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Julia in Saltburn I wonder if my horoscope at the moment is predicting lots of travel? If so, it would definitely be right! Last week my daughter Sophie and I went on a road trip 'up north'! We started by dropping Sophie's Nana back in Spalding after a visit, and then headed for the North East.

I've only ever been to the area once previously when I filmed a video for Bass. We filmed in a series of public houses, one of which was in Middlesborough. We were heading for a place called Saltburn where Sophie has friends… in particular an adorable 'staffie' called Sasha.

We were very lucky with the weather, sunny but very very cold, particularly when walking Sasha on the beach or sitting drinking hot chocolate on the pier. It's a good job I had my infamous 'jolly green giant jacket' to keep me warm!

A very sad SashaAs you will know if you read my blogs regularly I am really more of a cat person, but Sasha is an incredibly well behaved and loving dog, and it was sooooo sad when we were leaving on Monday evening – look at those eyes!!!!!!!

We headed across to Manchester from Saltburn to visit a friend of Sophie's who had a baby just before Christmas – unbelievably little Ava weighs less at 2 months than Sophie and Daniel did when they were born! Our final stop was in Tamworth where we called in to see Keeley from Elemis and her lovely little boy Kaya. Kaya really loves the Disney Channel and at one point had all three of us up dancing with Mickey and friends – very relieved there is no video evidence!!!! 

Incidentally, speaking of cats and dogs, do remember to check out the Butler & Wilson TSV on Sunday – you have a choice of cats, sausage dog or turtle… I think the turtle is my favourite. Simon isn't very happy with me, which I am sure he will mention, as it has been decided I can't do the TSV launch as I'm travelling out to LA for the Red Carpet Glamour filming… you could say I'm in the 'dog house'. I just spoke to him though and he is on good form, and I have left him a  little something red and black to bring him luck LOL!

So next time I write I will be in LA finding out how the celebrities get ready for 'the red carpet'. I'll try and pick up a few tips that us mere mortals can put to good use when we have a special occasion to go to. And if you need a new dress join me tonight at midnight as we kick off Spring Fashion Weekend with a floral Ronnie Nicole dress…

Much love,
Julia x


  1. Steven February 18, 2011 at 6:32 pm -  Reply

    Hope you enjoy LA Julia and I’m sure you would outshine some of the ‘celebs’
    Take care and thanks for the Birthday wishes xxxxxxx

  2. gill hunt February 20, 2011 at 3:06 pm -  Reply

    hi julia, sounds like you spent some lovely quality time with sophie which is always nice, thanks again for looking up our chinese horoscopes for us. Please give my best wishes to ali and tell her she is always in my thoughts and that goes for everyone who is going through a horrid time. This year so far hasn’t been very good for us either, my hubby has been a casualty of all the police cuts thats happening all over the country and last week was made redundant, but at least we have his police pension to manage on, we are now on an economy drive which isn’t going down well at all with the squirrels, they are on rations and only get one scoop of nuts a day. Oh well things can only get better for all of us, take care in LA will speak soon Gill.

  3. Kerry Smithies February 21, 2011 at 12:35 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Julia
    I live on the outskirts of Saltburn and walk regularly along the beach and also stop for a hot chocolate in the shop on the front – hope you enjoyed our part of the world!!
    Regards, Kerry

  4. julia roberts February 22, 2011 at 2:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gill
    It was nice to spend time with Sophie. Because she works such long shifts at QVC ( an 11 hour day! ), when we are working different days I barely get to see her. Still we are both lucky that we have jobs and I am so sorry to hear that your hubby has been made redundant ………….. I hope things pick up for you.
    I am looking forward to spending a bit of time with Ali when I get back to the UK.
    LA is sunny but not that warm and a bit hectic, but exciting!
    much love
    Julia x

  5. julia roberts February 24, 2011 at 6:28 am -  Reply

    Hello Kerry
    I thought Saltburn was charming – I imagine it is lovely in the height of summer.
    Great beach to walk on – just as well as I think there may be a few calories in the hot chocolate!!!!!
    I’m sure I will visit again at some point
    Julia x

  6. marie March 6, 2011 at 11:34 pm -  Reply

    hi julia glad your trip went well.nice to see you back on qvc.i am a scorpio and a chinese son is a leo and a daughter is a virgo and a rat not sure about chinese air signs.g,daugh is a rabbit and libra at 11 very firy.take care marie x

  7. julia roberts March 8, 2011 at 11:01 am -  Reply

    Hi Marie
    It’s good to be back although I am now on holiday until the 18th March! You didn’t give me years of birth on yourself and your son and daughter, but I can tell you your granddaughter is an Earth Rabbit and of the Rabbits is the most practical, persistent and level headed. My book doesn’t say anything about firey so maybe that’s her Western sign influencing her.
    The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be a good year for the Snake to get out their glad rags ….. sounds promising?!
    Julia x

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