Toby’s run of bad luck


Toby in disguise

Hi everyone

As always many thanks for your comments. Sylvia and Marg joined in with their doggy stories which always make us smile.
Toby has had a run of bad luck recently, nothing too serious but costly!
I told you last week about him losing a claw, well we got that fixed and it was healing well – then he got trodden on and bruised a toe, then he got a bout of kennel cough.
He threw that off very quickly, then, wait for it… he lost another claw! We went up to the Imax on London’s famous Southbank to see the new Harry Potter movie and our lovely neighbours Jim and Sue offered to let out Toby and invited him in to their garden to play with Ollie their Springer Spaniel (Toby’s best pal) and surprise surprise Toby overdid it.

Obviously, I’m thinking he must have a claw problem, have I got him on the wrong diet, are his claws too long etc. My vet Fred assures me it’s a case of ”very long legs and little brain” – sorry Toby his words not mine.

We had a Beardie for 16 years before Toby and she never lost one. I suppose it’s ‘luck of the Claw’ – sorry I couldn’t resist! This time his foot just would not heal and he was limping badly (actually he was limping very well) and had to undergo minor surgery to sort the problem. While he was under the vet gave all his paws a thorough tidy up.
As you can see from previous blog photos Toby has a wonderful thick coat and his new adult coat is trying to grow through this and despite constant use with the amazing Furminator, which I can’t recommend highly enough, Fred advised that we should clip him back and start again as he was matting up quite badly.

None of the family were keen on this but as we are not showing or breeding from Toby, We had to think of him first – so off came his coat! Couple this with all of his feet being shaved like a Poodle he looks quite strange and is much slighter in build than we realised.

Toby has asked me not to show a picture of him at the moment and of course I respect his wishes!! So I’ll attach a photo of him recovering in disguise (above).

Dale x


  1. Julie Anderson September 17, 2009 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Awww, poor Toby. Wee soul. I am glad he recovered quickly from his kennel cough. My mum and dad’s old retriever who is unfortunately no longer with us had a claw problem laterly, he was 14. He had to wear a wee boot but he kept pulling it off.
    I have just bought a furminator for my golden retriever and awaiting it’s arrival, he’s casting terrible just now!
    I hope Toby’s hair grows through without problems and his paws get better. That picture of him in disguise is sooo cute. Hope your run of bad luck is over Toby.
    Lots of love,

  2. michelle pappini September 18, 2009 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Poor thing! Hope he is feeling better.We’ve just had a bad run with our younger Weimaraner because she likes to chomp on sticks so i know how expensive it can get. I use the furminator on my older Weimaraner and it is great even though he only has a short coat.

  3. Marg September 25, 2009 at 11:40 pm -  Reply

    Poor Toby in the thick of it again, I feel so sorry for him.I had a Cavalier King Charles, she past the police obediance test, oh she was the one who got out of the garden and ended up in the clink,I mentioned this on an earlier blog, she never put another foot wrong in her 15yrs, but we got a companion for her when we lost the last of our pekes,she was about 5years old then. Talk about chalk and cheese our younger one was so stupid in a lovable way, she just let life happen to her and followed her friend,everyone and everything was her friend. What I am trying to say is they all dont get the same share of grey matter,just makes them more lovable.I dont want to appear a know it all Dale but did the vet suggest extra calcium? I give my little one a cod liver oil capsule every day and a half calcium tablet.I get them from our country wide chemist B..ts as they are cheaper than the animal ones, mad isnt it.I have given these to all my dogs and have been very lucky with them.Give the poor baldy one a hug from me,tell him his hair will grow in no time.P.S. I hate those furminators. Regards, Marg.

  4. DALE FRANKLIN September 26, 2009 at 3:54 pm -  Reply

    Thanks for your comments Miche or was it Michex and Im giving myself a kiss ! The Furminator is fantastic but I don’t use it as many other dog owners will because the Beardie has a complex 2 layer coat and you don’t need to strip it out as with so many other breeds but I find it really useful for un-picking dense matts that seem to occur overnight with Toby. We groom him 2/3 times a week and Im thinking he should be done 4 even 5 times a week!
    Thanks again Jules, As you’ll see from my latest blog his run didn’t end there but finger’s crossed he’s been on some long walks over the last couple of days and all seems OK. His coat is growing back very quickly and this time there’ll be no nasty knots and hidden matting !
    Thanks again to anyone who reads or comments on my blog. Dale. x

  5. annemarie September 26, 2009 at 9:53 pm -  Reply


  6. Helen September 28, 2009 at 5:24 pm -  Reply

    I feel for Toby honestly I do! Our black lab Cassie has similar problems for which my husband is forever keeping her claws clipped down – trouble is she only has to see the clippers and she’s off! Once pinned down she will stomach the manicure for so long and then she starts squealing – we think she’s worked out if she shrieks in fake pain the clipping may stop – no such luck! As for overdoing it – well that’s another labbie trait – we went away for a week leaving the dog in the “capable” hands of our 18 year old son – the house was in one piece when we returned but the dog was broken – chasing tennis balls and jumping one too many times! Complete house rest and try telling that to a dog who only has to hear car keys rattle and thinks she’s out for a walk!

  7. Mrs Brenda Pinkney March 11, 2011 at 11:31 am -  Reply

    Hi Dale,
    Its the 11th March, I left a message for you yesterday, but, when I awoke to hear of the massive earthquake, which is in the fire basin of the Pacific, my first thoughts were, that Suarti and her lovely people, will be safe. After such a lovely visit, I am hoping they will all be safe, must be terrifying out there, and then a tsunami on top of everything else. If in touch with Suarti and her people, do wish her safety from me. Sincerly Brenda.

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