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Dear QVC friends,

Howard Binder


My name is Howard Binder, you may recognise me from QVC's cleaning shows featuring my IT Works!cleaning blocks.

Now that the holiday season is behind us it's time to consider getting our homes back in order after the festivities, and I know this can be particularly hard to do for those with busy schedules.

However cleaning becomes far more enjoyable and less time consuming with safe and effective products that save you money.

New kit for 2011
It Works! Cleaning blocks & Super Pads To help kick off the cleaning season before spring I'm delighted to bring my new IT Works! kit to  your screens as a Today's Special Value. It features 40 of my famous water-activated multi-purpose cleaning
blocks in different sizes, and includes our brand new super pads.

The blocks are perfect for quickly and effectively cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and getting rid of scuff marks and grass stains on hard floors in no time. My wife loves using the blocks to keep her glass pyrex dishes clean and for removing greasy blobs off our gas cooker top.

It Works! Double-sided Super pads

I'm very excited about my new Super Pads which are also included in the TSV! Each pad is like having a roll of kitchen towel that never runs out, so you can use the pads to keep your work surfaces (granite, marble, quartz or melamine) sparkling clean and shiny.

With just a spray of water these pads allow you to quickly and easily clean and polish all of your glass and mirrors throughout the house. My designated job at home in Toronto is to manage the mirrors in the bathrooms and I love tackling finger prints, soap and toothpaste splashes with the pads.
With three children at home, our kitchen counters are always covered in crumbs and jam/Marmite splotches. Watch how the absorbent chenille and micro fibre fingers of the Super Pads gobble up sticky messes and pick up hard debris, all with a light spray of tap water! They're even colour-coded for different areas of your home. Best of all – pop them in the wash and use them over and over again.

Leather care

Have you noticed how dry your skin becomes in winter time due to indoor heat? The very same is true of leather hides. Whether it be shoes, bags and purses, jackets and briefcases – leather goods should be protected and moisturised just like our skin. My It Works! Leather Balsam (in a lovely coconut fragrance) will do just that. Feed and nourish your leather so it looks supple and brand new all the time. 

Banish hard water deposit

Do you hate seeing spotting on your glass shower door or limescale deposits inside your kettle or drip stains on your taps? Consider a powerful and safe way to dissolve soap, scum, hard water stains and mineral deposits with my It Works! Limescale Remover. It can be used all around the home including in kettles, steam cleaners, and irons, plus it removes limescale from taps, shower heads, spray nozzles and shower doors.
Happy cleaning and don't forget to join Julian Ballantyne and I tomorrow night (27th January) on QVC for the It Works! Today's Special Value. 

Howard Binder

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