The latest fashion and an exciting new watch range


Tiana B dress I'm very much looking forward to this week's shows as I have two hours of fabulous yet diverse fashion – Tiana B and Dreamkeeper. So, watch out for a chance to update your wardrobe or to add something truly stylish to it. 

I'm excited too about a rather fab watch you'll see me wearing which is from a brand new range called Elite. "Elite. That sounds familiar!" I hear you say… not surprisingly because it's the name of one of the top model agencies in this country, and if you take into account the calibre of their models, I know you're going to LOVE their watches.  

Been loving Glen Campbell's Style File and the guessing game to see whose shoes he was showing… I think you're all brilliant to have got them pretty much right each time! Seems Catherine Huntley and I are closest in style with our shoes, but I take my hat off to you, because the amount of time our feet are actually on screen is minimal, so clearly your eyesight is a great deal better than mine! Do you think it would work with the guy's feet? Not so much variation on a theme perhaps…

I'm writing this while sitting in my AB Lounge Ultra Sport Exerciser having just stretched myself into positions I didn't know were possible! 

Reminded me of Mr Twizzle – a character I remember from my childhood about a little boy who's legs grew to extraordinary lengths so that he could do all kinds of amazing things! Do you remember him? I think I actually had a whole story book dedicated to him… funny the things that come back to you! 

Another cartoon character that plagues my memory – mainly because I don't remember his name – was an octopus who used to wear a sailors hat! It was a cartoon series in the '60s… any ideas?? Please put me out of my misery!

Ta ta for now and have a good week,

Ali x


  1. alison keenan March 1, 2009 at 5:17 pm -  Reply

    Yay William!!
    Thank you. That’s exactly who I was thinking about. He had a really strange voice too – but I guess a squid would have really!
    Have a good week
    Ali x

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