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Panoramic view of Lucca's piazza

Well, this is a first! I'm actually blogging this week from an airplane on the way back from Italy! Though by the time you read this I'll be back in Blighty. I've just had an amazing few days with an old friend and I'd love to tell you about it.

After a busy evening at QVC on Wednesday with my first full Decleor hour under my belt I was on a real high! I then caught up on a few things on the Thursday and then it was off to Italy on the Friday! I have a friend, Enrico, who I have known for many years (in fact we worked out it was about 15 years – where does the time go?!) who lives in Modena, and though we had lost touch over the years, through the invention of Facebook we had found each other again and I knew I just had to arrange a trip.

Craig and Enrico on the beach We only spent one evening in Modena – just having a walk round, catching up over a drink and food. Then on the Saturday morning we got up mega early and made a three-hour trip to the coast of Tuscany – this was where we spent two whole days of time on the beach, chilling out and I even tried beach volleyball – I wasn't very good but it is very addictive!

Craig at the city wall of Lucca Enrico has been going there for years so he knows lots of people and on the evening we were heading out to partying in the main resort centre – it was brilliant but I don't think I've ever been to such a busy full-on place (or am I just getting too old for it?!) On the Monday morning we took a quick look around an amazing old walled city called Lucca, absolutely stunning and from what I can make of it, a bit of a hidden gem!

Craig with Pinocchio The highs of the trip were catching up with my old friend, basking in the Tuscan sun and of course the food – pizza, pasta, wine, gelato… yum!

The low point was that not speaking Italian, I think when you can at least say a few sentences or hold a basic conversation in the native language it makes such a difference to how you feel. I speak French and German so I'm determined before I go Craig snaps pics with his Casio Exilim camera back to Italy I WILL at least learn the basics beyond 'ciao' and 'grazie'!

Hope you like the photos – a mixture of beach and city sightseeing and even a picture with Pinocchio who, I didn't realise, was said to be from Tuscany! Isn't the panoramic mode on my Casio Exilim brilliant for taking in all of this gorgeous Italian piazza?

Have you been to Italy? Have you ever heard of Lucca? Any holiday plans on the horizon? Would love to hear from you – do leave a comment below.




  1. ruth dalton August 17, 2011 at 7:49 pm -  Reply

    so glad you had a wonderful trip Craig and how cool to catch up with an old and dear friend – thanks to the magic of Facebook!!
    My son is 1/4 Italian (on his father’s side) but we have never been! I am a single parent now and my son (Samuel) is profoundly disabled so we don’t get much chance to go away! Samuel has some major surgery coming up to reconstruct his hips and I think that you have inspired me to save up some pennies (may take some time, lol) and take Samuel to Italy so he can experience it’s wonders when he has recovered.
    Thanks Craig and see you soon (even if it is just on QVC!!!)
    Love Ruth & Samuel x

  2. Angela Blood August 18, 2011 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Craig.My 65th birthday in two weeks and my sons have booked a holiday in Italy for my husband and I.Never been before and although looking forward to it bit nervous as my husband is a “meat and veg” man and will not eat pasta or anything he can’t recognise.I hope there’s a chip shop somewhere !!!!! Lovely photo’s craig. Will let you know how we get on.
    Regards Angela x

  3. Jean Firth August 18, 2011 at 2:17 pm -  Reply

    I love Italy Craig, so glad you discovered Lucca. I stayed there for 6 days last year and used it as a base to visit Pisa, Florence, Vinci and my favourite place on earth Portofino.x

  4. craig rowe August 20, 2011 at 10:23 am -  Reply

    hi Ruth & Samuel!!
    Thanks so much for your message 🙂
    Ruth, I am sending you love and hugs and prayers for Samuels operation to be a complete success.
    Stay strong and thanks again for the message, its good to hear from you.

  5. craig rowe August 20, 2011 at 10:26 am -  Reply

    hi Angela
    Well, firstly Happy Birthday for when it comes…it must be some time in early September so you are a Virgo like me! 🙂
    I am sure your hubby will find something to eat, they do such good food there and lovely grilled meat which I am sure he will like. When I was there I lived on pizza, pasta and gelato – yummy!!!
    Have a wonderful time and do let me know how you get on when you get back!!
    Much love

  6. craig rowe August 20, 2011 at 10:28 am -  Reply

    hi Jean
    Oh, Lucca is just wonderful isnt it?! We only had 2 hours there but got a real sense of its beauty.
    Was meant to go to Pisa but ran out of time. I definitely think 3 days in Italy is no way near enough!!
    Thanks for writing to me.

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