggering the planting of different varieties through the autumn. The best time for planting tulips is early November so that's when all my bulbs go in!

Happy gardening

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