Turkey day 4: The Temple of Artemis


Plan of the Temple of Artemis Thank goodness we had yesterday, yesterday! We woke up to a really cold and powerfully blustery wind, having had a gloriously sunny day the day before. We were in a coastal hotel and looking out of the window, we could see whitecaps in the bay in front of us. I don’t know why I start each blog with a weather report… old habits die hard I guess!

The Temple of Artemis was all we had time for. It's been a temple at this site since the 4th century BC and when the archaic one was burned down, it left the way open to build the huge Hellenistic masterpiece that was revered as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 

Unfortunately almost nothing is left now, which is probably testimony to the fact that this area was a Simon Biagi in front of a stone column haven for invaders and plunderers. The single column (right) that remains gives an idea of the layers and levels that history has left upon this landscape – it's absolutely fascinating. As the statues of Artemis are now in museums, our own "Goddess Andrea" (our Videographer's Assistant) made sure we got the idea (below). 

The Temple was unusually quiet, perhaps because of the weather and perhaps because the more intact Ephesus is just up the road. But the local canine security patrol seemed very happy with the individual attention from Sila, our great Turkish 'fixer' (below).

Mike filming Mike our Videographer (left) did a great job making the ruins as beautiful as possible in the grey light – and by the way I want to say a big "Hey!" to Mike’s kids, who are following the blog… your Dad’s doing a great job!

On the way back to Istanbul we stopped at a roadside café serving traditional Turkish 'home-cooked food' (below). It was delicious and Ellen and Andrea had their first Turkish coffee grounds read by the owner. Ellen was apparently going to travel a long way… no kidding!

I have to return home tomorrow but I hope to squeeze in a quick visit to a factory in Istanbul, producing handmade gold jewellery. I'll keep ya posted!

Simon x

P.S. Here are a few more snaps for you to enjoy…

Andrea in front of the stone column

Our own 'Goddess Andrea' (our Videographer's Assistant) posing in front of the stone column

Sila petting a local dog

The local canine secuity patrol

The crew eating in a Turkish roadside cafe 
Us all enjoying traditional Turkish food in a roadside cafe

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