They call me the Gatineau ‘Melatogenine Queen’


Jilly at the Gatineau spa Many of you will know how I always go on about it being so unfair that during our beauty hours I do all the talking whilst our lovely models get the perks of all the treatments.

Well guess who got pampered this week?

Andrew and his team at Gatineau kindly invited me down to their salon in Berkshire for a facial. Needless to say I was down there like a shot. I'm a huge fan of the Gatineau range anyway (they don't call me 'Melatogenine Queen' for nothing) but my facial was just amazing and a big thank you to my therapist Kate who really worked her magic.

My skin afterwards looked so much plumper and definitely less wrinkly. I never wear make-up if I'm not working, and even my husband commented how lovely my skin looked! 

Jilly xxxx

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