Valentine’s Day: My best and worst experiences


Valentine's Day gift A slow journey home from QVC got me thinking about previous years and I was smiling at some of the memories. It got me wondering whether you had any shareable Valentine stories.

I vividly remember my first real Valentine card and by that I mean posted through the letterbox with NO idea who it was from.

I was 14 and was completely teased by my two older brothers. However, with a little detective work I found out it was from a boy in my eldest brother's year – the 6TH form, how scary?! My brother was mortified – he couldn't understand how someone of his age could possibly fancy his little sister?

Anyway, I seem to remember he walked me home from the school play, came in for coffee (how grown up) and kissed me…aaaaaargh! The next day I decided it was not to be, so bravely told him that whilst I liked him it was not in THAT way. Very grown up I thought, so imagine how completely crushed I was when his response was, "Don't flatter yourself!" So much for the maturity of a sixth former!

I do think the thrill of the unknown was just fab and I still don't know who sent me a card when I was at college – it was postmarked Rochdale. I remember wishing they'd given me a clue as it seemed such a waste knowing someone liked me, who's to know it wasn't mutual.

The best Valentine's Day for me was when Dan and I were doing up an old cottage. It was vile, cold, old and minus any mod cons. Well, I was asked to dress warmly for the evening as he had a surprise…

Dan had brought an antique table into the almost derelict cottage and laid it beautifully, cooked a divine meal and covered the room with candles. A real fire provided the warmth and there we stayed till morning. Now that's what I call romantic!

Unlike the next Valentine's Day when he decided to present me with a ring box! My heart was suddenly beating off the scale – I gingerly opened it to find nestling inside was a rolo…yes a ROLO!

He thought it was romantic to give me his last rolo. Well, along with the little note saying "maybe next time". That scored him a big fat zero. Actually, I seem to remember I did see the funny side of it and guess what, I've still got the rolo!

The worst…Well let's just say that to agreeing to go to dinner with an ex was not one of my better decisions.

I hope I've triggered off some happy if not amusing memories of your own Valentine moments, I can't wait to hear back from you all!

Wishing you a lovely day on the 14th, be it with your Valentine or the hope of one or even your special memories. Remember, lets not just save all this loving for once a year and come on don't be shy post your stories.

Hearts and love from Claire


  1. Fiona February 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm -  Reply

    My first and only valentines card was signed ?
    I still don’t know who sent it but the real cause for amusement is the person who sent it didn’t put a stamp on the card and I had to go to the local delivery office and pay to receive it.

  2. claire sutton February 16, 2009 at 12:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Fiona, at least it was a card….. albeit minus the stamp!unlike for me this year, Dan is in the not such good books! No card, though we had the evening on Friday together, so at least effort made there!!! Love Claire

  3. Geraldine Brooker February 25, 2009 at 12:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi claire I had a fab valentine day the best ever, being a widow for 10 years and thinking all romance for me was gone forever,I recieved the most gorgeous bouquet of a dozen red roses at eight in the morning and a lovely card to follow.It was from a friend of 30 years whose wife was my best friend and he has been a widower for 3 years and guess what ..romance is blossoming and I feel 18 again ….how about the way I love q.v.c and you are my fav presentor

  4. CLAIRE SUTTON February 25, 2009 at 6:55 pm -  Reply

    Geraldine….!!!!!!WOW AND HOORAY! how utterly fabulous for you, do you get those butterflies?oh what an exciting time for you.Go with it , Enjoy every second and do keep me updated! I love a romance!
    Claire xxxx

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