How much do you hate queuing?


QVC asked British shoppers about queuing and came up with some startling results! According to the research, British shoppers will spend 155 days of their lives queuing while on shopping trips, equivalent to 47 hours per year or 55 minutes per week, and find it the most irritating facet of their high street shopping experience.

47% suffer from 'queue rage'
The results reveal that 47 per cent of Brits have suffered 'queue rage', with a fifth of respondents (21 per cent) admitting that have stormed out of a shop after queuing for three minutes or less.  Shoppers are likely to vote with their feet – and their wallets – when faced with long queues, with 76 per cent reporting that they have blacklisted shops where they have experienced these issues.  Others have taken it further with 29 per cent admitting to raising their voice or getting angry with shop staff and 20 per cent to arguing with other shoppers. 

Top trigger for seeing red
British consumers rate having to queue their top trigger for seeing red on a shopping spree, with 55 per cent rating it their top hate.  Shoppers estimate they spend an average 17 minutes per shopping trip standing in queues and that they hit the high street or supermarket 3.2 times per week on average.

'Superior' shopping assistants
Queuing is followed by unhelpful or ‘superior’ shopping assistants (39 per cent) and busy stores (36 per cent) in the list of top shopping hates, with poor quality goods (34 per cent) and lack of available sizes/ colour variations (34 per cent) completing the top five. 

Top Ten Shopping Hates

1. Queuing (55 per cent)
2. Unhelpful or ‘superior’ shopping assistants (39 per cent)
3. Busy stores (36 per cent)
4. Poor quality goods (34 per cent)
5. Lack of available sizes/ colour variations (34 per cent)
6. Bad store layout (30 per cent)
7. Loud music in store (30 per cent)
8. Lack of parking (25 per cent)
9. No toilets (25 per cent)
10. Not enough changing rooms (17 per cent)

What's your top ten?
Let us know if you have ever left a queue and chosen to shop with QVC instead? Or if you are one of those that finds shopping in high street stores especially stressful?

(The survey, commissioned by TV shopping channel QVC, asked 2,000 respondents from across the UK to provide information about their shopping experiences, including how much they spend and what aspects of shopping they find the most frustrating.)


  1. Sharon Gasparutti February 5, 2010 at 1:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi there QVC, you have said it in a nutshell. I just can’t stand queuing, whether it at a post office or in a supermarket and we have plenty of those in Peterborough, mind you I for some reason just can ‘t stand staying for too long a period either. I do not I just can’t win.

  2. rebecca February 5, 2010 at 2:36 pm -  Reply

    I definately find shopping on the high street stressfull these days. Shops never seem to have enough staff which makes for a long old queue and some of the staff they do have are rude and uninterested in what they are doing. I think the worse thing is the shop assistants in alot of shops especially on beauty counters do not have the knowledge or the experience. That’s the difference with QVC. You have Alison Young who has helped me so much with my cosmetics and makeup more than any shop asistant could ever have done. I hate busy shops as i don’t like crowds and fitting rooms are too hot. Also QVC offers such good value. Why pay more in the shops? I save a fortune on my Bare Escentuals and Liz Earle by getting them with QVC. Since shopping with QVC i find i only ever go to the shops when i absolutely have to which frees up alot of time. Shopping with QVC spoils us really. But i’m not complaining.

  3. J McPherson February 8, 2010 at 8:15 pm -  Reply

    Have always loathed going shopping in town and would have all of the above on my list. Although my no. 7 would include all music in stores or on the street. However the one thing that really makes my blood boil is the way everyone tries to sell you something else in addition to what you are buying. I was buying a book and was asked if I would like a bag of sweets that were on special offer!

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