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Trinny & Susannah on QVC

As you might already know, TV stylists Trinny & Susannah have joined the QVC fashion sorority with the launch of their new range. We recently caught up with Susannah, holidaying in Scotland, and Trinny, on the hunt for coffee in Holland – for a quick chat…

Tell us how it all began?
Susannah: Well we met 16 years ago, I was writing for the Daily Telegraph at the time, and we started discussing what we wanted to do in life.

Trinny & Susannah CollectionTrinny said she loved clothes and that she wished there was a page in a magazine where all the clothes on it were actually available in the stores, as often they’re just sold out. 

I thought it was a great idea and asked her if I could nick it, since I was the writer! She said no way – quite rightly! So we decided to write the page together for the Telegraph.

We wore the clothes ourselves, and had cheap, medium and expensive options – it was really the first fashion page of its kind for real women. We then began to do slots on ‘This Morning’, and then we were picked up by the BBC and started doing ‘What Not To Wear’.

Trinny & Susannah with modelsWhat inspired you to launch this range?
Trinny: We really wanted to do a range for the average British woman – so above a size 12 and up to size 24. We’ve split women’s body shapes into three body types – a big tummy, top heavy and bottom heavy.

Women can dress according to their body shape – it’s designed for those who have something they want to hide but still showing off their figures.


It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do – a range for real women. Women who have issues with their bodies, women of a certain age, who maybe have lost the sense of who they are. So just really affordable, very stylish clothes that aren’t particularly governed by fashion but adhere to colours and prints. 

What’s your favourite piece from the range and why?
Susannah: Ohh that’s so difficult! I love all the jersey dresses, they’re so easy to wear. You can just chuck the dress in a suitcase when travelling and it won’t crease, you just put it on and it looks amazing.

Navy and black dress Red dress









Tweed jacketTrinny: There’s also a great tweed jacket (pictured left), it’s so good. It hides your tummy and really pulls you in at the waist. We believe a good jacket should emphasise a woman’s waist.

A staple item in your own wardrobe?
Susannah: Well, for me – I do just live in jeans when I’m working. It’s very different to when I’m not working. So, right now, I’m literally in hiking boots, with filthy dirty hair and a dirty old T-shirt!

But at work it’s always dresses. If I find a dress that I like, if it’s good for my shape, I will buy it – no matter how expensive it is – as it is quite hard to find dresses if you have big boobs. That’s another great thing about this range – all the dresses are fantastic if you have big boobs!

Biggest fashion faux pas?

Trinny: My biggest fashion faux pas would have to be orange fake tan, which I wore for about three years. I looked like I’d been ‘Tango-ed!’ It’s the most unfashionable thing anyone could ever do.

Susannah: Oh God, where do I begin? There are so many! I’m very bad on maintenance of my hair and my roots, and one time I went to a film premiere with Trinny and my roots were so bad! I had this kind of ‘Something About Mary’ hairdo, with a leather choker (I have a really short neck). I look back and I’m so ashamed, I looked terrible!

Which celebs do you think dress well for their shape?
Trinny: I don’t really care about the celebrity world, quite frankly. For us it’s about dressing people who don’t have time to go out and get stylists.

Susannah: I think Anamatronics from the Scissor Sisters dresses better for her shape than anyone. I think she’s amazingly stylish and very cool. Also, Nigella Lawson is great at dressing for her shape.

Most challenging person you’ve styled?
Susannah: Actually in Israel this time we have had some very difficult shapes. It’s really hard when a woman’s belly is bigger than her boobs – that’s an apple shape. Every woman is smaller underneath her boobs, so it’s a question of showing that off.

Trinny: Recently I had someone in Israel who was a 6’8″ man – I wanted him to look really cool and trendy – so that was quite challenging.

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  1. Bobbi Schneider August 20, 2012 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Loved the new styles from Trinny and Susannah!
    But as a lady with big boobs, and only 5 foot tall, I find dresses with side zips impossible…..
    Can you let me know if the fitting is still ok with a side zip?
    Looking forward to future shows!

  2. Swansea SA1 August 20, 2012 at 11:26 pm -  Reply

    I was watching their show from 12 to 1pm with my 10 year old granddaughter and have to say that the expressions they used for ‘boobs’ and ‘bums’ really offended me! Was there any need for it? Do they think that they’re better than the lovely Kim from Kim & Co. or Michelle Hope or the ladies from Tiana B or Ronnie Nicole to name but a few. Even the effervescent Lennie wouldn’t get away with that sort of talk. Very crude.Will not be watching them on QVC again, no matter what they’re selling. Why were they not regulated QVC?

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