Update on our new home…


Well, we’ve been here for a month now and I love it! The move from our old Battersea base seems such a long time ago already and things in our new home in Chiswick Park are beginning to settle.

I still go up the stairs when I should be going down and the computer systems still have the ability to drive me round the twist with their obscure security requests, but the place is beginning to feel like home and beginning to develop an atmosphere. I hope you like the new style and hopefully the good things are just as good and the bad things have got better!

The “summer” is nearly half way through and the kids will be on summer holidays soon so hopefully the weather improves. The Olympics to look forward to (and luckily we have tickets for the whole family to go to the men’s gymnastics), a short visit to see family and some building projects at home to attend to – so no dull moments ahead despite the dull weather.

Had five tonnes of slabs/cement/sand/blocks etc delivered, to hopefully convert into a patio this weekend, so with a bit of luck there'll be no jewellery next week as I don’t think my hands will look too good.

I hope things aren’t too wet and soggy for you all and just remember… it can only get better!

Simon x


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